Rugby league coach Amanda Wilkinson talks to Sportswomen

Last Updated: 11/03/14 1:28pm

Vicky Gomersall spoke to Wigan Warriors Community Foundation Manager Amanda Wilkinson on this week's Sportswomen show.

Wilkinson recently became the first level three female coach in rugby league.

"I'm really over the moon it opens new doors for me in the rugby world," Wilkinson told Sportswomen.

"Obviously being the first female is great but I just absolutely love coaching and to just have my level three. To be able to go out there and improve young people's lives and work with different cultures is great.

Inspired you?

"I've always enjoyed challenges in life. Being involved in rugby league was a passion of mine, I enjoyed it and I thought the game was very interesting and I wanted to get to work with young people and improve what I believed was the athlete in each of them."

Different approach?

"We can add something that guys don't really think of. I have an athletic background I did play rugby league but not well. My background as an athlete does allow me to see the game in a different light.

"It allows me to look at the individuals, they do play as a team but individually I like to break it down. I like to look at the technical side to each of them and develop what I believe is their best attribute.

Tougher being a woman with all these guys

"I do tend to like the defensive side of the game and it's something that I think I'm strong in. I think as an athlete I was mentally tough and I think I am individually strong and I think I bring that into my coaching.

"I just wanted to be one of the guys and wanted to be equal and to be fair. It has been a battle at times and you meet people who have different opinions. I usually turn up and people think I'm the physio. I gained the respect from them and it means a lot for me to be treated the same and equal. I'm hoping from here I can kick on and do more."