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Cellan Jones (Arsenal fan) says...

Phil's doing a good job he just needs time to turn it around. Keep up the good work Phil!

Posted 15:50 2nd November 2009

Brenda Leyland says...

At last, common sense in Football. Hull are playing with the Big Boys of football. It is hard to compete when you have just arrived. Some teams have made the transition from Championship to Premier league but will never be more than regular bottom half teams. For a Chairman to give proper support to a manager struggling in the first year after promotion. just to get there was a fantastic achievement, but in reality, it may require relegation and promotion again and again until cash is found to progress further. It's hard to get to the top and even haarder to stay there. Good luck Hull.

Posted 15:19 2nd November 2009

Malcolm Addison says...

good to see phil brown getting an endorsement of his leadership at "hull" his downfall last saturday was getting out of bed ,to encounter the "horror " of that man in black who looked destined to get Brown the sack !what a total incompetent performance from a so called official ! if i didnt know better i wud av sworn he was on the opposition payroll ! chin up PHIL keep battling it will come good !

Posted 14:06 2nd November 2009

Jonathan Edwards (Derby County fan) says...

"I'll bring a fresh pair of eyes to it and hopefully, in conjunction with the manager, we can turn things around on the pitch." Like he did when he came to Derby. Out Billy Davies, In came Paul Jewell... and look where we are now! I hope you Hull fans like Paul Jewell, couple of weeks and he'll be the new gaffer. I would be extremely worried if i was a Hull fan!

Posted 12:48 2nd November 2009

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm not a Hull City fan but, what Phil Brown has done is really remarkable. He took Hull to the Premier League, the toughest league in the world and kept you there for a season. With a little bit of luck, I think you will survive. Hull fans, have faith in Phil Brown. You haven't had the luck you have deserved. Positive results will come. As Jon Bon Jovi sang "You gotta Keep The Faith...". I'm sure you will stay up, have faith in Phil Brown. I'm sure, results will go your way soon. Good luck!

Posted 10:55 2nd November 2009

Matt X (Portsmouth fan) says...

Hull have a greater chance with Brown in charge than they do without him. They're having a tough time of it at the moment but without their leader they will be rudderless and destined for Championship football. In modern times when it is fashionable to sack managers when things aren't going your way I think it is important to remember the good work the managers have done when the garden has been rosier. Just look at Paul Hart at Pompey - the performances have been there but the results hadn't. They've scored 8 goals at home in a week and all of a sudden they're on their way. There's no reason why it can't be the same at Hull, as long as the fans believe. If they don't, it's a self-forfilling prophency and you're going down Half the league are within 3 points of the relegation zone. It's all to play for.

Posted 10:29 2nd November 2009

Tim Embleton (Newcastle United fan) says...

This surprises me. If Hull had only won 3 matches between August and May instead of between Januray and October, they'd be relegated and Brown would be sacked.

Posted 10:03 2nd November 2009

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