One of a kind

Leeds star tells us about faith and family

Last Updated: 12/06/12 6:48pm

It's an old joke, but it's a goodie.

Super League Super Men

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Who is the most unpopular supporter in the south stand at Leeds? The one who shouts 'Gimme a J...'.

Yes, he has got one of the longest names in rugby league (Louie McCarthy Scarsbrook notwithstanding), but it's not the only thing that makes Jamie Jones-Buchanan stand out. And if the crowd sing 'there's only one JJB', then they should be commended for their accuracy.

Jamie brings his unique wisdom to Super League Super Men this week and it is a real treat. Rarely can you be in the presence of this man without leaving with a smile on your face and a renewed faith in the positive effects of British eccentricity.

The lad who grew up in Bramley and never moved away tells us what it means to be a Christian in the uncompromising world of rugby league.

He recounts the highs of Grand Final success and compares them with the lows of a potentially-career-ending injury. And he puts this great sport into perspective... it's a part of a life journey and beyond it there are many more adventures to be enjoyed.

Family comes first with Jamie (partner, three young boys and a coop full of chickens keep him happy at home), but he considers the teammates at Leeds to be part of his extended family. He has grown from academy level with many of the players who make up the core of this side.

And we must remember, whatever their position in the league right now, Leeds are the reigning Super League champions and World Club champions.

With his mutton chops and full-on attitude to life, he is truly one of a kind.

Sam's Super Try this week goes back more than 15 years to the start of Super League. Thrum Hall is the venue and Martin Moana the scorer as he revisits Halifax v Castleford from 1996.

Sam might have still been in primary school at the time but you know what? I reckon this will be his favourite try ever.