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Arti Stallone (Liverpool fan) says...

Capello what are you trying to say that Kenny Dalglish is not a good teacher but ''Arsene Wenger is the right man to keep the young midfielder on the right track.''your quote not mine leave carrol alone and let King Kenny to deal with him.first learn English not 100 words and you call yourself a England Manager.shame on you

Posted 16:46 29th March 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

Dont give him a cap until he changes his ways.See how much he wants it then,anyone can get a cap these day even the tea lady!

Posted 13:26 29th March 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

Start out likes Gaza end up likes Gaza. Someone needs to educate him now rather than later, maybe tell him he cant play until he changes his way,then we will see how much he wants it!

Posted 12:19 29th March 2011

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

After your plans and tactics to go along with your ramblings capello,he'll need a crate of lagerand a few chasers

Posted 12:00 29th March 2011

Darren Roberts (Liverpool fan) says...

So Capello thinks Wenger can advise his players correctly but Dalglish cannot. The sooner we get a descent English manager the better . roll on Honest Arry.

Posted 11:56 29th March 2011

Emma-louise Rabson (Liverpool fan) says...

Yet another private conversation bought out to the media eh Capello, this type of conversation should of stayed behind closed doors- it seems MR CAPELLO likes to use players to further his career as a good manager ha! Regard to Liverpool contacting England, they have and made it clear that Carroll is not fit enough to play and they would prefer if England didn't play him for long if at all! It seems like the club purchase the players and England run them into the ground! I think clubs should be able to claim compensation if a player is injured while on England duty if the are a, carrying a injury or b, not fit enough to play in the 1st place- especially at this important time of year! Playing for England while not fit for 'friendlies'! Im club before country 100% Capello putting England down sooner he goes the better for English football!

Posted 11:09 29th March 2011

Keith Lucas (Liverpool fan) says...

Having a quiet word with young players to keep them on the straight and narrow = good management. Announcing it to the press = awful management. Yet again Capello demonstrates a criminally eccentric approach to PR. I don't see any benefit in putting young egos under the media spotlight like this - they're more likely to rebel than toe the line.

Posted 10:34 29th March 2011

Giles Osborne (Liverpool fan) says...

Just a quick point, if, as Capello says, he spoke privately with Andy about this issue, why had he come out and said it to the media and make it PUBLIC!!!!! Anyone get the feeling that he wont be having a private conversation with anyone again!

Posted 09:31 29th March 2011

Austin Space (Liverpool fan) says...

For once, I agree with Capello. This is Carroll's big chance, and he mustn't waste it by living the wrong lifestyle. I'm sure that the 'old heads' at Liverpool, such as Carra and Stevie G, will help and advise him as well as the backroom staff. Carroll has the whole football world in front of him, and a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders - he has to behave like a professional. He should look at someone like Thierry Henry's career and achievements, and learn from the lifestyle example he set.

Posted 09:29 29th March 2011

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