Haye to face Harrison

Haye to face Harrison

David Haye will defend his world heavyweight title against rival Audley Harrison live on Sky Box Office HD.

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Ben Roberts says...

Russians?????? People need to do some geography lesson or something. There is still time for Haye to get all the belts. Will be good to see Harrison destroyed!!!!

Posted 10:53 8th September 2010

Simon Peters says...

I hope Audley trains hard and goes in this to fight, keeps his hands up and out fights and works Haye. Audley has the tools I just hope he has the right trainer to sharpen them and ensure he is in the best shape possible. Audley needs to not be scared and take the fight to Haye.

Posted 10:47 8th September 2010

Peter Weezy says...

All the people on this forum saying this is a pay day fight and claiming Haye of being cowardice, will be watching this fight!!! ( jokers ) Good on Haye for giving Auadley a chance and also by doing so, showing he''s the best heavy weight in England. No doubt he is the best but as a boxer and in the boxing world there''s always going to be someone asking that question. .............Audley Harrison!!!!!!! Haye will shut him up for good. David Haye is pure quality and no COWARD!! Anyone who gets int a ring is no COWARD!!!

Posted 10:30 8th September 2010

Craig Bell says...

the only reason he is fighting this big lump is because he is scared of the k brothers, and he dosent want to get embarrased by them in the ring

Posted 08:53 8th September 2010

Dean Bates says...

David Haye should not be going backwards with his career he should be looking forward.After defeating Valuev he made the statement that he is the man to beat in the Heavyweight division.Although the Klit Bros hold maybe the bigger titles in the division,they seemed to have side tracked Valuev probably because of his size.David made it look easy.Wladimir Klit has called Haye out on national T.V and dis-respected him bigtime the same as Audley has done so why not start trying to unify the division.If Harrison does land a lucky punch and K.Os him he will such a hard time trying to get back his reputation that took a while to build.Defeat to Klit will be nowhere near as embarrasing as a defeat to Harrison,So i think its a silly fight to take, as we all know in the Heavy Weight fight game it only takes one punch.I hope David comes through this one to face the Klit Bros with pride as i strongly believe he will beat both of those and become the next British Un-disputed Heavyweight Champion of the world..

Posted 06:03 8th September 2010

Tom B says...

i have to say i agree with this fight going ahead, i would like most people still like to see him fight the Klitch brothers but i dont think that will happen watching being interviewed earlier it seem as if he doesnt want to fight them anymore and just wants money he kept talking about its a big payday there missing out... its not about the money its about proving your the best i have lost some respect for haye after today but still looking forward to him putting harrison out of his misery as harrison would say ''trust me'' haye will knock him out.

Posted 01:31 8th September 2010

Ewan Hebson says...

I can''t believe the amount of ppl knocking this fight. Boxing is all about money - what purse the fighter gets and how much money the fight can generate. This fight will sell tickets and ppv buys (even if I''m undecided on purchasing it). Haye, for me, still isn''t a tried and tested heavyweight and like the Maccarinelli fight he had, this is a short distance fight. One punch will settle this! Nobody knocked Calzaghe before he fought Manfredo, and how come Haye is ducking the Klitschko''s (they need everything there own way and are difficult to deal with - look at all the bums they''ve been fighting but yet noone in Germany/Ukraine complains and they keep avoiding potential banana-skin opposition). I think it''s a nice wee fight for the British public, Haye needs to keep active as well so he can''t be twiddling his thumbs waiting for the Klitschko''s forever, they have defences coming up so he needs a fight. It won''t be a classic,but it could be explosive and as long as Harrison is standing he willhave a chance with his bingo left hand!! Haye''s bn ko''d before remember. The more I write about it, the more I''m looking forward to it. Oh and I wouldn''t mind seeing an Audrey victory!

Posted 00:39 8th September 2010

Harry Grout says...

Pointless . Who will be watching?? I won''t. Commercial suicide i reckon. Shame for the Haymaker that he is not matching his skills against a quality apponent. I like the guy, but can''t see the point in taking on AH. Pay-per-View....no.... Pay-per-snooze!!!

Posted 00:16 8th September 2010

Gary O''connor says...

Has David haye got a confidence issue? you would think the right way to build a legacy is to do the hard work first and THEN take the easy fights to put a shine on your career...Still No offence to A Force - i respect that he wants to take his shot while hes got the chance.. and you never know what can happen in this wonderful sport. (..but surly; there is only one outcome here, right?!)

Posted 00:09 8th September 2010

Ricardo Suarez lee says...

It is unbelievable to see David given Audley the opportunity of his life, he dose not deserve it, he just got a big mouth and weak legs, I bet he dose not go over the 5 rounds with David, Audley is just trying to secure his pension.

Posted 23:53 7th September 2010

Niall Dingley says...

Damn you David Haye. I am disgusted by the fact that you will not fight either of the Klitschko brothers out of pure cowardice. Why did you say that you will unify the heavy weight division when you have no intention of fighting anyone who could even be considered to be a contender.

Posted 22:54 7th September 2010

Kristian Magill says...

Is it any wonder that the UFC is getting bigger and bigger as the boxings heavyweight champ doesnt even have the guts to fight someone that can give him a fight. Such a shame boxing used to be a sport with real men.

Posted 22:29 7th September 2010

Mike Fussey says...

I can''t believe that after all the talk from Haye about him knocking out both Klitschko brothers, he has sold out for a pay day fight with Audley Harrison. This is a joke. Harrison will win with a lucky punch and then where will the british heavy weight division be. A joker like Harrison vs a Klitschko brother, he would get killed. Haye you have let us all down in your fight selection, you better no let us down in the ring. Knock this bum out and shut him up forever.

Posted 22:28 7th September 2010

E John says...

this ain''t heavy weight boxing it;s a joke. as far as I am concerned when mike tyson lost to the luckiest man in sport james buster douglas heavy weight boxing was over. since then no heavy weight has impressed or even come close to being cosidered great. to be fair to haye I think he is the best boxer in the division and he will beat the robotic klitchko brothers but this is a strange decision and is seems to be based on a personal grudge, making people pay to watch this is outrageos,

Posted 22:24 7th September 2010

Audrey Harrison says...

If Haye makes it through this fight, which he should do easily via KO, his next opponent has to be one of the Klit''s, if not, then he''s just a as big a fraud as fraudley...

Posted 21:40 7th September 2010

Len Inglis says...

I would rather spend an evening at the dentist than watch Harrison. It will be the easiest fight Haye will ever have.

Posted 21:37 7th September 2010

Jerome Murphy says...

imagine ordinary is actually getting a shot at a genuine world title. . . . that just sums up the pathetic state of heavy weight boxing.how could you even remotely consider giving harrison a chance? DAVID,when you eventually look up from hanging your head in shame,grow a pair of balls and fight the russians

Posted 21:31 7th September 2010

Paul W says...

Shame on you Mr Haye and Mr Booth I''m so disappointed that your critics seem to be right - I for one will not be paying to watch this farce - you''re devaluing the WBA belt even more than that clown Valuev did!!!

Posted 20:19 7th September 2010

Mr Georgiou says...

Haye vs. Harrison had to be done so everybody stop complaining, about it is a disgrace to boxing you should be grateful two Brits are slugging it out and no matter what a Brit is gonna win, not a Ukranian, Russian or Polish person.

Posted 19:44 7th September 2010

The boy Mcscott says...

Great career move for Davie Haye, Audrey will knock him out with that wicked left hand of his. Haye is ducking both of The Klits and deserves a spanking. Hopefully this will be the last time that we have to see this idiot on tv. Mon the Audrey!

Posted 19:39 7th September 2010

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