Team Mates Gold: Richard Sneekes

Last Updated: 08/03/14 1:01pm

Richard Sneekes lifts the lid on his old colleagues

Richard Sneekes lifts the lid on his former West Brom, Ajax and Bolton team mates on Soccer AM.

WORST TRAINER: I'm going to say Russell Hoult but he's not going to like it. Frank Burrows used to say to him he was the best trainer but I know that Houlty was always at the back when we were running.

HARDMAN: That would be Peter Butler, my midfield compatriot who did all the dirty work for me. He was a great guy to have as a back-up in your midfield because I didn't have to worry about anything. If I let my men go he'd pick them up and saw them in half!

MOST SKILFUL: At Ajax I'd have to say a guy called Gerald Vanenburg. He was probably the best technical player Holland has ever seen. At Bolton it would be Sasa Curcic, who was very technical, a very good player. And then at West Brom I'd say Enzo Maresca.

FUTURE MANAGER: I always thought Derek McInnes would have been a manager. He was a very serious guy, knew his stuff and you always had an inkling he'd make it into management, which he's proven.

LEAST INTELLIGENT: Jason McAteer. He once put on a credit card application that his position was central midfielder!

AND WHO'S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER...: It would probably be Mark Patterson - but that's just from being told!