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Russia crusher

Russia crusher examines where it all went wrong for England's bid to stage the 2018 World Cup.

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Dennis Marsden (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

The Russian mafia will have a field day with fingers in every pie, if they haven't had them in already.

Posted 07:32 3rd December 2010

Kev I says...

Firstly congratulations to Russia, if in a fair voting system they won we wouldn't mind their selection, unfortunately with the none transparent voting process, the proven corruption and the guiding pressure from Blatter to support his forth coming re-election, the system is rotten to the core. The selection of Qatar simply proves it, playing football in 40c is dangerous, in a region with high security risk does not add up. Australia or the solidification of the USA bid would be more preferable for expansion reasons. Finally if you manage a franchise you do not turn your back on your existing customer base, expansion should be tempered with supporting your existing strong markets, every other world cup for expansion would have suffice. FIFA is tarnished from the top to the bottom, we should withdraw from it totally.

Posted 07:31 3rd December 2010

Barrie Vesty (Liverpool fan) says...

As a person who has travelled to see a WC and savoured in the spirits of fans from across the globe in Germany 2006 I have to say England didnt deserve this. It doesnt matter if Becks, Prince william and the like back a presentation that shows our infrastructure etc we forget one thing. England Thugs in Germany swilling beer...insulting locals...pot bellied middle aged guys throwing glasses we think we are the greatest just because we have passion. If I were a Neutral its great Russia got the vote...why?? when i went to Germany I hated Germans...when I came back i realised what great people they are...brought together by one This is what its about, yes England is the mecca...I understand the history, the names, but our fans let us down. Im a LFC fan we have travelled to watch football with humour, spirit and a sense of fun...we all think of the GREAT BRITISH EMPIRE...we are English...respect us...but most see us as beer swilling idiots hellbent on confrontation because of the minority not majority and its not the founding of our friendly society. Im still English...and still proud there is no where in the world like Anfield on a saturday afternoon...or Old Trafford..but its those fans not our country obviously why we now must go to Moscow.....I for one will be looking forward to the football..

Posted 05:28 3rd December 2010

Henry Nyakoojo says...

I can understand England's frustration. But the English, especially their popular press always overhype everything English. So the presentations were "the best"; and "footbal's most famous ambassador" made an impressive appearance; and the most popular heir to the world monarchy - Prince William was there; and to cap it all, the second most powerful head of government after Obama was there in David Cameron. To all that the rest of the world said: so what? England may have the most popular league, but most of the palyers that bring glamour to it are Russian, Belgians, Africans, Dutch and Brazilian. The famous managers are Scots, Italians, French and Welsh. So noone hates the English; the English just think to highly of themselves and think the must win every contest. Sadly the world does not operate that way. Often the best are not the most deserving. The sad thing for me at my age of 59 is that I will probably never witness a football world cup staged in England. In 1966 I was too young to know what was going on. Besides television had not yet come to my part of the then Dark Continent.

Posted 05:11 3rd December 2010

Ronald Bassarath says...

Several members of FIFA's executives have been accused of various wrong doings in the past. It is very difficult to imagine that this could be just a witch hunt. My personal view is that the majority had merit. These men are at their prime and will certainly not be around for the next round of bids. Hence the reason for having two world cup venues dedided. It is their last opportunity to bow out with a very fat purse. The two countries selected are the only two countries in the lot where accountability is practically no real issue and where freedom to extract information is almost impossible to obtain. My best wishes to English football and Sky Sports in making available to me the beauty of sports in reeal time.

Posted 04:19 3rd December 2010

Mike Cassidy says...

We refuse to give 'brown envelopes' to the corrupted officials of FIFA. I hope Blatter doesn't come to this country for some time - he won't like his welcome.

Posted 04:07 3rd December 2010

Gordon C says...

All your comments Chris about the baggage are spot on. The lead-up to the final voting could not have been worse for England, despite the late arrivals of Cameron and Prince William. FIFA is not a 'clean' organisation and everyone (from all nations) know that. However, it is a shame that only England and its free press are willing to disclose such news. Anyhow, as one of the other readers mentions, England are not liked by FIFA, and on top of that, they clearly want to continue down the track of giving 'new countries' an opportunity at the game. All I can say is, now England need to act out their revenge by reaching the Final of the 2014 world cup and showing Blatter where the real home of football is. (and I'm a Scotsman !!!!)

Posted 03:21 3rd December 2010

Colin Mcrobbie (Celtic fan) says...

Congrats to Russia on winning the 2018 bid. I did not think England had much chance, people across the world dont really care about Prince william, i know most Scots dont so why would Fifa. 1st time in russia is a good thing, you must remember, england has hosted the world cup (can¿t remember who won), and the Euro Championships as recently as ¿96 where it regularly failed to fill its stadia and its fans utterly disgraced themselves. Its domestic game is awash with cash and has used it ill advisedly, pouring billions into wasting assets and agents¿ bank accounts. Not exactly where fifa want our football to go in future.

Posted 02:05 3rd December 2010

Jjw Clark (Hamilton Academical fan) says...

This is an insult to Britain, and insult to David Beckham and our national pride, having read and digested the commentaries, I say, WE WIZ ROBBED, bullying, threats, corruption, politics and vast amounts of money decided the future of football world cup events. If,,,,, if David, or any one of the other "representatives" is prepared to tell the truth of this (nothing to do with football) EVENT, Mr Putin wasn`t even there!!! yesterday he said it was CORRUPT Today, Britain takes another plane home. who was it who voted for Britain??? apart from ourselves?

