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Christiano Bakerini (Leeds United fan) says...

After selling City's best consistent player to one of their main rivals in the Prem - And being consistently knocked back by transfer targets over 'personal terms'. And, listening to Phil Brown on TV interviews going on about wanting players who will 'play for Phil Brown' (Cringe, shudder....) I am left wondering as to what, exactly IS the aims and ambitions of Hull City PLC?? Where has all the money gone ? - and with the sale of Turner, there must be millions sloshing around the boardroom at the KC? Can they stay up? Well, Mr Browns HUGE reputation and ego is well and truely on the line now. Lets see how he handles the press shall we? Will it be his fault - or is it always the players who cock it up????

Posted 20:52 31st August 2009

Danny B (Stoke City fan) says...

I can see Stoke City swooping in for Benjani before tomorrows deadline

Posted 19:31 31st August 2009

John Mack (Manchester City fan) says...

If I were a Hull supporter, I'd be alarmed at the number of non-scoring strikers that Phil Brown is targetting. Reminds me very much of Gareth Southgate at 'Boro last season (and he's still doing it in the Championship!). Sadly for Hull, 'Boro were a better side in other areas and still went down. Unless they can attract a proven goalscorer (even a Championship one) then there's only one outcome for the Tigers this season, I'm afraid...

Posted 17:54 31st August 2009

Darren Silsbury (Portsmouth fan) says...

Time for benjani to come back home,the supporters still love him and let's be honest, right now,more than ever before, we need a striker that can get us goals and fast come on hart forget about zaki and sign benjani now!!!!!!

Posted 16:38 31st August 2009

Roy Dickinson (Hull City fan) says...

Paul Duffen should just admit he is looking to strip the club of any assets and sell it, this is a disgrace ! CCC here we come !

Posted 15:28 31st August 2009

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