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Lee Daley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Who cares about the world cup any way? What a complete waste of everyones time and money!! Just like the olympics are a huge waste of space, time and money! The whole game of football has been currupt for decades, the same as every other sport known to man! Let's spend the money on housing the homeless instead of pandering to over paid yobs kicking a ball about a pitch!!

Posted 19:15 30th November 2010

Jonathan Carswell (Rangers fan) says...

I think that it would be a great shame if the panorama show and Sunday Times reporting ultimately cost England the world cup. People in the moment get upset and carried away with the injustice of reported brides and corruption. Once all is said and done people will forget about all the talk of curruption and the only thing that will be relevant is whether or not England have the world cup. England is in a great postion to host the world cup and it would be a once in a lifetime fantastic event which will galvanise the entire country. When people talk of curroption they immediately talk about money. Surely if you take the high ground on this issue then any incentive offered no matter how small is effectively a bribe. Large sums of money may be an obvious example, but the 5 luxery treatment given to members is all in the name of getting votes. It is surely sensible to try and please the people who you wont votes from. It is important to be realistic, we do not live in a perfect world and everything is not fair and lobbying for votes is all part of the process required to gain a world cup. I don't agree with curroption but am a realist and ultimately what counts at the end of the day is whether or not England get the world cup.

Posted 15:50 30th November 2010

Patrick Amanzi (Manchester United fan) says...

FIFA has a corrupt regime period!!! they should just ppick England on merit not because they refused to bribe them!!!

Posted 15:22 30th November 2010

Bobbo James (Liverpool fan) says...

I'd rather have the absolute corruption of the football governing bodies exposed than to host the 2018 cup. It disgusts me that people are happy to brush the corruption under the carpet in favour of the joke of a tournament.

Posted 13:56 30th November 2010

Mark White says...

To all those that doubt England can hold the World cup, open your eyes! The stadiums are already here! any new ones will be built at the cost of the club, via Fans, members sponsorship from private firms etc! This would be a massive boost for the country, tourism, jobs and even a chance to see the greatest players in the world! England might even win the odd game!!

Posted 13:55 30th November 2010

Paul Beach (Leicester City fan) says...

I have read 5 comments, 3 say they want the sport clean, 2 say could affect our bid. The bottom line is the whole point in this voting from FIFA is to decide who has the best chance of successfully hosting a profitable successful world cup and giving them the opportunity to do this. From what I read England's bid is the strongest bid of all the nations, so therefore should get the world cup, if they don't it just goes to show all what Panorama was founded and a full investigation needs to be made. Liam is right a small price to pay losing the world cup for a clean sport, what's the point having a world cup if 10 years later the sport is dead and that's really what is at stake here the integrity of the sport. FIFA dont kill the sport I love give the world cup 2 whoever but people Jack, Adam and im sure their are many more that share this thought process have to think of the bigger picture.

Posted 13:52 30th November 2010

Adrian J (Manchester United fan) says...

Can we be proud knowing that fifa is corrupt and we are supporting them in what they do. I for one will not support the bid i will be ashamed to do so. Or have we got somthink to hide why cant we just get it on merit and not on a committee that take's bribes. If we do not get it that would be a good thing as then we will not be known that the country that won on people taken bribes for votes.

Posted 12:38 30th November 2010

John Clarke (Chelsea fan) says...

So, FIFA will decide this week who gets the World Cup in 2018. Have the British Goverment already signed up to FIFA's tax demands. If so why? I pay tax on what I earn so why should they be exempt. Corruption is rife particularly when so called third world counties are involved. Yes, I would like to see the World Cup in England but not at the price FIFA want us to pay.

Posted 11:25 30th November 2010

James Green (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i hope we dont get it just because i dont want to see them lot ie blatter warner and the rest of the clan make money off our country fifa is a joke they are suppose to look out for the good of the game ha ha all they care about is lining there pockets and just to think our prime mister is going to meet them and bend over backwards for them its like going to meet a loads of criminals because they have some thing we want ie the world cup its alright what sort of message does that send out to the rest of society .

Posted 11:14 30th November 2010

Graeme Mcdonald (Aberdeen fan) says...

