Kick out Cole

Last Updated: 07/10/12 1:01pm

Ashley Cole should be thrown out of Roy Hodgson's England squad following his offensive Tweet about the FA.

"If any of us called our employers what Ashley Cole called them then we'd be out of a job, it's as simple as that."

John Richardson

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That was the opinion of the Sunday Supplement panel as they gathered at the breakfast table to discuss the latest twist in the John Terry / Anton Ferdinand affair.

Cole used social media on Friday to call the FA a "bunch of t***s" after the publication of a report which suggested his evidence in support of Terry had been unreliable.

And John Richardson of the Sunday Express feels the left-back, who was set to win his 99th and 100th caps for England against San Marino and Poland, should now be suspended from the squad for his actions.

He said: "There was Roy Hodgson on Thursday waxing lyrical about Ashley Cole being ready to get his 100th cap, hopefully, In Poland. Two days later, football implodes again with a stupid Tweet.

"If any of us called our employers what Ashley Cole called them then we'd be out of a job, it's as simple as that.

"So in my opinion Ashley Cole should be pulled out of this squad. He's insulted his employers."


Oliver Holt of the Daily Mirror agreed that Cole should be reprimanded for his outburst and for adding another blemish to the Terry / Ferdinand saga.

And he said he has often detected a "rage" within the player that he often seems unable to control.

Holt said: "He's insulted his employers over them making a stand against racial abuse in the game. There's a horrible irony about that, really.

"Sam Wallace wrote in The Independent that there's a terrible sadness about the Ashley Cole situation because he's a wonderful player and he's been one of our best players for a long time; one of the only English genuinely world-class players.

"He's a wonderful player and he deserves his 100 caps if he gets them - and I'm sure he will in the end - but there's this rage in him. There's a terrible anger about him.

"Where has this rage come from? When you watch him play and when you see him in public anywhere he's seething inside.

"I know we're getting into the realms of amateur psycho-analysis, but it's sad to see."