Posted 02:04 3rd December 2010

Chris Porteous says...

It was obvious from the outset we were never going to win the right to host in 2018. England will never host again - it is all politics. We are looked on as the poor relations by FIFA. They would rather give it anyone else but us - if there was only us up to host we still wouldn't get it. The BBC certainly didn't help by showing that programme - why not wait until the night of the draw. I agree if there is corruption within FIFA they should be brought to book. Those named - whether guilty or not - definately stuck the knife in a bit further than the BBC had already put in. The fact that we only got 2 votes should tell us not to bother again. Why waste all that money when it could be spent on something other than an impossible dream. Football United? Yes, as long as England is not invited along to the party. A sad day, not only for England but football in the UK as a whole. I certainly believe that we will never see the biggest competition in the world held here in my lifetime.

Posted 01:55 3rd December 2010

Mark Blandford (Southampton fan) says...

An utter disgrace to sport and democracy. This has to be about bribes and back room deals. Imagine standing in an 80k stadium built in a rush under Russian building 'codes' would you feel safe? Not on your life. Of course the train that was supposed to get you to the stadium would have to be working before you'd actually be at risk so maybe you'll be fine after all. FIFA is having a laugh but their day of reackoning will surely come.

Posted 01:40 3rd December 2010

Scott Clements (Manchester United fan) says...

About legacy well i totally disagree. This whole thing stinks (2 votes come on). Russia got the vote because its a country full of corruption and FIFA know that the real Russian president (Putin) will gag the Russian press and stop them from exposing any more corruption within FIFA. Perhaps if the FIFA committee was made up of former professional who know the game and don't have a political agenda then maybe we would stand a change.

Posted 00:35 3rd December 2010

Brian Darlington (Chelsea fan) says...

After looking at the bidding process and everything that FIFA had to say , it was obvious that England wasn't going to win. We having been saying all along to the FIFA delegates, the best stadium , strongest and most lucrative football leagues. Now what level of legacy could be left in the home of football,have a think //.Compare it to Russia and you should see the difference,yes that's right, England has everything in the world of football and so the most important thing will be left in Russia , a legacy.............................

Posted 23:52 2nd December 2010

Shaheed Islam says...

I am disappointed, bbc and other rubish media has to take the blame.

Posted 23:13 2nd December 2010

Steve Anderson says...

FIFA are in danger of losing sight of what has made football so successful around the world today, namely western Europe and south Americawhere the major of revenue and players are generated. To not have a world cup in western Europe for at least 20 years is ridiculous and you are in danger of biting the hand that feeds you. To award e tournament to Qatar is ridiculous, a nation that is a desert hs a population of over a million and has no football heritage is simply about oil money goi to FIFA pockets. Who in their right minds wants to travel to e middle east to watch a world cup, in the danger that you may be the victim of a terror attack, hatred of westerners and not be able to enjoy a few beers after the match. I can only imagine that FIFA and Qatar have struck a deal to make sure Israel won't qualify for that world cup as last time I checked Israelis could not travel there.

Posted 23:13 2nd December 2010

Bill Mckelvie (Ayr United fan) says...

Now is the time for the Home FA's to go it alone and bring in video replays. Secondly organise a Commonwealth football competition. We should lead from the front we invented the game. I agree with David Asprey it should rotate round the continents. But despite what you tell FIFA, they will tell you the Western Half of Russia up to and including Moscow is in Europe !!!!!

Posted 23:07 2nd December 2010

Jerry Birkbeck says...

It seems a shame that some cannot accept that it is a World Cup, not a European, Asian or American Cup. If the aim is to spread the impact of football to new territories then one can easily see why both Russia and Qatar got the vote. I wonder if this was apparent to those putting forward a bid. Indeed we will ever know this? Frankly to say that we deserve it because of the support from the followers of the game in the UK is a rather sad and selfish argument. Let's face it we did not cover ourselves in glory at the last and earlier World Cups. Perhaps we should have had more sympathy for the Spain/Portugal bid - after all Spain won the World Cup!

Posted 22:55 2nd December 2010

Rori M says...

What is wrong with the media in this country?? Why is it that whenever we have the slightest chance of success, that the media mainly the papers, do everything to wreck. It happens every year before a major tournament, all the players get slated and they try to find some sort of dirt on them which no doubt has an effect on them. For the world cup bid they went one further, by getting a couple of officals suspended and the panorama programme so close to the event. Why could this not take place after, so that it does not have an effect on the bid. Spain and holland are a great example of how to do it right, sure they didnt get the bid but they both got to the final, the media wouldnt dream of bringing the team down, they only encourage. When Spain lost to Switzerland in the opening game they had every right to go at them but they didnt. Whenever England DREW with USA they got torn apart

Posted 22:14 2nd December 2010

Richard S says...

Maybe it's time for all federations to abandon FIFA and start a new federation that puts the interests of the sport and its fans front and centre.

Posted 22:13 2nd December 2010

Chris Lane says...

I agree with you Chris and Scott C, I don't think the media harmed the bid in fact programs like panoramma should continue in seeking out corrupt officials before they retire without being caught. I think the FA and government need to focus on promoting football more from the grass roots up. But does annoy me about FIFA is if they want to travel new frontiers then why is Brazil hosting the next world cup? Also if we are to talk about corruption Russia are oil rich just like Qatar.

Posted 21:35 2nd December 2010

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