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Seb Franklin (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Who England will get after Capello steps is a good question really. It better not be Arry Redknapp because all I can say is he signed an extention to his contract only last yr so I would hope he doesnt take the vacant England job when F. Capello leaves as England manager. I hope it would be M. O''Neill or Alan Curbishley a person who isnt in management right now rather than R. Hodgson who is Liverpool manager or M. Hughes whos Fulham manager etc. I hope it aint H. Redknapp either. Hopefully Spurs can manage to fend off such a deal. COYS

Posted 01:30 9th September 2010

Tony Abbott (Arsenal fan) says...

Here we go: will England face the same fate in the Euros as Domenich did at the the WC.Everyone knew he was already done before the finals so why would we go into the same situation as the Fench with a "lame Duck" manager who will not have any respect from the players.

Posted 00:06 9th September 2010

Ken A (Arsenal fan) says...

Great, now we will have English fans wanting an English manager and this would lead to total failure just like Steve McClaren. After Capello, I don''t think there is no hope for England.

Posted 23:56 8th September 2010

Eddie Ryan (Manchester United fan) says...

About time!! But he knew he was going to be "too old" when he took the pay rise & contract extension...

Posted 23:29 8th September 2010

Benjamin Macey (Arsenal fan) says...

"Fabio Capello has confirmed that he will step down as England manager after the 2012 European Championships." You''ve got to qualify first.. Don''t count your chickens! Could be gone long before that!

Posted 23:26 8th September 2010

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