The Gillette Soccer Saturday Golf Invitational Christmas Special

Last Updated: 21/12/13 4:41pm

Our pundits swapped the sanctuary of the studio for the scrutiny of the golf course in the Gillette Soccer Saturday Golf Invitational Christmas Special.

Paul Merson, Phil Thompson and Matt Le Tissier were among the Soccer Saturday regulars - there were 24 players in total - to hit the golf course as they battled for the ultimate prize: the 2013 Soccer Saturday Invitational trophy.

This year the pundits represented some of their former teams, so they will not only be competing for individual glory (some years past their peaks, perhaps), but also fighting to win more silverware (and in some instances their first) in the name of their clubs.

The format of golf day saw 12 teams of two compete at Buckinghamshire Golf Club. The pairings included Merse teaming up with Ray Parlour once again in the name of the Gunners, Thommo teeing off alongside Ray Houghton in a Liverpool duo and Jeff Stelling representing Hartlepool with Phil Brown.

You will have to wait and watch the show at Christmas to find out who the winners were - but here's Jeff's take on the day...

"I would say the winner caused a small upset, they weren't the obvious pick at the start of play," Jeff said. "It was at the Buckinghamshire which is a beautiful golf course but there's a lot of water there and let's put it this way, one or two of the boys could have done with snorkels."

Gillette Soccer Saturday Christmas Special is on Sky Sports 1 HD on Christmas Eve at 8pm and on Christmas Day at 5pm

Full line-up of the teams with handicaps:

Arsenal: Paul Merson (24) & Ray Parlour (18)

Tottenham: Paul Walsh (15) & Steve Sedgley (15)

West Ham: Iain Dowie (14) & Tony Cottee (16)

Hull: Rob Palmer (12) & Jimmy Bullard (0)

Celtic: Charlie Nicholas (14) & Pat Bonner (16)

Munchen: Alan McInally (5) & Dietmar Hamann

Saints: Matt Le Tissier (4) & Franny Benali (18)

Wolves: Johnny Phillips (12) & Matt Murray (36)

Liverpool: Phil Thompson (24) & Ray Houghton

Everton: Jules Warren (24) & Graeme Sharp (6)

Hartlepool: Jeff Stelling (20) & Phil Brown (12)

Bradford: Chris Kamara (20) & Paul Jewell (9)