The Supplement panel discuss what Steve Bruce has to do to keep Hull in the Premier League

Last Updated: 05/05/13 2:28pm

Hull shared a dramatic 2-2 draw with Cardiff but earned promotion from the Championship after Leeds beat Watford 2-1. Alysson Rudd believes that Hull will benefit from not having to go through the play-offs.

"I think it was very important that they came up in second place and did not have to go through the play-offs," said The Times journalist.

"I think that extra time that you get to plot who you might be able to sign is crucial. They do need new players - one of the first things Steve Bruce said was that they are not the most naturally gifted bunch of players. As they stand they are not equipped to do anything in the Premier League at all. He needs those extra few weeks to plot how they will survive."

The Daily Mail's Martin Lipton believes Steve Bruce's experience is a great start for Hull but says they have to get off to a flying start next season.

"This has restored and rejuvenated Steve Bruce's reputation but also the impact it will have on Hull City will be huge. His reputation was somewhat sullied by the manner of his departure from Sunderland - harshly and unfairly because I always think he has done a good job wherever he has been.

"I remember when they came up the first time, they lost their opening game but then they won four or five on the spin. They stayed up because of that start - new teams tend to get found out in the second-half of the season whereas established teams get more points in the second half of the season. So they need to get off to a flyer and get 18-20 points well before Christmas to have a realistic chance of staying up."


Rob Draper says that Bruce has to get the balance between his Championship players and new players just right: "It will obviously be tough on him next year but in Steve Bruce you have someone who knows the Premier League, he will know exactly what he needs to stay in there and he knows what to do. So in that sense they are very well prepared in the first place.

"The hard work starts now and the next few weeks will be crucial, it is getting the balance right. You look at clubs who got it badly wrong like QPR who just transplanted their Championship squad and tried to just bring in lots of highly paid players which did not work.

"I think you need to keep a core of your Championship players because you don't want to destroy the spirit that you have created which is really important. But obviously you need four or five players of quality who are going to help them compete at that level," added the Mail on Sunday man.

"It is true that Bruce said they were not the most naturally gifted but you can go a long way with hard work and organisation in the Premier League. You do need a bit of quality but you also need people who are going to do the hard running for you. You need to be organised and disciplined and what this means for the club, the essence of the club.

"They seem to have a good owner who backs them, they seem to have some access to some funds and they have got an experienced old head in Steve Bruce managing them. I think they have a decent chance."