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Richard Slater (Fulham fan) says...

This is fabulous news, a rolling one year contract too, most self proclaimed managers would be asking for a two or three year contract if they had achieved what Roy has achieved. But not Mr Hodgson, he is such a humble and honest manager. Well done RH long may you continue.

Posted 19:52 30th December 2009

Darren Farrow (Liverpool fan) says...

Well done Roy and well done Fulham. My only question, why has one of the best managers in the league (and gentleman of the game) only signed a 12 month rolling contract? Is that his doing or the clubs?

Posted 17:34 30th December 2009

Aaron Perkins says...

One of the last Premier league managers i have respect for! he is up there in the top 5 possible top 3 managers of the premier league. Fulham have become a outstanding team. Beat man utd, almost beat chelsea, gave arsenal a thrashing that we was lucky to come out with a win. Outstanding manager hope he has a long while in the premier league!

Posted 15:36 30th December 2009

Stephen Wright (Fulham fan) says...

Absolutely brilliant news for all Fulham fans and accepted by the man in typically dignified and understated fashion. He's certainly the best manager we've had in ages and he thoroughly deserves all the praise he's been getting in the press. I was very suprised he didn't get manager of the season last year and that Moyes did but the comparison of how Fulham and Everton have started this season shows that, for the moment at least, Roy is doing a better job. The way he's turned our club around so much in the past 2 years and got some of the same players who under Sanchez were playing unattractive football which weren't getting the results is staggering. I no longer have that dreaded feeling I used to get everytime the opposition was on the attack as I think we have the best defence, and in particluar ther best central defensive partnership, we've had in decades. Not only that but also the way he has stuck with Bobby Zamora when the vast majority of fans, including myself it has to be said, were urging him to be replaced has paid dividends as he is now an integral part of our team. Long may Roy's reign at Fulham continue.

Posted 15:22 30th December 2009

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