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2018 - The big vote

2018 - The big vote

We run you through everything you need to know about Thursday's all-important World Cup vote.

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Ken Langdale says...

The World Cup..... Over-rated Over-paid AND Over-here Who cares!!!.... Olympics.. ughhh.. That'll be Drug consumption up then!!!!!!!! But on the brighter side it's snowing

Posted 22:58 1st December 2010

Michael Hogg (Manchester United fan) says...

I would like Gary from Newcastle to know that football has been around for a while and oldies like Platini actually do know quite a bit about footballing, why not try googling these people and widen your knowledge. Come on Becks and Co you can win it for us all.

Posted 21:48 1st December 2010

Richard Ward says...

Lee - you can't actually be knocked out after the first round, with it being a minimum of 3 games in the tournament for everyone.

Posted 09:46 1st December 2010

Stevie Carrington says...

It's all a big fix anyhow, Sepp Blatter is the biggest Con man of them all, I can't think of 1 single positive element he has brought to our beloved game, always reluctant to change and always making the wrong decision at crucial times along with his stupid comments, How on earth this guy got the job in the first place is beyond me, he hasn't got a scooby doo what to do. whilst he is in charge we will never get the WC in our country.

Posted 20:15 30th November 2010

Lee Green says...

the last thing this country needs is to host the world cup, we can't afford it and will be knocked out after the first game...

Posted 17:02 30th November 2010

Gary Enticott (Newcastle United fan) says...

Nice to know that most of the voters are old, and dont know anything about football. how do they get these jobs???!!!!

Posted 15:46 30th November 2010

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