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Ryan Arif (Chelsea fan) says...

in response to Chris Plaster (Arsenal Fan), just because you haave a good stadium it doesn't make Chelsea an average team because their stadium is smaller than yours. even with 60,000 its still like a library. and how many trophies you won since moving there? new spurs stadium does however look very good.

Posted 12:26 28th October 2009

Callum Bennett (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

what a staduim i cant wait no longer if we get the permisson to build the staduim this should hopefully take the club further foward come on spurs

Posted 10:35 28th October 2009

Barry Farrant (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I was unfortunate to visit the chaps up the road, and their place is very nice. Its about time Londons premier team had a better home, it will make old Trafford look OLD ! bcf

Posted 09:12 28th October 2009

Stew Mott (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Stadium looks amazing. It will be one of the best in the country and could even be apart of the world cup bid. The flats look abit ugly tho, and the only bad thing about the staidum is the lack of expand ability. But theres diffiantly gonna be a better atmosphere at the new ground than the emirates.

Posted 18:50 27th October 2009

Malcolm Andrew (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Great Club, Great Stadium, Great single tier stand, Great regeneration scheme for the area... pity is still has useless transport links and a long 'pleasant' walk down Tottenham high street.

Posted 14:04 27th October 2009

Chris Plaster (Arsenal fan) says...

I have to say, the plans for the Spuds new stadium do look good. It'll be good to have the first & second best stadiums in london (with the Emirates obviously no.1). Should make Chelsea realise that they're just an average london team alongside the likes of West Ham, Fulham etc. The spuds though are still some way short of their much superior neighbours up the road, who still have a better stadium and a much superior squad....this season and any other season.

Posted 13:39 27th October 2009

Brian Mclaughlin (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The new ground looks great and I'm glad to see the majority or Arsenal fans are being pretty positive about the new ground!

Posted 13:29 27th October 2009

Wayne Du port (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The stadium is amazing, our season tickets will rise to 30 odd thousand from the current 22,000, which is great for the club. Its great to see our club listening to the fans views and giving something back to the fans. The atmosphere is going to be electric with the fans in mind. The champions league is not the be all and end all. Our club is ran with excellence and we will always play the Spurs way, we may not always get the correct results, but i would not change us for the world.

Posted 12:56 27th October 2009

Mark Carmichael says...

John White, don't worry, we're coming for your Champions League spot................. It's not a plastic Emarates, it's a TRUE North London Classic! Get back in yer van you Saaf London stray...................

Posted 11:26 27th October 2009

Steve Matthews (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

the single tier looks awsome cant wait, we need to keep the famous cockerel perched on top of one of the stands. and if we are to change the name of the ground one of the stands should be named in memory of the the magnificent white hart lane. Naming rights seems to be the way with new stadiums these days lets just hope we dont end up with something rubbish like emirates! i quite fancy saying are you going down 'The Mansion' this weekend. Shame its not going to be built quicker as think we will need it for the champions league x 5-1 .

Posted 10:23 27th October 2009

Lewis Robins (Manchester City fan) says...

This Spurs ground looks great! It may be smaller, but this will almost definately get one over the Emirates. With all our money, instead of buying worthless, disloyal players like Robinho, Manchester City should build a bigger, better stadium like this one, hopefully bigger than Old Trafford! We should call it "The City of Manchester Stadium II."

Posted 10:22 27th October 2009

David Watters says...

Beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Posted 09:55 27th October 2009

Stewart Wilson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

This will be a major step in the regeneration of a club that, lets be fair, has been a sleeping giant over the past 20 years, In my opinion, Daniel Levy is the best chairman in the League in terms of business, he has been able to finance not only the building of a new stadium, but a training ground as well. I love the way that the new stadium has a single tier stand like the kop at Anfield. Also the public square lokks great with a hotel, a new club shop, a club museum and even a supermarket, White Hart Lane has been a great stadium but the club needed this move for the regeneration as the stadium is getting old.

Posted 09:54 27th October 2009

Dan Stratford (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Really exciting times, and now Harry has got the team going, the only way is up for the mighty SPURS!!!

Posted 09:24 27th October 2009

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