Merson, Thompson, Le Tissier and Nicholas analyse the big Premier League games

Villa stun 10-man Arsenal, Fulham edge past Sunderland, Wanyama stars for Southampton and Norwich and Everton draw

Last Updated: 19/08/13 9:05am

Phil Thompson on Aston Villa's victory over Arsenal

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"The Arsenal fans were not happy towards the end. They had a sending off and injuries in this game - it was going from bad to worse. Arsene Wenger said before that they knew about Villa with their counter attack but a couple of goals were exactly that, through counter attacking moves, certainly the second and third ones. Villa worked very, very hard in this game but Arsenal fans will be absolutely furious. They were all asking where there money was.

"Early on Villa could not really get out of their half. They had the pace of Agbonlahor and Wiemann and Benteke but they could not really get the ball. It was all Arsenal. Arsenal went ahead after six minutes with a great move as Oxlade-Chamberlain pulled the ball back to Giroud. Villa were under incredible pressure. But when they got the goal after 22 minutes it all changed. You could see the confidence flooding back through the players and you would have to say they probably justified this victory.

"I think it may have been the linesman who gave the penalty, but all in all if there was any doubt the referee should not have given it. I think it was a good tackle. The referee books him on that, Benteke scores it and a couple of minutes later he makes a bit of a rash challenge - may be not too bad - but the referee Mr Taylor deemed it a second yellow card.

"It was 67 minutes when the red card came so they had all that time to do things and they did create a couple of chances. But even before Koscielny went off, they did not have enough."

Charlie Nicholas on Norwich's thrilling draw with Everton

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"Under David Moyes I think Everton were a bit more direct. There was a lot of neat and tidy tippy-tappy football but it was not really going anywhere. I was watching Fellaini and I thinking, 'I don't know what position you are meant to play here. Because they are trying to play a bit cleverer passing in terms of possession and movement, he looked a bit lost at times.

"At half time it was 0-0 and the two stand out players for me were (Nathan) Edmond, the new signing from Birmingham, and (Ross) Barkley. And then suddenly the second half lit up.... Young Barkley produced a stunning, absolutely stunning, strike. On his right foot, he shifted it to his left - they tried to squeeze him down - and it just flies by Ruddy right in the far corner and the game just sprung into life. It was a stunning game of football. Everton could have won it in the end but it was a great second half.

"He (Roberto Martinez) has got a lot of very talented footballers already at Everton so he does not have to mix it up too much. Fellaini might be thinking that he does not really get too heavily involved in things. He played ok but he looked just as if he did not know his position. So it is going to take some adjusting but I think they will be more vulnerable at the back this season than they have been in the past.

"There was evidence that Norwich were doing some good stuff. They were building up play. Little Hooolahan was heavily involved in a lot of the good stuff. Redmond I really like in the midfield. I still feel that at the back the a bit vulnerable at times, they were opened up a few times but when you are at home you have to be the team trying to force it a bit."

Matt Le Tissier on Fulham's away win at Sunderland

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"It certainly was not a lack of effort from Sunderland. There was plenty of energy in their play. They probably dominated possession. They certainly dominated in terms of chances created but with a lot of those chances Fulham got blocks in and a lot of the shots were off target.

"Fulham did not have any real chances either, apart from the goal. I can't recall Westwood having to make a save either. From that point of view Sunderland may consider themselves a little unlucky that they have lost the game 1-0. But they did lack a little bit of craft in really carving out clear cut opportunities. Adam Johnson was decent today I thought and the two wingers actually did some good stuff and put in some good crosses. Altidore worked hard and had a couple of chances which he could have done a bit better with. But he was a handful but they just did not have the craft to create the real clear cut opportunities.

"When you do make that many changes and that many signings it is going to take some time to bed in. You hope you will nick a couple of results early to give you a bit of confidence but it was not to be for Sunderland today. Credit to Fulham because I thought they defended pretty well. There were a lot of blocks when Sunderland were trying to create things. Hangeland was huge at the back - very good today - and they will feel they were a little lucky to get away with all three points. A draw may have been a fairer result."

Paul Merson on Southampton's strong display at West Brom

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"They (Southampton) definitely deserved it. They played very well in the first half and dominated. They did not make bundles of chances or make Foster make loads of saves, but they were very comfortable. The penalty was a bit of a cheap penalty. It was one of those where you either get it or you don't; it was not a stone-wall penalty for me. He put it away and at the other end Boric made an absolutely great save to keep the result at 1-0.

"Wanyama must be worth £20m. He was absolutely outstanding. I am not exaggerating. He was scary. When you look at him like that as a holding midfield player, I am surprised Chelsea did not bother going for him. If he plays like that every week, not disrespect to Southampton but he will be going somewhere where there's Champions League football. It was scary. He was absolutely outstanding. Shaw just gets better and better every week that you watch him and Lovren was outstanding.

"Nicholas Anelka and Shane Long never got a kick and when Anelka looked like he was going to get in Lovren came across cleared it very well so it was a great result for Southampton. I thought West Brom were successful last season playing one up front, suffocating the midfield and breaking from midfield. Playing two up front, I don't think worked today. That 4-4-2 just is not going to work for West Brom in my view."