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Hicks and Gillett seek investors

Hicks and Gillett seek investors

Liverpool co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett have confirmed that they want outside investment.

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Ping S (Liverpool fan) says...

I can't believe these guys. Borrows money to buy the club then struggles to just pay the interest on the loan and now want investors to inject money so they keep some of their shares.

Posted 07:11 30th September 2009

Jason Rowlands (Liverpool fan) says...

The worst thing that David Moores ever done was selling to these two. You knew from a far all they were going to do is follow the example of United, put all the debt on the club, God only knows why he didn't sell to DIC. Sell up and let someone who cares for the club run it like it should be run.

Posted 06:14 30th September 2009

Avinash Aunaruth (Liverpool fan) says...

Bad idea to have another partner.Then it is a 3 way split with no one in firm control and our problem gets worst.It should be all or nothing.Sell Hicks..Sell Gillett.We know Saudis have money and are fanatic about football.This is our chance to put money back into ta big club and buy players who can really make a difference.Look what wonders it has done for mancity.

Posted 05:46 30th September 2009

Glyn Jenkins (Manchester City fan) says...

Amazing! We get all the stick under the sun and now you have the chance to get your hands on some cash - you jump at the chance like a bunch of scavengers. Hopefully City can now get on with their season without any further earache, as you have proved that any team in the top flight needs (and indeed loves to have) money to spend on top players to get success!

Posted 03:31 30th September 2009

The Edge (Liverpool fan) says...

I've been a reds fan all my life, since hicks and Gillet bought the club. We have grown in debt,this is not how you run a football club or business. These guys really need to wake up and smell the coffee and leave Liverpool before they cause more damage to the club and we end up like a Leeds! Get them out!

Posted 00:33 30th September 2009

Nivek Retlas (Stockport County fan) says...

Shame this club has to be dragged through the an uncertain future again- even though I am a stockport fan i remember the good times when we reached the 4th round f the fa cup and the local chap who run the local fish & chip shop promised to give us free F&C for the rest of the season, those were the days eh...anyway were was i ,oh yes Liverpool shame aint it

Posted 22:49 29th September 2009

Gaz P (Liverpool fan) says...

They should sell up now. They can't afford to invest in the best club side in the world and need to go. Get them out before they drag the club down with them.

Posted 17:27 29th September 2009

Ibrahim Brohim (Liverpool fan) says...

I am a Liverpool supporter who is disappointed with owners Hicks and Gillets. I believe in the interest of the club, they should sell their full shares. They have failed to live up to their promises and commitments.

Posted 17:23 29th September 2009

Martin Ward (Liverpool fan) says...

For once Hicks and Gillett is going to do something good. They should just sell the whole club and go back to amercia. But extra funds is just what the club, fans and benitez needs. Im hoping we can get this done by January so we can buy players like David Silva and David Villa before they go else-where. A new stadium would also be great for the future but I think Anfield is still a great stadium and they should do work on that to increase it up to 60,000 or so.

Posted 17:21 29th September 2009

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