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Pablo Diablo (Manchester City fan) says...

fifa are a joke and waste of space and money(why pay them when they get so much in bribes?) and the people hating england (john koo who ironically supports a english club and kofi amoako ) are jealous of this country what are your countries renowed apart from war and dictatorship?Nothing

Posted 22:32 2nd December 2010

Steven Jones says...

How is just ignoring potential corruption in anyones best interest? I don't follow the logic of that...

Posted 21:39 2nd December 2010

Stuart Hulse (Sunderland fan) says...

Russia got our world cup, we got their winter. POOR TRADE! Never trusted Fifa of blatter. His legacy will be the two worst world cups ever. One in Africa- Voo voo zelas and no atmosphere. One in Russia - Too far and too dangerous. Plastic pitches no doubt! Keep all of our money in this country in future no more hand outs for two votes!

Posted 21:11 2nd December 2010

Keith Appleton (Sunderland fan) says...

Panorama caused considerable damage. The BBC will claim that they were only reporting legitimate concerns. However, the timing was deliberate, 48 hour before the decision for maximum exposure... and impact. The BBC have not acted in the public interest - only their own. SCRAP THE LICENSE FEE.

Posted 21:09 2nd December 2010

Graham Bemment (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What an absolute farce!!!!! I don't think the media had any part in England not getting the World Cup. The die had already been cast before today. As disappointed and suprised as I am that we lost to Russia, the Qatar win is more suprising and alarming. How can a non-footballing nation be awarded the games biggest (not greatest anymore, just look at the low standard of the last World Cup) competition? Money has definitley changed hands for both appointments. Both are dangerous for different reasons. Russia for crime and safety. Qatar for politics and the searing heat. I stopped in Qatar on my way back from South Africa in June and it was stiffling and in the 40's at 7am. Absolute joke. I don't agree with dropping out of FIFA as some have suggested as we want to win these tournaments on the pitch, but i do agree with backing a FULL INDEPENDANT enquiry into FIFA and Herr Blatter!!! Of all the bidders for both tournaments on offer the most suprising but probably wealthiest two nations won, that's blatant and alarming. The beautiful game should've come home so we could reinstill some pride and integrity in it, instead both have slipped further away from Football. Ignore FIFA and bring back a tornament of the Home Nations!!!!

Posted 20:16 2nd December 2010

Graham Dore (Manchester United fan) says...

it looks like political pressure has won again, speaking as a britt abroad, i can honestly say that most of the people i work with , who are mostly from europe,many others from the four corners of the world would have loved to see the world cup in the UK, everyone of them support a team from the Uk leagues, and the chance to visit one of the magnificent stadiums where their heroes have played may not be possible now for another decade or so maybe a bit of sour grapes from my side but the world cup should be for the world, and a better system should be introduced so that it gives everyone the chance to have a part of it, instead of those who can pay the highest price, The Uk has the best footballing infrastructure in europe, with access to all grounds from a super motorway system, which covers all corners of the footballing nation, i may not live in the Uk due to work , but it would have been a honour to see the boys trying to win it again on home ground Unlucky again as it seems Graham

Posted 20:10 2nd December 2010

David Knowles (Liverpool fan) says...

Nobody should be surprised by this result. Everything about FIFA is rotten and Blatter and his cronies run football like it is their own private club, accounting to nobody. There needs to be a full independent audit of their accounts and if they refuse to allow this then the likes of UEFA need to take action. There is a nasty whiff of something in the Geneva air.

Posted 19:39 2nd December 2010

John Koo (Chelsea fan) says...

Serves you Brits right! You were arrogant and cocky through out the bidding process, just stopping short of demanding that it should be automatically handed to you while scorning other bids. I am 100% sure that England would have landed the rights if not for the negative media coverage! I am equally 100% sure that Amos Adamu of Nigeria would have voted for England. What were you guys thinking? You could eat your cake and have it? And one would have thought that you would have learned your lesson-a lesson in humility from this devastating blow! But Alas No! You want to usurp FIFA for not voting for you. The rest of the world will not support you! The rest of the world( represented by the 22 voting members) voted resoundingly for you not to get the hosting rights! Don't you get it? Good luck with trying to usurp FIFA! You're on your own. Keep attacking FIFA, Keep attacking the world, keep alienating the rest of the world and alienating yourselves and keep getting defeated and licking your wounds. You are SUPER-ENGLAND!

Posted 19:00 2nd December 2010

Trevor James (Chelsea fan) says...

Why is anyone surprised at this news? One only have to read to important stories of the past few days: The BBC Panorama programme identified that at least some of the 22 members of the committee are corrupt. No surprise there then. The second story was carried by WikiLeaks; Russia is a Mafia state and Putin has ties to organised crime. No surprise there either. Add the 2 stories together and you get...........

Posted 17:55 2nd December 2010

Kofi Amoako (Barcelona fan) says...

so you people(England) think everything good should come from your country,never we're in modern world now.we have pass the colonial time you people dictate the pace.i congratulate the fifa executive committee members for voting England out in the round.

Posted 17:52 2nd December 2010

Andy Ankomah (Arsenal fan) says...

How could England expect to win this WC bid. A lot of people feel disappointed. They have themselves to been to blame. As we are paying the BBC wages through license. they have been allowed this soo called free-press to shoot them (Fifa) with Panorama. I have no sympathy for England. The bid failed before it even began after Ponarama. Did you guys really think the Fifa execs are stupid enough to vote Engalnd after two of their own were humiliated by the British Press. Yes there is corruption but surely it can be expose after the result. It always about making money with the BBC that represent the Great Britain. Had the result gone England way, think about the commercial deal and Funds that could have been generate dfor this country, rather than a 1 hour programme that killed England WC bid. Talk about BBC representing the National Interest. Way-to-go BBC.

Posted 17:46 2nd December 2010

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