Matt Le Tissier picks out the best of the 2012/13 Premier League season

Each day this week we're asking the Soccer Saturday regulars to pick out their highlights from the 2012/13 Premier League season. Matt Le Tissier is up next with plenty of praise for Man Utd's champions...


Last Updated: 22/05/13 10:44am

Player of the Season

Gareth Bale, only fractionally ahead of Robin van Persie, and that's not because he used to play for Southampton! Manchester United may have had a much better season than Spurs but Bale has produced some outstanding individual performances, and hit some crucial goals. He has caught the eye more than van Persie.

Signing of the Season

Michu. In terms of value for money and what he gives his team, he's had a phenomenal season. Nobody had really heard of him before he arrived at Swansea. Unless you were a connoisseur of Spanish football you wouldn't have known anything about him, but he's been excellent.

Manager of the Season

It's a little bit predictable, but as it's his last one I have to give it to Sir Alex Ferguson. He's won the league very comfortably, with probably not his best squad. I think his achievement this season will only be really recognised when we see how they fare next year.

Team of the Season

I would have gone for Swansea but the way they've tailed off since the cup final has changed my mind. It's very difficult to look past Manchester United after they won the league with so many weeks to spare. I'm going to go for United but with special mention to West Brom, who have been the overachievers this season. They've finished a lot higher than I ever expected them to. Southampton have also done very well. I actually predicted they would finish 14th at the start of the season, and they finished in 14th place. I'm not normally that close!

Underachievers of the Season

For me it's a toss-up between QPR and Newcastle. The players and budget that QPR have, they really shouldn't have been in that position. Newcastle were fifth last season but have really struggled this year; to go from that to battling against relegation is a hell of a drop. I'm going to go for QPR; they've spent a lot of dough to finish that low in the table.

Game of the Season

I'm going to go for Chelsea's 8-0 battering of Aston Villa just before Christmas. Any team that scores eight goals in a match deserves the game of the season tag as it doesn't happen too often. Manchester United hit nine against Ipswich in 1995 and eight against Nottingham Forest in 1999; I don't remember too many other games where a team has scored eight goals or more.

Goal of the Season

I didn't give Robin van Persie the player of the year but I will give him the goal of the season for that volley from Wayne Rooney's 50-yard pass against Aston Villa. The execution of the pass, the run and the volley was stunning. Villa could have had two goalkeepers and they wouldn't have gotten near that shot. Throw in the fact that it was the night they won the title, that makes it the goal of the season for me.

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