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City in Adebayor talks

City in Adebayor talks

Sky Sports News understands Man City have held talks with Arsenal over the possible signing of Emmanuel Adebayor.

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Callum Mccallpine says...

He should stay.....he is a brilliant striker.....if man city want him they must be city should leave all top four club's players and go for other teams

Posted 13:28 14th July 2009

Rich Murray says...

2 seasons+ 2 decent goals+7,312 missed chances = £22 million. Great business Arsene, now get on the phone to Madrid and get Huntelaar.

Posted 13:21 14th July 2009

Tom Mcelhinney (Arsenal fan) says...

Any player who loves money more than the badge on their chest should be straight out of the door. Football has taken a sad turn. Remember the good old days of commitment to a club and passion in the game? You had remarkble players like Tony Adams, Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp playing because they loved the club, the game and the fans. It's this distinct lack of commitment that is making the game into the shambles that it is becoming pumping all the money into football is dragging the sport down further and further every season. There has been so much talks about wage caps and transfer window spending limit, in my opinion that would be the best thing for the game - the most beautiful, entertaining football was played when players needed a second job to support them. Players should be playing because they want to, the wage cheque is a bonus.

Posted 13:18 14th July 2009

Mohamed Toorani (Arsenal fan) says...

Most of you lot want Adebayor gone, but i'd rather see him stay if Wenger wants to keep him so badly. On a better note, if Man City are serious about him, i think 22 million pounds is a bargain, we should at least sell him 30 million pounds since oil riched Man City don't care about how much a player would cost, all they care about is showing the world that they can get anyone and by that they mean, players who have forgot about the love of the game and the pride of wearing a club shirt in the elite division. In Wenger, we trust.

Posted 08:03 14th July 2009

Andy Brailey (Barcelona fan) says...

Take the money and run. Then go knocking on Chelsea`s door and bring Anelka back. Anelka`s game is suited to Arsenals and am sure he still would jump at the chance as he still has great feelings for the club.

Posted 01:12 14th July 2009

Dean Croucher (Arsenal fan) says...

Looks like the majority of Gooners would like to see him go. Wenger usually sells a player at the right time. Adebayor had a patchy season just gone and a good season before but in his own mind thought he was King Henry's successor....sorry mate but Henry did it year in year out and even when he didnt look interested or appeared sulky he ALWAYS produced the goods. If his heads gone for the big money, cash in Arsene and get someone in who wants to play the Arsenal way. We are only a quality midfielder to compliment Cesc and a possible Adebayor replacement striker away from challenging. Rosicky and Eduardo if their fitness is good will be like two new signings and Arshavin in all competitions, Vela will be a star..........bring it on!!!

Posted 19:05 13th July 2009

Neilos 247 (Arsenal fan) says...

Get rid off Adebayor! We should have sold him when we had the chance of scooping the reported £30 Million. The main thing we need is a midfield general - why not go for De Rossi from Roma ? We need someone to lead and be able to tackle and pass - hes solid. Man City brace yourselves for a guy with a serious lack of passion ! hes more interested in the £££ than the game.

Posted 15:24 13th July 2009

Jamie England says...

If Ade goes he will be missed, he had a injury hit season, stil scored 20+ goals. I think alot of Arsenal fans are bein short sited, 50 goals 2 seasons. Not bad, if he goals hel be replaced by an unproven unknown, do we realy want that? As for being jealous of citehs money, dont think so, wel see whos jealous when your owners pull out.. Ade will be sold for his true market value, wenger buys and sells players for there true market value. I think the financialy state of the PL is horribly wrong. Clubs should be self sustaining end of! Wat happens 2 chelski, man city ect wen ur owner pull out? Fair play 2 the guy whos jus taken ova at southampton. Hes stabalised club, and has a true business and football model 2 make southampton a sucessful PL self sustaining club again! Not over night, and not by financing it all himself.

Posted 15:24 13th July 2009

Danny Mccarthy (Manchester United fan) says...

He was a disruptive personality at Monaco before moving to Arsenal and I think City could be buying a mercenary. Arsenal should get rid of him, it was clear when we (man utd) played against them that Adebayor was lacking in passion. Arsenal need a Rooney-esq player to compliment their great passing and technique.

Posted 15:22 13th July 2009

Shane Blockley (Leeds United fan) says...

What a shame, another cash hungry average footballer who would rather turn his back on Champions League football and an actual chance to win some silverware, for some extra money. I genuinely feel sorry for Man City fans as the players they are buying have proven they have no loyalty and are only in it for the cash. Surely not the kind of players you want when the going gets tough. I am sure based on Adebayors performances last season that Arsenal fans will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Posted 15:19 13th July 2009

Ian Stigar (Arsenal fan) says...

