Haye to face Harrison

Haye to face Harrison

David Haye will defend his world heavyweight title against rival Audley Harrison live on Sky Box Office HD.

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Laurence Irwin says...

More people want to see this fight than would care to admit. You have to smack the school bully to make him shut up, I only hope Haye does this to Harrison. As for Haye and the Klitchico''s. Are you telling me the Klitchico''s fight top boxers? If they had the guts the would fight Haye for nothing, would''nt you want a big share of the purse when you think you might lose!?

Posted 14:53 7th September 2010

Mark -anthony Smith says...

Seriously, what is goin on!! im a Haye fan but why fight someone like Harrison,someone who doesnt deserve a title fight...if Haye didnt want to fight Either of the K brothers yet, surely he should fight Adamek, another great fighter who has moved up in weight..Come on David, sort it out!!

Posted 14:52 7th September 2010

Shane Blockley says...

This fight is an absolute joke and does heavyweight boxing no favours at all. I for one will not be watching it and hope most people will do the same. haye brags about destroying the Klitchkos but he does not have the bottle for the job. Harrison has been an absolute joke of a fighter throughout his ''career''. he landed a lucky punch in his last fight in the last round and now gets a title fight, I think I should give this boxing a go if that is all it takes.

Posted 14:40 7th September 2010

Kevin Charlton says...

What a farce match up. Another nail in the coffin of heavyweight boxing. Who is up next, mickey mouse and donald duck?

Posted 14:31 7th September 2010

David Edwards says...

Let;s hope people make their disdain for this farce clear by simply not watching. This certainly isn''t the fight the British public want to see at this stage of Haye''s career. My money is on Joe Bugner coming out of retirement to meet the winner.

Posted 14:27 7th September 2010

Ron Burgandy says...

You all say that Haye is stupid for fighting fraudley, but what other option does he have, both Klitschko brothers have scheduled fights with nobody''s, why cant Haye smash Fraudley and retire him, make some good money out of this fight then unify. I think it is a smart move, he doesnt want to be inactive until he signs one of the Klitschko brothers. You all say this is for greed and cash, but you will all be paying to watch it, like me.

Posted 14:27 7th September 2010

Jon Beacher says...

I think the reaction to this fight is a bit odd. People keep on talking about Haye fighting the K brothers, yes they are the fights that I''d like to see and I''m sure it will be sorted out. But, for a start no body on this forum knows why they haven''t happened, we can all say its the money, or they''re scared or he doesn''t fancy it, but the truth is we don''t know, we''ll hear different sides to the story but whats true, who knows. I''m pretty sure that it will get sorted and at some point next year we''ll get the fight we want. Now the fight with Audley, who else could Haye fight right now? the K brothers are tied up in fights, so are the other realistic choices, so what should Haye do, sit around? No, he''s decided that he''s only doing this for a while, might as well make some money and also have a fight with someone he dislikes. For me that makes perfect sense. If someone came to me and said. ''Jon, you can''t fight those guys yet, but here is a wedge of cash, go fight that guy you hate'' I''d do it. Smack Audley out of the game, then concentrate on getting the K brothers sorted. Otherwise you know what will happen, there would be this nagging british guy saying how he''s the real champion and he just needs a shot over and over again. I''ve already had 10 years of Audley talking it up and I know for a fact I can''t take another 10 years of it. At least we''ll get a good show, 2 guys who have a genuine dislike for each other and who have quite a bit to loose. Better than the boring fights the K brothers keep on subjecting us to anyway.

Posted 14:25 7th September 2010

Richard Clegg says...

How has the WBA sanctioned this bout. Harrison is #13 ranked, (he is lucky to be ranked that high!!!!!) This is yet another embarassment to this once great sport!!! I hope both fighters trip over the rope on the way into the ring and both get counted out!!!! VERY VERY VERY UNHAPPY BOXING FAN!!!

Posted 14:16 7th September 2010

James Harvey says...

Obviously Haye is a big favourite, but Harrison is better than his record suggests, you don''t win Olympic gold if you can''t box and he can bang, he''s just got no ticker when things get tough. The Klitschko''s will happen, but in Vegas with a 50/50 purse split, not 60/40 and in Germany, why shouldn''t David have a couple of easier pay days before making the Klitschko fight, look who Vlad is fighting this weekend, Samuel Peter a guy who he''s beaten already, and who is as slow and ponderous same as Harrison but around 1ft shorter. People get too impatient sometimes, and fail to realise how boxing works, they''ll only fight when they can get maximum revenue out of the fight, which is in around 12-18 months time, the same with Floyd and the Pacman.

