On top of the world

Last Updated: 19/09/13 1:17pm

England celebrate their win

Drennan Team England proved they really are at the top of their game when it comes to fishing by taking the gold medal team win in the Nations World Championships on the Zeranski Channel in Poland.

This team really show why they are ranked number one in the World by also taking the individual honours with Steve Hemingray (Former European Champion) winning silver, and Alan Scotthorne (5 times World Champion) winning the bronze medal with both getting two section wins over the two days of the Championship.

A weight count back saw Didier Delannoy of France take the individual Championship title with two points and 9.845 kg, and just pip Steve Hemingray by 2 kg.

The Drennan Team England squad consisted of; Alan Scotthorne (South Yorkshire), Will Raison (Aldershot), Sean Ashby (Derbyshire), Des Shipp (Bristol), Steve Hemingray (Leicestershire), Steve Gardener (Surrey) and Joint Managers, Mark Downes and Mark Addy.

The team went into the event with the impression that bleak were going to be the main species, and for the first few days of practice that looked the case, but as the week progressed the bleak got fewer and fewer and by the Thursday it looked as if the event would still be dominated by small fish but now roach, averaging 35 gms and Plaquetts, a small silver bream that average 25 gms.

It had developed into an 'English Style' canal match not dissimilar to the 'Stainy', so the tactics were formulated. 7 x balls of dark Sensas terre de somme with 10% Sensas black lake with 200ml of joker at 13m all cupped. 7 x balls of a light black peaty leam plus Terre de Somme at 10-11m with 200ml of Joker cupped (the bottom was very soft in some areas and this settled on top of the silt. 3 balls of Peat and Leam at 6m with 50ml of Joker at 6m.

The team started at 6m and worked the three lines over the four hours, catching three or four fish of each before switching. Topping up only occurred if the line really began to fish well, if not then it was a matter to be patient and keep moving about. The team soon discovered that small hooks and baits were essential and two to four joker on the hook were much better than a single small bloodworm.

Day one saw Drennan Team England use this negative approach to deliver a record four section wins and a third for seven points. Section A a mile away from BCD and E sections was dominated by better skimmers and bream, while the other four sections fished to the plan perfectly delivering four section wins.

Day two was all to play for, but Team England was leading with a clear advantage from the first day's performance. But everyone had sussed what the team was doing and tried to emulate them , but once again the team put in a staggering performance with only Will Raison struggling on the difficult A Section.

Final Team Results

1st England - 22 points

2nd France - 33 points

3rd Poland - 39 points

4th Belgium - 47 points

5th Czech Republic - 49 points

6th Italy - 53 points

Top 6 Individual Results and England Placings

1st Didier Delannoy, France - 2 points (9.845 kg)

2nd Steve Hemingray, England - 2 points (8.475 kg)

3rd Alan Scotthorne, England - 2 points (7.275 kg)

4th Muris Djug, Bosnia Herzegovina - 3 points (6.840 kg)

5th Adam Niemiec, Poland - 3 points (4.455 kg)

6th Sean Ashby, England - 3 points (4.385 kg)

10th Des Shipp, England - 5 points (7.355 kg)

33rd Will Raison, England - 10 points (4.780 kg

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