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Mike Phelps says...

Before both the Italia''90 World Cup and Euro''96, it was fairly common knowledge that then England managers Bobby Robson and Terry Venables would be stepping down from the job afterwards. That didn''t stop England from doing as well as they did. Knowing Capello, he''ll want to end the job on some kind of high and bequeath a promising team to his successor.

Posted 14:49 9th September 2010

Aaron Stockton (Crewe Alexandra fan) says...

Yet another seemingly bad call by Cappello, I believe he has lost interested in the England job and is just seeing it through to add to his retirement fund. Ideally the FA should get rid now, however I dont feel they have the guts as there arn''t many suitable replacements around. We should get another English manager if possible but again their isnt much choice with possibily Redknapp deserving a shot if he wants it. If we have to go foreign then the only choice has to be Mourinho at whatever price it takes.

Posted 14:08 9th September 2010

Terry Cherrington (Arsenal fan) says...

Has to be Stuart Pearce! Surely this is what the FA had in mind when the offered him the full time job of the U21 squad. In 2 years time many of those younger players will either be playing for the senior squad or be ready to step up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuart Pearce should never ever get the full time job... he has some of the most technical players England has ever produced available to him in the Under 21s and yet he still has them playing hoofball. Psycho is a really nice guy I am sure, and without a doubt is a good motivator, but he has no tactical knowledge and doesnt know how to use technical players. By all means he could be a good right hand man, but no way should he be the head honcho. Steve Bould has done a fantastic job at getting the best from technically gifted young English players at Arsenal, as much as I would hate to lose him, if he got a few years experience at club level he would be the kind of English manager we want in charge of England.

Posted 13:47 9th September 2010

Nigel Foster (Leicester City fan) says...

I am so sorry,that some English fans love diving in on a subject,and for no reason begin to want to sack,fire,shove out,everybody in the FA.Why are the british so negative. Capello goes in suprise really,but I have no negative thoughts only positive.I hope he goes leaving with a good Euro Championship presentation and if luck is on ourside the cup itself. Read this word correctly......NOW again just in case some bobos dont understand...NOW is when England need a good run,Not preparing for the Worldcup,but preparing and playing for the EURO.Planning for the future brings nothing in sport...its NOW.The results when we play NOW not in 4 years time are important !!!!!! If the players like some loser mentioned earlier have no interest,because they know Capello is leaving....Bolderdash Bullshxx,Then they aint worth picking.

Posted 13:47 9th September 2010

Dave Pearson (Chelsea fan) says...

Although he has given the FA time to find a replacement he has also made it easier for them to sack him.

Posted 13:41 9th September 2010

Gary Childerley (arsenal fan) says...

i have to agree with the man u fan, although i am an arsenal fan i believe there is only one manager capable of bringing england glory, ferguson, i would like it to be wenger but he hasn''t done quite enough at arsenal, (and we dont want him to leave) but surely ferguson is best for the job, if not, what about jose, "the great one" he wouldn''t take any rubbish, we would slaughter everyone on the pitch, look what he done at chelsea, he has to be a contender if th FA look overseas, there isn''t an english manager good enough really, not even harry,

Posted 12:44 9th September 2010

Fresh Prince (Liverpool fan) says...

As soon as Steve McClaren left I thought Mourinho would be a better choice over Capello and that was the best time to get him when he didnt have a job. Now hes at Real Madrid and I cant see him quitting in 2 years. Im sure there will be one manager available in 2 years who will be perfect for the England job and his name is Rafa Benitez!!!

Posted 12:42 9th September 2010

Simon Braddock (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Has to be Stuart Pearce! Surely this is what the FA had in mind when the offered him the full time job of the U21 squad. In 2 years time many of those younger players will either be playing for the senior squad or be ready to step up.

Posted 12:00 9th September 2010

Shamus Doherty (Arsenal fan) says...

Whilst his contract runs out after the Euro''s I see this announcement as being a backward step. If he already knows what he is going to do then why start the Euro campaign? No big surprise that the Euro''s should and will be used to get a foot back on the ladder after the world cup debacle, however all that will take a backward step when a new manager comes in and may change things again which could lead to another dismal world cup come 2014. I am all for the FA giving contracts that run from tournament to tournament but for the manager who could have quite easily been booted weeks ago to say he will be leaving doesn''t inspire me at all.

