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Russia crusher

Russia crusher examines where it all went wrong for England's bid to stage the 2018 World Cup.

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Martin More says...

Its the same old arrogance of the english .They think they have a god given right to get anything they enter.I would be more sympathetic. but it is the same old adage everybody is against them the english media put everybody on a pedistal then shoot them down when its not goin right .Also if they think one panorama programme damaged them so much. Think again its the way the english come across.Then david cameron made a mistake surely prince william is not the future king of england but the future king of great britain

Posted 11:40 3rd December 2010

Mary Murphy says...

Pity re the England bid...but wouldn't put much pass on Mr Sepp Blatter....he doesn't even know that Russia isn't a continent!!!

Posted 11:34 3rd December 2010

James G (Newcastle United fan) says...

I think giving the World Cup to Russia is just a joke, the size of the country and the fact the travelling is almost impossible, do you remember how difficult it was to get Man U and Chelsea fans out there a couple of years ago?? that was to Moscow, how on earth are we supposed to get to the smaller cities!! If russia is bad then Qatar is the worst decision of all time, are they going to legalise drinking?? or are we going to have a WC with no alcohol plus they have to have 12 stadiums over 40,000, they only have a population of 1.3 million who's going to use them once we are gone?? FIFA you are a disgrace and i hope the Qatar decision comes back to bite you as it is obvious your members are being paid off to vote for them.

Posted 11:30 3rd December 2010

Jon Bolger says...

You have to laugh, the amount of comments that have been posted from people who are overseas stating ' get over yourselves', the English league ain't that good, other countries deserve it more etc and what team do they support? yes an English one, think that's what they call ironic..

Posted 10:54 3rd December 2010

Jogindar Singh (Arsenal fan) says...

In todays world where money is the only object it was not difficult to see Russia and Quatar winning the bids for the two world cups. I have lived in the `thirld world` for the past twenty years and have witnesed rigging at first hand and this was no different! I backed Russia at 11/4 yesterday after seeing Abromovich in Zurich, do you all honestly think that there were no sweetners given??? Quatar, what other than money do they have? If one kept close eyes on delegates from the not so rich parts of the world that voted yesterday, you will find not too far in the future these delegates building huge mansions in their home countries!!

Posted 10:43 3rd December 2010

Ian Thompson says...

I find it laughable and a disgrace that Sky Sports is tarring the entire Russian Nation with this racist brush. Racist abuse happens in every town, city, football stadium, pub in England and every country in the world where there is a minority group within its society. Also, have Sky Sports forgotten about the thuggery and hooliganism at Landsdowne Road during the abandoned match between Ireland and England? I believe that the English "supporters" were brandishing Nazi salutes at the match and racist remarks towards Ireland and its people. I believe the fact that once again England is overlooked at the world stage is the reason behind these wild remarks towards the entire Russian nation. "At the end of the day" FIFA has always offered the staging of the World Cup to emerging football nations. Russia was always the favourite. I would like these comments to be read out live, because i feel many English football supporters do not get involved with this sensationalist, over-hyped reporting and comment that is a mainstay of football journalism as a whole.

Posted 10:28 3rd December 2010

John Clarke (Chelsea fan) says...

So FIFA now say it was the fault of the British media. Well that's ok then.

Posted 10:24 3rd December 2010

Ebrahim Seedat (Manchester United fan) says...

Mixed emotions, England as the home of football do derserve to host the world cup, however, the negative sentiments that emanated from England on South Africa hosting the world cup make me feel vindicated. Serves them right.

Posted 10:02 3rd December 2010

Bryan Ellis says...

Again England shoot themselves in the foot, before the Tournament starts a way off some guys are talking about bringing the World Cup Home again. All you hear every time the world cup get near is 1966. Maybe the way the Birmingham & Aston Villa Fan's carry on on Wednesday nights Game had a wee effect on the decision as they might of looked at it and say you can't control your own fan's never mind other fan's. England are now the only Country who are making a fuss out of this, Taking the Prime Minister, David Beckham, Prince William & Boris Yelstin thinking having all of them would turn it around for England. The English Media does not help at all so just except it and let another Country have a go of Holding the World Cup.

Posted 10:00 3rd December 2010

Richard Farrant (Manchester United fan) says...

The results of the bidding were sealed well before the Panorama programme. $15m to Zidane - how much to others? Yes, it's the real world, but a sad one - money talks, nothing else. UK football is the best in the world. Our national teams are not - take a lesson from Rugby Union and bring back all our players from overseas, but at the same time drastically reduce overseas players in the UK - how can our national team players get quality pitch time when there in the Premier League ? Get out of FIFA (just as we should get out of the EU) - but keep an international European Cup every four years?? FIFA - no controlling membership should be semi-permanent as they are now. An external investigation would probably throw up many more elements of corruption. For FIFA to continue with credit and integrity they should all resign and install a proper voting system for their positions, not one based on palm-greasing.

Posted 09:35 3rd December 2010

Mark Bollands says...

To say our fans causing trouble cost us getting the world cup is stupid. Russia have some of the most violent and racist fans in the world. Add to that all the racism and violence fans in Serbia and Croatia cause it is a stupid comment to say our fans are the worst. If anyone has ever been to holland to watch football they will tell you they have fans who cause trouble (fact!) so is that the reason why they didnt get the vote? To give the next 2 world cups to countries who made there bids up using CGI and Blueprints is a joke. Why would anyone want to go to a country like Qatar and watch football. You cant walk around with your top off, even though it will be 50 degrees, you cant drink alcohol freely. The puplic of Qatar will not know what has hit them when thousands of fans from England, Holland, germany turn up. It is not the fact Russia got the vote. Our bid was clearly the best one, and anyone who argues that is just a clown. It is the fact that after round 1 of voting holland had 4 votes, and yet by round 2 they only had 2. The voting is so corrupt, there was only ever going to be one team who won. Thankfully my £60 bet on russia winning at 11-4 got me a little bit of cash so thanks sky bet!!

