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Fachtna O donovan (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

i feel its time Mick moved on.Got his own favourites and playing players out of position,Spent a lot of money over the years on very poor players who have now moved on. Our scouts leave a lot to be desired. Get in Mark Hughes

Posted 21:24 16th October 2011

Ron Amphlett (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Never wanted McCarthy appointed in the first place, is way out of his depth... everyone says no plan B, should be more worried about no plan A, unless mister Morgan acts NOW, MM is going to do for Wolves what he did for Sunderland... get us relegated. The long suffering Wolves fans deserve a team that can play with style, flair and score goals, sadly it ain't going to happen with this lot. Fletch will score when he's fit and back in the team, but a few of the others need to step up to the plate and knock some in too. If the rumours were true that Arsenal wanted Doyle, should have snapped their hands off and bought another GOAL scorer.

Posted 20:34 16th October 2011

Stuart Hunt (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Same old story Wolves lose to the Black Countrys finest and they want to change the manager us Albion fans think he is doing a great job ha ha boing boing,theres only one super mick

Posted 19:02 16th October 2011

Lee Burrows (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

5 defeats in a row our worst record since 1984, Wolves are plainly not good enough. Too many players talk too much and are not performing, Roger Johnson (4.5m) where have you been this season, quick to tell the fans were "disgusting" for booing Henry a few weeks ago but you have yet to show up this season. Jamie O'Hara (5m) likewise do your talking on the pitch not on twitter or in the press. We will still be here in the years to come, will you? and as for McCarthy and I agree with whats been said before, putting a shift in is NOT enough at this level, have you been found out? Steve Morgan this needs sorting out and soon!

Posted 18:36 16th October 2011

Brett Morris (AFC Wimbledon fan) says...

Sorry to say, but Wolves just don't look like a Premier League team no matter how much money they spend! Probably the League's least most creative side who look destined for the Championship!

Posted 17:42 16th October 2011

Jim C (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

What a meaningless statistic - 'first Albion win in the top flight in 29 years'. As far as I know 2011 saw the first premier league fixture between the clubs, so how many times have the clubs actually met in the top flight since the mid eighties?

Posted 17:24 16th October 2011

John Roberts (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

get rid of that usless manager mad mick out out out

Posted 16:43 16th October 2011

Mark Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

time for mick to walk wolves not good enough no plan b doyle not scoring enough goals need to buy a top goal scorer play doyle behind front two give us a chance sorry steve book stops with you you need to change things if your long term plans are to succeed roy kean was right mick is not good enough with tatics can not change a game same old excuses put a good shift in not enough

Posted 15:23 16th October 2011

Tom Taylor says...

Although wolves had more of the play West Brom scored the goals and as we all know ,goals win games! Boing Boing come on you Baggies

Posted 14:52 16th October 2011

Ikechukwu Jonathan (Chelsea fan) says...

am happy 4 odewinge,after goin true so much critism,he came 4rm dey bench 2 silence his critics

Posted 14:27 16th October 2011

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