On the flip side, does last nights programme not put pressure on FIFA to award WC2018 to England, to avoid the obvious criticism that they made the decision based on petty tit-for-tat revenge and not on the merits of the respective bids? However it's an absolute scandal that FIFA officials are lining their own pockets with money meant for the development of the game worldwide. These gentlemen should be removed from their positions immediately, but that would require Sepp Blatter to acknowledge that there is a problem - and that isn't going to happen any time soon. Mr Blatter remains the biggest obstacle to reform in the corridors of power at FIFA.

Posted 11:06 30th November 2010

Mick Jones (Everton fan) says...

I, like many others couldn't give a stuff about the politics behind football. i love football for what it is, 22 players on a pitch. its a shame we wont get to see the greatest competition on earth cos of the English media making the rest of the world hate us!!!

Posted 10:15 30th November 2010

Tez England says...

Power corrupts. The delegates and the decision makers should be picked by public vote. The people who want the power should be kept well away from it

Posted 10:01 30th November 2010

Cameron James (Manchester United fan) says...

if we get world cup the world and his dog will turn up here and then claim asylum,fifa demand tax free status and a change in law to protect sponsors products thats why the ladies wearing orange were arrested in sth africa they were advertising a different product.did you know we have already changed that law for the olympics seems like even goverments bow to these people

Posted 09:25 30th November 2010

Gordon Anderson says...

Seems to me that the FA are always saying they are interested in stamping out corruption in the game. Now its a case of '..not this week as we want these people to like us' Self centred hypocrites.

Posted 09:20 30th November 2010

Kevin Durkin says...

Cannot understand why telling the truth is such an issue. If FIFA is riddled with officials willing to be bribed and they are then exposed, what is the commotion about? Would the FA prostitute themselves so badly to win the world cup bid? They obviously will participate in whatever it takes to win so what does this say about them? Personally. I don't care if they win or don't, it will do nothing for me, except watch the chosen few benefit even more. Should have the fraud squad doing the bid to see who is honest and who is not

Posted 09:03 30th November 2010

Jason Halfpenny (Manchester City fan) says...

Philip Rhodes, are you even English?, I doubt it but if you actually are then you are a disgrace to England and the English people for your comment. I would gladly pay triple taxes just to attend one world cup game in my lifetime, you need to re-evaluate your existance for money is nothing compared to memories. Tightwod.

Posted 08:18 30th November 2010

Bryan Arteta (Everton fan) says...

I think the press witch are trying to affect the (or the truth) 2018 bid should have to pay the extra revenue of a world cup if we don't get it i would love to see a world cup in this country so why wreck it for the rest of us just to sell a few more papers or a few more views. guys just stop it

Posted 04:01 30th November 2010

Jack Conlon (Liverpool fan) says...

For once, just once can the media in this country show a little bit of sense? i understand the sting into corrupt fifa members by the newspaper (i forget which one) but this bbc thing is now fresh on the minds of the other voters and will only be detrimental to our chances couldnt they wait a few days untilo after the vote? sheer stupidity!!

Posted 02:28 30th November 2010

Joseph Gregory-howarth says...

Football, like politics worlwide, appears to be peopled by cheats and dishonourable deals! The English Premier league broke away from the The English Football league because 'ye old men' couldn't or wouldn't modernize. If, say, the top ten footballing countrie's governing bodies got together, surely they could effect change at F.I.F.A. and rid 'the beautiful game' of the corruption it is now smeared with. They should hear the challenge - 'Change, be accountable or go, or else'!

Posted 01:43 30th November 2010

Liam Mcbride (Manchester United fan) says...

the point of the programme was to show the corruption with the fifa ranks, it was put on at this time because its when all eyes are looking at fifa, we have the respect campaigns and all the stufff about fairplay, they say that they wont stand for corruption but then wont look into allegations. we have already seen a couple of memebers trying to sell their vote so if England doesnt get the World Cup but we finally get some reform giving us a cleaner governing body of the sport we all love i think its a small price to pay, plus if the sums that holland have done are right we probably cant afford to host it anyway

Posted 01:32 30th November 2010

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