You seem to forget that "IF" this transfer goes through then it ties in with what Arsene Wenger said last year, that we must sell 1 "Star" each season, so bye bye Ade and thanks for the good memories.

Posted 14:49 13th July 2009

Mike Razavi (Arsenal fan) says...

Every time that guy touched the ball last season, I said oh no ! He's not going to score. Wenger should have sold him last year.

Posted 14:48 13th July 2009

Alistair Mawas (Arsenal fan) says...

Take the money and RUN! We sould have sold him the first time round when Milan came knocking last year. I am sick to death of him pretending to love the Football club I adore, and it offends me when he kisses the badge. He is lazy thinks he is more important than anyone in the team. Selling him will do us no harm.

Posted 14:47 13th July 2009

Chris Wiles (Manchester United fan) says...

I think its very funny to see Arsenal fans thinking that Wenger would use the money to buy David Villa or Aguero, when we all know thats not his style. Arshavin is the only player hes bought in recent years that was already a class player. Even though I am a United fan, I respect Arsene Wenger for this. I agree that Adebayour went from golden boy to waste of space very quickly, his one good season was an absolute flash in the pan. Arsenal should go to Bordeaux and buy Henri Saivet, a player crying out for the touiuch of a world class manager.

Posted 14:46 13th July 2009

Patrick Lising (Arsenal fan) says...

Wow. Even I've got to say this one is kinda shocking to me. Adebayor was good on his day but, relatively inconsistent patches just didn't do the team any good. If he goes to Man City though, that'll be an interesting piece of business and I'm wondering what direction or intention Arsene Wenger has with this piece of business should it go through. Knowing that the club has Robin van Persie and Eduardo (who's back), proven goalscorers but both left-footed; how'll Arsenal look with Adebayor gone. Bendtner? Vela? Walcott? Perhaps someone else might come through the transfer doors at Arsenal seeing as we should get a decent amount for Adebayor should it go through. Let's just see how it all goes. I'm betting most City fans are probably happy with this anyways.

Posted 14:38 13th July 2009

Richard Chantler (Arsenal fan) says...

Let him go. He is constantly offside, lazy and then only redeems himself somewhat by scoring a decent goal once in a while. What's more... 62 goals in 140 games isn't an amazing record either. I think that we should be a bit more ambitious than buying Chamakh though! He isn't anything special, scoring only a few goals in the French league when it is not at as high a level as the Premiership. Think we may get robbed when we sell him though, seeing as the whole world knows he wants to go and now Ancellotti doesn't want him. He'll probably go for £18/19 mil, same as Roque Santacruz, I'd guess.

Posted 14:33 13th July 2009

David Watson (Manchester City fan) says...

Its funny how all these "real" football fans talk about money ruining the game and how obscene it is, but still have eyes like dinner plates and drool when they think they can cash in. Stop being such hypocrites, the money issue in football was a disgrace way before City had any. To top it off, City haven't been divulging wages and prospective deals, its all media hysteria and everyone is swallowing it whole - well done for that - just wait until the media has reason to go after your team and see if you still believe it all. Best of luck City, but to be fair, please calm down with all the strikers!

Posted 14:30 13th July 2009

Kevin Ryan (Manchester City fan) says...

Bring it on. Every time I switch Sky Sports news on we are on the verge of signing more and more BIG names. I will be more than happy if we sign Adebayor, iff he sulks we just stick him on the bench and replace him with quality after all it's not our money the board is spending. As a City fan this is completely unique to our club and I for one love it. All we need is a solid defender i.e. Terry and I can see us breaking into the top four. As for all you City haters you are all jealous, if I was in your shoes I would be jealous too.

Posted 14:24 13th July 2009

Rob Marshall (Manchester City fan) says...

Chill out Dave Costello. You are a supporter of a club which has a lot to be proud of. Everton does not have massive investment like other clubs. No shame in that. But don't, then, get upset at those who do have money to spend. If Everton had the cash they would do the same. As far as signing Adebayor is concerned, I don't believe he brings anything that we don't already have. I would prefer we focus on a decent defender (but not Lescott as I don't want to upset Dave)

Posted 14:24 13th July 2009

Darren Young (Arsenal fan) says...

I think he should stay at least one more year, he carried injuries all last season, so would like to see his contibution with a full pre season behind him, do you really want to sell a striker to another premiership club??? that could come back on us in a devasting way, remember we are playing for fourth place next season as we dont have the money to compete. Who would replace him? who can we afford thats a proven goalscorer that will get us 60 odd goals in 140 apps not another 16 year old with potential..We need all our senior players and then add to them..every body jumps on this bandwagon about adebayor and thinks we can just sell a player and buy a superstar it aint gonna happen

Posted 14:19 13th July 2009

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