Martin Lipton fears David Moyes will lose his job at Manchester United this summer

and that could make it very difficult for British managers to get big jobs in football for the next ten years...

Last Updated: 06/04/14 12:11pm

Daily Mirror journalist Martin Lipton voiced his concerns for David Moyes' future at Manchester United on the Sunday Supplement.

Despite admiring the United manager's defiant stance to a banner reading 'Wrong one - Moyes out' which was flown over Old Trafford before the game against Aston Villa, Lipton says the Scotsman's failure with the reigning champions could make it difficult for British managers to get jobs with the top Premier League clubs.

He said: "Moyes had the courage of his own convictions to say, 'yes, I'm the manager of Manchester United, if you're the manager of a club as big as this you've got to take everything and I'm big enough to do that.'

"Whether he's big enough to do that is another issue but I think he showed a lot of his character and he's got a lot of character no doubt about that in the way he responded to that situation.

"I really want him to succeed.

"I've not got any allegiance to Manchester United but I think that if David Moyes is judged a failure at United - and I suspect he's going to be and I fear he's going to go this summer - it's going to be very, very difficult for any British manager to get a big job for the next ten years and that's a real shame.

"Brendan Rodgers could win a title but he's built a club which was on its uppers let's be honest.

"Liverpool have been a mess for three or four years for a variety of reasons - yes they won the League Cup under Dalglish - but the general view was that they were nowhere near being title contenders and they were eighth the season before last and seventh last year; he's had to build that team.

"To be handed the keys to a ready-built team on the back of what has happened with Moyes, if he's deemed to have not been up to the job, I think it will be very difficult to see any board going for a homegrown talented manager when they they've got options of experienced foreign managers who they think will be ready-suited for a club of that magnitude."


Fellow Supplement panel member and Independent Chief football correspondent, Sam Wallace, added to the debate by saying Moyes' future is now in the boards' hands and whether they trust him with the mooted £200million investment needed to overhaul the squad .

"From my own point of view, I've been astonished at how badly it's gone," said Wallace.

"I don't think there is a lot he can do between now and the end of the season.

"Obviously they are probably going to finish seventh, the Champions League places are well out of reach now; barring a real miracle I don't think they are going to make many more inroads so what he needs is quite simply the faith of the board.

"It's been a poor season, they do feel that they want to give him a chance but to do that they're going to have to invest a lot of money."

Sam Wallace

"If you look at United over the last seven seasons they've won five titles - the two that they didn't win they lost one on goal difference and one by one point - so that will always been thrown at him.

"However, having said that I do feel that the squad that he was left with was right at the end of its cycle and I just don't see how you can judge him without giving him a summer transfer window.

"Okay, you can say he had one last summer but for whatever reason it was a disaster for United and that's the big decision facing the board.

"It's been a poor season, they do feel that they want to give him a chance but to do that they're going to have to invest a lot of money.

"We're definitely in that £200million ballpark if we're going to try and get what it's going to cost to change this squad."

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