Posted 09:15 3rd December 2010

Peter Higgins says...

What a farce this world cup selection process is, never mind England not getting it. Russia is the most corrupt country in the world with it being run by the russian mob and corrupt police. There is no infrasrtucture in the country to speak of and once the world cup starts the fans will be ripped off, it is one of the most dangerouse countries in the world. But obviously this is criteria that FIFA look for when they pick a country to hold the world cup. I think being able to kiss the right backside has a lot to do with it as well. Even although I stay in scotland I still think Englands bid was the best financially, stadium wise,and organisational wise, and also the infrastucture is in place for most of the sites. The biggest thing that I think went against England was the expose of corruption in FIFA which all countries know about but they do nothing about it. As for QATAR getting 2020 with heat in the high 40s only two stadiums, country half the size of Wales,but I am sure they got it on merit and no money passing hands to any member of FIFA,

Posted 09:09 3rd December 2010

Damian Hanlon (Leeds United fan) says...

As i read this and other blogs,i sense alot of sour grapes over this decision!Best bid?? I didnt think could u class stadia like MK Dons and Plymouth in the same breath as any 1 in Spain,Holland or even Russia?? People said they would vote for you,and then changed their mind....ahh diddums.....go tell the headmaster!!! I watched the England bid video yesterday,and all the goals were scored by foreigners,and they showed a Gerard header hitting the cross-bar!! How apt!!! Face it!!! Your claiming fix and blaming bidding set-up because yet again you've gone out early in a competition beginning with the words 'World Cup'!!!

Posted 08:56 3rd December 2010

Wayne Libonati (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Well lets face it, its the only way Russia and Qatar are going to qualify for a world cup finals!!

Posted 08:54 3rd December 2010

Etiene Groenewald (Liverpool fan) says...

England lost the bid....we were robbed...we deserved it....cry me a river would you. England isn't anything special, so why do you deserve it more than any other country. The English are just a moaning bunch that think way, way, way too much of there little island. Grow a pair, congratule the other countries that won. Show some class.

Posted 08:53 3rd December 2010

Ian Smith says...

I'm a Scotsman, and by rights should be laughing into my cornflakes this morning over this debacle, but I'm not! I'd have liked to see a Finals taking place on these shores, where logistically, but to highlight one reason, the infrastructure is perfect for such an event. However, what is perfectly obvious here is that the voting system is as laughable or as bad as a night at Eurovision - it's come down to politics and not who offered the best of what should be of paramount importance in these things. It would apear that Blatter and his FIFA cronies will be holidaying on Abramovich's floating village for a few years to come and likely retiring wealthy men (in the very near future?!). Shambles!!

Posted 08:42 3rd December 2010

Jackie Downing says...

Why are we suprised at this vote. Fifa has been corrupt for years, you only have to look back at statements they have made over the years also actions at different matches when clearly it was not the case.They have too much power over the actions of other people. I for one do not care whether we host the world cup or not. We should concentrate on building a team that want to compete well in any world cup and show Fifa that we are better than them!

Posted 08:33 3rd December 2010

Pal Mabelane (Barcelona fan) says...

The English media are England's worst enemy, they try and depict host countries as the worst place on earth to host a world cup. Like they did with us....all they could do was talk about the high levels of crime(stab free vests), how we were not ready to host from a stadia point of view, how deadly snakes roamed the streets etc. No one doubts England's ability to host the World Cup, in fact if were to say to England,'Let's host the World Cup tomorrow', it wouldn't be a problem. The trouble here is, the English think they have a divine right to host the World Cup....but in turn do not throw a little respect to other host nations or prospective host nations, they also forget that the fate of the World Cup lies in the hands of the very federations they choose to disrespect. They are very quick to criticize, already after the World Cup this year, reports came out of England that Brazil were already lagging behind. So I am glad England didn't get it, I'm also glad Australia didn't get it either. As soon as negative reports came out of South Africa's readiness, they jumped on the bandwagon with their Plan B. So well done to Russia and's to 12 more years of English criticism and whining, and Plans C and D from Australia. Continue this way and you will not get the World Cup for the next 100 years.

Posted 08:11 3rd December 2010

Homzie D says...

As a neutral in all this, I think England should've got the nod over Russia. If you ask me, I would certainly feel safer at Anfield or Old Trafford rather than the Luzhniki Stadium! Besides the amount of travelling the players and the fans would have to do to get from one ground to another. We can't ignore the time difference! Don't you think a certain Russian billionare owner of a west London based club had a hand in Russia 2018? Qatar seems more rediculous! Playing in 50 degree heat in the middle of summer and with 90% humidity! How could you, Sepp Blatter? Oh yes, you don't care for the players as you haven't even played the game, have you?

Posted 07:56 3rd December 2010

Gary Isherwood says...

Re The voting process..... question? How did Belgium bid get 4 votes round 1 then only get 2 votes round2??? What happened to those two voters. Way to get England out quick?!? Maybe!

Posted 07:48 3rd December 2010

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