Highs and Lowes

We meet a man with a tendency to let his emotions boil over

Last Updated: 15/08/12 5:22pm

Lowes: our latest Super Man

In Super League Super Men this week, James Lowes - winner of all the big trophies, including Man of Steel - reveals that he before he played the game he used to hate rugby league.

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Judging by his temperament on the field sometimes, it could be argued that he never even liked it when he was playing it.

He admits that he'd do his best sometimes to rile other hookers during games and was rather frustrated when his nemesis Keiron Cunningham refused to rise to the bait.

The two men were Super League's supreme number nines, so competition between the two was always high. But while Cunningham kept his emotions in check, Lowes had a tendency to let his boil over.

He's matured now, he says, though he does tell us (with a wry smile) that he was tempted to go toe to toe with a supporter only this season for a cutting comment made from the terraces after a Leeds game. Find out what irked him on the show this week.

Aside from his occasional moments of petulance though, he was a joy to watch during his playing days, especially if you were a Bradford Bulls fan. He played with his heart on his sleeve and was never prepared to give anything less than his all when wearing that shirt.

After his successful career as a player, he moved into coaching and has been a Challenge Cup and Grand Final winner as assistant coach with two clubs.

His first love might always be Leeds United, but he has dedicated his life to rugby league... one of the game's true characters.