Sportswomen: Swansea breaking the mould

Last Updated: 26/11/13 11:47am

Swansea physio Kate Rees

Premier League club Swansea City are unique in having four women on its first team staff.

Head Physiotherapist Kate Rees, Physiotherapist Alisa Jones, Masseur Adele Avery and Football Utilities Co-ordinator Suzan Eames all play a vital role in the day-to-day running of the club.

Rees and Jones both spoke to Sportswomen and lifted the lid on life behind the scenes at the Liberty Stadium.

"We all have a team meeting first thing in the morning," Rees said. "We go through the whole squad, looking at who's got any issues.

"Green means that they train with no issues, yellow means they've got some issues but they're able to train and you may need to modify some of training, and red means that they're injured and unable to train that day.

"That's the morning meeting - then the players start coming in. At that point I normally go and see the manager and tell him what players are fit for that day.

"Then it's time for treating the fit players. If anyone needs strapping, massage, on-going treatment, stretching, anything really that will involve us trying to help them feel as best they can for the training session.

"At 10 o'clock there's an injury prevention session. We have a lot of different groups.

"Once the players are out on the field one of us will either cover the training session or do some outdoor rehab, and one of us tends to stay inside and do the gym based rehab.

"Once they finish the session the players are coming back in, so it's putting the ice on.

"Since I've been here the club has become more and more successful every season so it's been a great time to be involved with Swansea."

Swansea defender Ashley Williams believes the club's female staff are doing a great job and that their gender is irrelevant.

"They're all good," he said. "We just get on with our job, we don't really see it as men or women or anything, just physios or masseurs."

Swansea physiotherapist Alisa Jones has been one of the pioneers of yoga in football - although she admits it is still a difficult concept to sell to some players.

"Yoga is quite new for footballers," she admitted. "Ryan Giggs has been doing it so that's how we're winning over some of the players.

"I've also tried calling it a "dynamic stretching core session" as some of them aren't so keen on doing yoga!"