Justice for all

Justice for all

US-based British sportswriter Simon Veness highlights the American backlash at FIFA.

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Mark Mccormack says...

A good article, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of Klinnsman and co! However I came to this conclusion myself last November when a certain Frenchman ruined broke a nations hearts with his hand. And to add insult to injury we were further degraded by Sepp "tweedle-dum" Blatter's ignorance on the event. So you can pass on to your wife that she is not alone in the abandonment of a blatantly obvious corrupt sport!

Posted 16:46 30th June 2010

Jason Morley says...

It is appallingly apparent that FIFA is only interested in what they feel is best for the game and not what the billions of fans, players & even officials think! Seeing as FIFA only take notice when there is a possibility that revenue may be hit. Why don¿t people boycott any sponsors of the World Cup even if it were for a small period of time. For intstance, imagine if everyone turned off the tv when the adverts were on or in the build up to the final. Granted this would hit the tv stations hardest however if it was on such a scale then it would likely make FIFA sit up and take notice! Let¿s face it the tv rights for the games are big business and the commercial channels sell the advertising slots for the games at hugely inflated prices. The cost of having an advert for the run up to the final or at half time would cost a fortune. Huge amounts of people turning off in the run up or at half time or even both would show that people would act. It could make it harder for FIFA to market the tv rights for future games and this would hit them hard. Yes stations will always pay however it could severely hit how much FIFA charge! If they thought people were serious then they would have to sit up and take notice. Something like this could have a ripple effect and would undoubtably hit FIFA hard.

Posted 13:43 30th June 2010

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