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Bent rant at Spurs hierarchy

Bent rant at Spurs hierarchy

Tottenham striker Darren Bent has sounded his frustration that his future has still to be settled.

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Steve Browne says...

It amazes me, these little "Gods of the game". Football is going bankrupt and these players are only out for themselves. So Darren doesn't want to go to Hull or Stoke, I am sorry for him and his £70k per week salary, perhaps his agent can help? Tottenham are trying to run a business, they are obliged to make businesslike deals, yes they should hold for the highest offer in support of their shareholders and fans, however, whoever thinks Bent is worth that much dosh must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

Posted 13:22 31st July 2009

Stephen Kennedy (Sunderland fan) says...

Tottenham's hierarchy sickens me, it really does. First we had Harry sticking his nose into the Crouch deal, getting him for £3mill cheaper than we offered simply because he would "quite like to have him", now Levy seems to be stalling for everthing he's worth to get MORE money for Bent, despite getting Crouch on a discount price. Spurs need to sort themselves out, their reputation is rapidly going through the floor with the fans of the rest of the country with every piece of dodgy dealing they've made this summer.

Posted 12:50 31st July 2009

Paul Cartwright (Sunderland fan) says...

I know I'm mostly treading over old water here but I needed to reiterate how frustrating this is. As a Sunderland fan I would love to sign Darren Bent, but personally I think Peter Crouch is a better all-round player (as must Spurs). If Crouch is worth £9m then how can Bent be worth over £7m more than this!? If you sign a player, don't play him then sell him on, how can you expect to recieve the same fee? Its not economics its just common sense. I'm sick of Spurs' overall transfer policy this summer, using the media to unsettle players. Redknapp needs to get his own scouting system and stop trying to be a Del-Boy wannabe. Its fee's like this why people are going abroad for mediocre players, they simply can't afford decent English footballers. Swallow your pride Levy, and sell him for a respectable price!

Posted 12:39 31st July 2009

David Freeman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I still don't know why Spurs bought him in the first place,as long as he goes I'll be happy. He doesn't fit in with Spurs style of play and Crouch is much more an intelligent forward.

Posted 12:33 31st July 2009

John Jones says...

As a Everton fan a team with no money every year the transfer market is crazy and it teams like Spurs that make it that way Blatter is right (I don't like the man) moden day slavery. Spurs fans are deluded they are not a big club and never have been they like the little kid in school who hangs around the bully to be cool. Football club across europe should be ashamed the sort of money going around when most football fans struggle to pay there house hold bills it makes me sick. Well done bent lad for having the balls to stand up to these moden day slave masters. One thng to remeber though is a back in the day slaves did'nt drive around in £100,000 cars and earn £70,000 aweek. I believe Rupert Murdock is as much to blame in all of this with his many media outlets hyping everthing up from football to the price of fish!! He reminds me of the baddie out of that bond film!!

Posted 10:11 31st July 2009

Ryan Abumehdi (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Darren Bent should have put away more goals and then he wouldn't have been treated like a 3rd rate player

Posted 09:46 31st July 2009

Craig S (Sunderland fan) says...

I rate Bent but think £12m is the maximum we should pay given his performances in recent seasons. How can Spurs expect near £16m when he hasn't been that successful with them. They have just signed Crouch (in Spurs eyes a better player) for around £10m - how does that work?

Posted 09:46 31st July 2009

Mike Stephenson (Sunderland fan) says...

Tottenham's chairman reminds me of a very famous character in Shakespeare something about a pound of flesh, between him and the used car salesman Redknapp I do not understand why anyone would sign for them. Now it is apparently keane to go, they may call us a yo yo club at Sunderland but at least we do not treat players like crap yo yo's buying and selling them time and time again. People with integrity such as Niall Quinn and Arsene Wenger should be put in charge of cleaning up the transfer market, no more loan players (Birmingham), no buying players on the never never (Portsmouth), if you have no money you do not buy (Fulham) and no transfers if a club is in the red (Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea)

Posted 09:26 31st July 2009

Robert Graham says...

Everyone in football knows that Levy just doesn't want to sell Bent to Sunderland unless we pay over the odds cos we wouldn't let the "great Spurs" just walk in and take Kenwynne Jones. How he can work out that £16.5m is a realistic fee for a player who isn't currently as good as the one he's just paid £9m for is quite frankly staggering.

Posted 09:16 31st July 2009

Michael Lomas (Manchester United fan) says...

16.5 million was far too much for a player in form when he joined spurs, 16.5 million is now crazy money for a player that's shown no form since then! At 15mil Spurs should be jumping for joy and getting the deal done asap. Question is, which ex-spurs player will they buy back next?

Posted 09:05 31st July 2009

Joseph Charles says...

Fair play Darren. I'm a Spurs fan and he is and has been treated shabbily. His frustration is more than justified. I hope he does well wherever he goes - I know he'll score goals anyhow. Mr Levy - let him go asap to let the lad continue his career allowing Spurs to move on also..

Posted 08:51 31st July 2009

Clive Hunter (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

It appears that Bent has as much command of his English language skills as he has his footballing skills!

Posted 08:26 31st July 2009

Stephen Rudd (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Darren Bent needs to understand that he can't conduct his own transfer. If Sunderland aren't paying what we want for you, then you won't go there! End of

Posted 07:59 31st July 2009

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