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Jim Bob says...

The only true reason they want the world cup in England is to get us out of the recession. Nothing else!

Posted 07:05 1st December 2010

Joss Joslyn says...

It would be great if the Association Football World Cup was to be hosted in England for 2018. That is eight years away and hopefully by then England will have a team that will be young enough, ambitious enough, play with passion and have a desire to win. The last world cup was terrible and an embarassment. The English team were not fit to wear the Three Lions. To live and work in Australia and then to have our team turning out and playing in the fashion that they did, was not the easiest thing to bear. Mind you it was only one of a few occasions when I agreed with every Aussie comment. C'mon England get the fire in your belly and the Lion in your heart and make the Legend of Bobby Moore and your country proud!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 04:43 1st December 2010

Steve Bell says...

The only prob with this country hosting any major event,is that its always focussed on London,which has the worst transport system in the country,coupled with all the spivs,and a con man on every corner...Is london the only city in the UK ??? PS The New Wembley does NOT seat enough for a start,it was an absolute joke from start to finish....

Posted 21:32 30th November 2010

Billy Docherty says...

Well,well,well.......Why are we not surprised that this old boys club are skimming the cream from the pie that is world football they should all hang their heads in shame........But alas they wont they will stuff their fat bank accounts with real football fans money then retire by the side of a swiss lake and still pick up their free tickets for games......Your time will come lads to face the piper....You must be proud of yourselves.

Posted 21:28 30th November 2010

Andy Taylor (Bristol City fan) says...

First of all i feel that England would beby far the best place to stage the 2018 World Cup for several reasons; experience, position, good stadia, ease of travel, etc. I believe however, that the BBC was correct in screening the Panorama programme about the alleged corruption of several memberrs of the voting committee. To brush it under the carpet is wrong, and I think that those who have criticised the BBC, know in their hearts that they were right to screen it, albeit at not the best of times.. If screening it changes the votes of any of the FIFA committee, then what does that say about the integrity of those FIFA members?

Posted 20:56 30th November 2010

Annonymous F (Bristol City fan) says...

As a country, England has the correct infrastructure to host the 2018 world cup, we do not need to do much work to the stadiums and if anything it is mainly improving/developing older stadiums. Spain and Portugal should not because of their current economic crisis Spain are in and I believe that the World cup should not be within two countries it doesn't work. I sincerely hope Englang get the bid as then Bristol City will more likely be granted the stadium which has been long awaited for aswell. C'MON England!!!!

Posted 20:30 30th November 2010

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