Posted 11:34 9th September 2010

Bruce Peake (Liverpool fan) says...

Surely England should be building now for the next world Cup. Where is the sense in the FA signing up a coach until the job is only half done i.e. the Euros. Whoever comes in then has already got an excuse for failure again at the next WC ( didn''t have enough time to develope my team ). Get rid of the decision makers at the FA and replace them with people with an ounce of sense and a minimal knowledge of fotball and we might have a chance of winning something.

Posted 11:26 9th September 2010

Lesley Anne (Manchester United fan) says...

I say good luck to him. Interesting though without John "loudmouth, I am bigger than the rest of the England team" Terry, they done very well in their first 2 qualifying games, I still believe he is to blame for the vast distruption to the team in South Africa, as a Scot I was actually wanting England to do well!! Drop John bring back Wayne and I do believe they will win Euro 2012!

Posted 11:17 9th September 2010

John James says...

Another very bad PR decision by Capello. The players will not bother listening to him in the 2012 euor finals because they know he will not be around to drop them after. Look at the world cup the way Terry tried to out speak against Capello. Do you think it will stop him now knowing that Capello will not be at the helm after the euro tournament. I think you will find that allot more players will now come out before the euro finals and start to criticises Capello because they will not fear their place in the team after. We will be same as France. Also all those saying the Harry or Hodgson should take the job don¿t forget that it is in 2012 that Capello will go so by then Harry and Hodgson will most likely not be good enough for the job because they will get found out with their clubs as having just had one excellent lucky season followed by a far bad ones. If I were the FA I would start to get down on my knees and start begging Mourhino now to take over in 2012 because by then he should be done with Real.

Posted 11:12 9th September 2010

John Hughes (Everton fan) says...

cant someone fast forward Capello''s watch two years now please. Harry redknapp to take charge. Lets make England English again.

Posted 10:53 9th September 2010

Phil M (Everton fan) says...

I think if by 2012 we do not have a natural suitable replacment that the FA should then try to go for Arsene Wenger, no way will A. Ferguson, M. O''Neill or any other non-English British manager get the job. I''d buzz off Wenger taking the job if only in the short term

Posted 09:45 9th September 2010

Priya Kerr says...

Good riddance! He thinks he is the be all. He has his favourite players e.g Rooney who has been the most useless player during the last year and more. Maybe now we can get a Manager who has more respect for all players and not just for the chosen few. We should do well in the World Cup once he''s gone.

Posted 09:14 9th September 2010

Mark Said (Liverpool fan) says...

Sad to hear about Capello''s future plans. I really wish that he would change his mind and reamin at the helm of the English national team. Yet if he sticks to his decision, I wish him a happy retirement and will always remain thankful for the great contributuion he made to England. GOOD LUCK FABIO! Dr. Mark Said from Malta.

Posted 09:09 9th September 2010

Carlisle Johnson (Manchester United fan) says...

Maybe by then, Alex Ferguson will have won 2 more league titles and made Manchester United the most successful club of all time, and he will finally resign and be free to take over as England manager. And then he can go after one of the few trophies which still eludes him... the FIFA World Cup, in 2014. Seriously tho, he could be just the coach who can whip the England team into shape!

Posted 08:47 9th September 2010

Mike Bond says...

Of course England will qualify for the Euro 2012 Finals ! Most of us would pick the same players as Fabio Capello for the Group Qualifiers, then it''s up to the players to perform on the main stage. They didn''t do that in South Africa. Who knows when they get to Poland/Ukraine ! Don''t blame the manager. As I said 2 weeks before the World Cup Finals, on the world stage, England are not good enough and until we bring along our young players, who can''t get into their club sides because of foreign ''stars'', we''ll never be good enough!

Posted 08:44 9th September 2010

Alex Patton says...

just shows the lack of commitment. get him out now!

Posted 08:32 9th September 2010

George Rice (Rangers fan) says...

Seb Franklin - Martin O''Neill for England? Is that a joke? He''d be fantastic but do you really think he would associate himself with that job? He''d get lynched by the fans of a particular former club! I think Stuart Pearce or Steve Bruce will get it. I think probably Hodgson or Redknapp should get it...the only issue perhaps being letting down their respective clubs to answer the call. Would anybody really mind Sven back though? In appears he knew his stuff and was far better than the tabloids of the day would have us believe..

Posted 08:00 9th September 2010

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