Haye to face Harrison

Haye to face Harrison

David Haye will defend his world heavyweight title against rival Audley Harrison live on Sky Box Office HD.

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Song Xuan says...

His duty to the English people was to fight the Klitschko''s. This is atypical of promoters and boxers in the modern day fight game. They seem to have such contempt for the fans that they believe they will prescribe what the fans want. It is a downright disgrace that a man who''s most lauded victory was against Michael Spratt and is only three fights removed from a loss against Martin Rogan - who was a good clubfighter at best - is going to fight for the World title. Then to add insult to injury David Haye informs us of his intention to retire in October ''11. Considering he has only fought twice in the last year, we can conclude that will be the same for next year. I assume his opponents will be Danny Williams and Ray Austin - what a Heavyweight Championship legacy that will be. Sky has the audacity to expect people to pay extra for this garbage!

Posted 13:30 7th September 2010

Aaron Neale says...

This fight is over in the 2nd round. Haye will flatten him.

Posted 13:28 7th September 2010

Jay Jay says...

Who cares who wins, they are both useless boxer who have not fought anyone dangerous like M Tyson and likes. Why everyone hate Audley, they should love him as this country love losers, like the national football team, Tennis etc. Don''t hate Audley, praise him cause he has never stopped chasing his dream of becoming world champ, hope you do it and quit.

Posted 13:22 7th September 2010

John Gall says...

Easy defence of the title for Haye, well played by adam booth because it gives the klitschkos another year to get that little bit older and make it an easier fight. If haye leaves it any longer vitali will be collecting his pension before he fights him. Haye is a great fighter and could easily fight anyone in the world so why choose this joke. I can see him beating Fraudley and moving onto the next level, is frank bruno still around because that could be the next option for Haye. saying that bruno may be to much of a risk for hayes management team. Come on David, go and fight the best and shut up those who doubt u.

Posted 13:21 7th September 2010

Matthew Howe says...

I''m really disappointed this fight is going ahead. Haye is going to destroy Fraudley inside of three rounds, easily. All of Hayes talk about leaving a legacy and taking on the best opponents has proven to be rubbish and hollow words. If he was serious about wanting to leave a legacy, the size of the pot shouldn''t matter when taking on the Klitschko''s, what should be more important is taking on the fight and trying to win the belts. I was a massive Haye fan but I''ve lost faith in him and I don''t believe he cares about any legacy, he appears to favour the money and luxury over giving anything back to the fans and follow through with his initial statements.

Posted 13:16 7th September 2010

Alan Bruce says...

This has to be the biggest Mismatch ever made. Haye is a premiership Boxer while Harrison is conferance league material. Honestly if I was a betting man I would have my house on Haye to win by KO (2nd round at the latest....watch this space).

Posted 13:16 7th September 2010

David Allwood says...

David Haye has to be respected for his efforts at Cruiserweight and for beating Valuev on his home patch. However, this is a massive step back in his career. Apart from cash, he gains absolutely nothing from this fight. This just adds more weight to the arguement that he''s too scared to fight a Klitschko. What''s next for Haye after this... a bout with Danny Wiliams

Posted 13:08 7th September 2010

Kabir Sohal says...

Haye to win by KO 1st Round.

Posted 13:06 7th September 2010

Anthony Moran says...

Finally we hear something from Haye. Originally I wanted to see Haye fight one of the Klitchko brothers, however, after hearing Harrison once again convincing himself and trying to convince the boxing world that he his destined to be a world champion, and mouthing off to Haye, this is the next best thing! Haye has a suspect chin, and who knows if Harrison catches him it could be all over and Harrison is a heavyweight champ! However, Harrison buckles under pressure, and covers cowardly when blows come his way (and that''s against mediocre fighters). So how will he deal with the bombs that Haye will inevitably throw at him? This will be intriguing; this I cannot wait to see; this I will pay for!

Posted 13:03 7th September 2010

Richard Hember says...

What a joke! I was really hopeful when Haye pumped himself up to the Heavyweight division that he''d be able to clean it up. But here we are, after all his moaning and whining about the Brothers K not willing to fight him, Haye has been caught out and ONCE AGAIN pulled out of a fight with the Klitschko''s. Who cares about this fight? I hope everyone boycotts Haye from now on. He''ll be the real fraud in the ring come Nov. 13. David, why? Simple, you want to make as much money as possible before being knocked clean out by either Klitschko. Fair enough, that''s smart, but please don''t give the entrie boxing world th big ''I am'' when really you''re just a fake. This, ladies and gents, is what''s really wrong with boxing.

Posted 13:02 7th September 2010

Gavin Cowan says...

What is Haye playing at? This is a dull heavy weight division and he''s not helping to liven it up by fighting a career disappointing Harrison.

Posted 13:01 7th September 2010

Anthony Ashton says...

This is an absolute joke. How on earth has Fraudley got a title shot when he is not even ranked in the top 10. The truth needs to be told as to why this fight has been made and as to why Haye still hasnt agreed deals with either of the Klitschkos. I also notice the fight in on Box Office. Good luck to Sky trying to sell this one

Posted 13:00 7th September 2010

Chris Howson says...

This is a no contest, but finally as Haye predicts will put an end to the Audley Harrison circus act! 1st round KO - Haye retains title.....i hope he then signs up for two fights at Wembley Stadium next year to de-throne the Klitchko''s

Posted 12:49 7th September 2010

Scott Mcdonald says...

I think it''s a joke that Haye is getting into the ring with Harrison!!! Audley should have packed up a long time ago and got lucky knocking out Sprott in his last fight as he got hammered for the duration!! Haye should be looking too unifi the division with fights against either of the Klitschko brothers as he has more than enough talent to show the world he is the main man!! Hopefully after Harrison takes a hiding off Haye he''ll realise he will never become world champion and that David Haye is the boxer Harrison could have been if he had more HEART!!!

Posted 12:40 7th September 2010

James Morris says...

HOW DO I GET TICKETS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Posted 12:40 7th September 2010

John Lison says...

l cannot believe that the boxing board of control has santioned this fight, so much for Haye saying he wants to fight the best come on when Harrison was in his so called prime but god knows when that was he was no good now at 38 come on this fight is a total mis match it will be a farse its about time the promoters started putting on good fights between equally skilled fighter no wander boxing is losing out on the popularity stakes

Posted 12:32 7th September 2010

Gavin O''donnell says...

I would certainly love to see a public destruction of Fraudley but what if that doesnt happen there would be no way back for david haye.

Posted 12:32 7th September 2010

Bubey Cheseburger says...

haye will knock harrison out in the 11 th round haye to win by knockout.

Posted 12:28 7th September 2010

Jeff Bridges says...

Does anyone on the planet really wont to see this fight except Audley Harrison. The guy didnt even deserve a European title shot. Absolute joke of a fight, whos next Danny Williams v Haye.

Posted 12:28 7th September 2010

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