Posted 14:11 7th September 2010

Craig Nicholson says...

I think its time there is an all british world heavyweight title fight..it will be good for the sport in this country..its just a shame there is no other british fighter who could challenge david haye..i think audley will lose but still you dont win olympic golds for no reason..but sayin that it was 10 years ago..i wish audley look...

Posted 14:06 7th September 2010

Phil Anderton says...

What have me and David Haye got in common? Neither of us want to fight a top heavyweight.

Posted 14:05 7th September 2010

Grant Russell says...

This fight is a sham. Audley Harrison is a fighter whos career has been stuck in first gear since day one. And David Haye has again ducked the chance to fight either of the Klichko brothers for fear of being knocked out. So the losers in this fiasco are the boxing public, This is about Audley and David making a few quid without taxing David too much!

Posted 13:57 7th September 2010

Paul Mcallister says...

David Haye is as much a clown as Harrison is for taking this fight, for months he''s banged on about unifying the titles and beating the Klitschkos yet he still hasn''t even made a deal, the Klitschko''s have made it clear they want to fight Haye yet he ducked out of every oppurtunity to fight them is now instead defending the title against the biggest fraud in British boxing, sort it out Haye, forget Harrison and fight someone who who''s deserving and has credibilty as a fighter!

Posted 13:48 7th September 2010

Derek Coulson says...

This is a joke, I paid good money to watch Haye take on Valuev and I''m glad I did, another good fight against Ruiz and i was thinking then that I couldn''t wait for Haye to take on the Klitschkos, what a prospect!! And then this, PAH!! I''m not paying anything to watch Haye go through a training session with Fraudley Harrison. C''mon Haye sort it out, give us what we want to see, bring on the Klitschkos before they''re too old.

Posted 13:45 7th September 2010

Alan Briggs says...

This forum like many of the media outlets are only in it to put Harrison down. They just don''t like his out spoken attitude about there hidden agenda against him. Harrison will come out all guns blazing and mark my words he will make Haye look stupid. Audley Harrison YES YOU CAN!!!!!

Posted 13:43 7th September 2010

Ruel Fox says...

David Haye, you bottled it ! Claimed you were here to shake up the eavy weight division, yet as soon as you got given a shot at the only credible fighters out there, you ran scared......3 times !!! And now you claim you are doing the british public a service by fighting Harrison ????? Nobody wants to see this fight, everyone knows fraduley is a joke ! Lets hope your flat on your back as Audley stands over you waving your caeer goodbye !

Posted 13:36 7th September 2010

Lee Dodsworth says...

Audley on box office......? Somebody call the police cos this is daylight robbery. . David Haye is a joke....promised to chop off the head of one of the klitschko''s & delivered a bloke with less heart than the tin man from the wizard of oz. I hope Haye gets knocked out .....after all harrisons " still believes. "

Posted 13:34 7th September 2010

Ricky Lodge says...

This fight & David Haye are a joke! He could of set up a "super fight" with either of the Klitschko''s but instead opted for the easier fight against Harrison. Harrison is currently ranked #13 by the WBA and has never beaten any of the fighters in the top ten. Whatever happened to the days of a title shot going to the most deserving or highest ranked? Looks like Haye is a little too attached to the belt and wants to keep it that little bit longer.

Posted 13:33 7th September 2010

Andrew Clarke says...

This is the singlest dumbest thing David Haye could have doen for his career. He has essentially sold himself for a fight with a nobody. Worst of all is that Audley is the kind of idiot that might actually cause an upset (though I hasten to add that is incredibly unilkely, but at heavyweight you never know). This fight has basically shown me David is no better than the Mayweathers of this world. If he is unable to see that Lennox was a true champion because of his class, poise and disregard for the money then he has no interest in understanding what it takes to hold the heavyeight belt. Pointless fight and another pointless Heavyweight.

Posted 13:31 7th September 2010

Sumon Thakur says...

John Lison - Good point...Harrison is only ranked number 13 in WBA list. However I think Haye has make a mandatory defence of his belt (assuming he wins this fight!) against No. 1 contender Ruslan Chagaev by next summer. Now that should be a decent contest, and a chance for Haye to gain some much needed credibility in the boxing fraternity!

Posted 13:31 7th September 2010

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