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Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Critically-acclaimed comedian Mark Watson takes a walk down memory lane with

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Mat Gamble says...

Nice to see Bristol City getting a bit of positive recognistion after the start to the season we are having! Also nice seeing some support for the local teams! Come on City!

Posted 15:42 12th October 2010

Matt Baker says...

Jeff you''''ll find thats the 95 FA cup final, you scousers aye!

Posted 15:25 12th October 2010

Richard Salter says...

Er Jeff that''''s 1995

Posted 14:59 12th October 2010

Matt Ruddell (Coventry City fan) says...

Sorry Jeff but Paul Rideout score the winning goal in 1995, only 10 years out! Still you can be forgiven considering you''''re a Liverpool fan!

Posted 13:54 12th October 2010

Steve says...

Jeff, that was the 1995 FA cup final!

Posted 13:40 12th October 2010

A N says...

Well done, Jeff Jackson (Liverpool fan) - only 10 years out!

Posted 12:01 12th October 2010

Gary Lee says...

Jeff Jackson - Sorry mate, but you are referring to the 1995 FA cup final not the 1985 final!!!!!!

Posted 11:02 12th October 2010

Keir Hostler says...

@ Jeff: Paul Rideout scored in the 1-0 win in 1995 cup final.

Posted 09:39 12th October 2010

Jeff Jackson (Liverpool fan) says...

I''''m sorry Mark but i''''m sure that the 1985 cup final was won by Everton 1-0.Paul Rideout i think.

Posted 00:47 12th October 2010

Brian Brain (Arsenal fan) says...

How refreshing to hear of a comedian supporting one of the teams in the town where he grew up, all so often these days you get people "supporting" one of the big four even though they have never seen them play at their own grounds

Posted 21:02 11th October 2010

Monday Aghogho (Arsenal fan) says...

i love arsenal still i we die, i belong to gunners family,

Posted 18:24 11th October 2010

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