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What would be the dream draw next Friday night?

Last Updated: 27/11/11 1:43pm

The draw for Euro 2012 will be made on Friday evening, but what would be the ideal outcome for Fabio Capello and England?

"What you want to do is get the group that means you can't play Spain until the final - and hope that Germany's in their half as well."

Martin Lipton

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That was the question debated on the Sunday Supplement as they started to count down to the finals in Poland and Ukraine.

England have been placed in Pot 2, which means they will not be put into a group with Germany, Italy or Russia when the draw is made in Kiev.

The host nations are both top seeds along with World Cup Finalists Spain and the Netherlands, while Pot 3 features Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Sweden. Meanwhile, the Republic of Ireland are in Pot 4 along with Denmark, France and the Czech Republic.

The Daily Mirror's chief football writer Martin Lipton feels the best-case scenario for Capello would be a group containing Ukraine, Greece and the Czech Republic - but he said being placed in the opposite side of the draw to Spain would also be ideal.

He said: "I'm sure they'll say they don't fear anyone, but I think you would be quite happy to get one of the co-hosts in your group and avoid Holland or Spain.

"In fact, what you want to do is get the group that means you can't play Spain until the final - and hope that Germany's in their half as well.

"If you were plotting your path you'd want to avoid the best teams, so if you could avoid Germany or Spain until the final you'd be quite keen to do that, but realistically you're going to have to beat everyone to get there.

"For me, I'd have Ukraine - although you wouldn't enjoy the travel - and then Greece and the Czechs.

"The worst scenario is Spain, Portugal and France. That would be a real test."


England failed to reach the finals in 2008, but all of the major nations have qualified for this summer's tournament.

And The Sun's Shaun Custis suggested that there would be no easy games in Poland the Ukraine because the quality of the contenders is so high

He said: "The great thing about this tournament is, when you look at the 16, you think about what a cracking tournament that is. Anybody who's anybody is in it.

"It might mean that we all think we all belong because we're all top countries, so let's get in there and mix it. We don't have to worry about being embarrassed by a Slovenia or a USA or whatever.

"That's a harder 16 than you'd see at a World Cup."