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Gavin R (Arsenal fan) says...

I don't think managemen is the job for beckham he a media man... also why does he shirt say "England Utd" it "England"

Posted 18:14 1st December 2010

Ricky Graham says...

The England football team is a joke already without debate about Beckham becoming manager. We have had enough inadequate managers recently. Beckham is good for merchandise sales thats the only reason he played for England so often. Lets not continue the farce once he retires from playing the game. Its about time we had top people in all roles. So get rid of Ferdinand (captain!!!) once and for all at the same time.

Posted 15:12 1st December 2010

Chris Clarke (Manchester United fan) says...

beckhams a legend but doubt very much hell be playing international football at 43. hope to see him at the euros though at least

Posted 12:16 1st December 2010

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