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City confirm Fulop switch

City confirm Fulop switch

Man City have revealed that Marton Fulop is set to join in training on Wednesday after sealing an emergency loan.

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Paul Green (Portsmouth fan) says...

no surprise just another example of the FA helping the rich and killing the poor. They stopped us bringing in free loans when we had a squad so thin we could barely put a team out. (until after the transfer window closed). They fought to get Liverpool into the CL even though though they never qualified (As champions!!) Put stopped as even though we qualified ligitimatly via the FA cup even though FIFA were happy with a delayed application! The premier league and FA are simply corrupt

Posted 05:01 28th April 2010

Jason Lee (Arsenal fan) says...

This is the FA's most disgraceful decision ever, and I'm surprised at the lack of a backlash. How is it that this can happen when all clubs have missed vital players at some stage in the season. As an Arsenal fan I point to the situations whereby we had only Mannone between the sticks. Yes, he proved capable, but would we have been given the option of bringing in a keeper? Or Van Persie? He's been out for half the season, and despite our position, he's been sorely missed. Where was our emergency back-up?

Posted 04:52 28th April 2010

Jodey Rowland (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The Premier league have gone a bit soft in my opinion, This is why teams have such big squads nowadays, if you were one of the 3rd or 4th choices keeps at City then you must realise now that your only there on the payroll & your never going to play 1st team football! Hopefully Spurs can manage to get 4th this season, COYS!!

Posted 04:43 28th April 2010

Chris Hand (Manchester City fan) says...

I understand why everyone is against this, especially when the "9 keepers" statistic is going around. But of those nine, four are injured and another four are ineligible to play for the senior team due to the type, or lack of contract they have with the club. To be honest I would have preferred for one of our youth keepers to come up to the squad as a couple of them are quite talented.

Posted 04:00 28th April 2010

Greg Angus (Aston Villa fan) says...

This is ridiculious. What is the problem with using Nielsen, their third choice goalkeeper? It is not an emergency, it's a case of 'we want someone better than that'. They decided to send Hart out on a season long loan. That is their fault and they should have to deal with the consequences. Why is the FA letting them have this when they have several goalkeepers on their books? Well if this is the case maybe Villa can loan a proven goalscorer for the last few games of the season. Seem fair? No.

Posted 03:52 28th April 2010

Ross Allen (Manchester United fan) says...

This is an absolute disgrace, they have the transfer windows to ensure there squad has enough depth to see through the remainder of the season. This could affect the outcome of other teams season and its is absolutely unfair. If City havent got reserve keepers with the millions and millions of pounds there owners have then its there own faults. The Premier League needs to sort it out!!!

Posted 03:43 28th April 2010

Doug Serven (Chelsea fan) says...

That is ridiculous that they are allowed to do this they have reserve keepers they should be forced to play them thats one of the reasons teams have reserve teams in the first place. it seems the premier league now favours both sides of manchester

Posted 03:35 28th April 2010

Lee Turner says...

Nielsen should get the chance. Nobody can replace Given and I think they should give the lad a chance. I can't see us getting fourth place anyway because Spurs are a bogey team.

Posted 03:24 28th April 2010

Richard Ayton (Sunderland fan) says...

I agree, it is a joke. If you have a keeper available, use him. That's what he's there for. I'd understand if they had nobody available but that's not the case.

Posted 03:17 28th April 2010

Alex Wiggins (Newcastle United fan) says...

I cant understand why the Premier League have allowed this emergency transfer to go through. Man City have available goalkeepers, so why? This is why premier league clubs and other clubs for that matter need strength in depth, to cover for injuries...With all the money they have surely they would have decent back-up for their star goalie.

Posted 02:30 28th April 2010

Les Chelsey (Chelsea fan) says...

What a slap in the face for Gunnar Nielsen. He is City's 3rd choice keeper. The only way he will get a game is if both 1 & 2 are injured or hit bad form. That has happened, so what do City do? Sign an emergency keeper to take the No 1 spot. If I was Nielsen I would slap in a transfer request on Wednesday morning. Disgraceful management.

Posted 02:30 28th April 2010

Andrew Steele (Sunderland fan) says...

Personally, i think its fair although City should be pretty excited. Fulop's a really good keeper too good for a number 2, he could walk into most sides (Including dare I say Arsenals or even Spurs). Its a good deal for us too, a bit of money never goes amiss and Marton's off at the end of the season. I wish him all the best and hope he helps city into the Champions league. Spurs and Villa would flop in the CL next season at least city can make a proper fight of it. Good Luck Marton!!

Posted 02:23 28th April 2010

Ciaran Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

How come they were allowed to do this with the transfer window closed???

Posted 01:12 28th April 2010

Thomas Pooley says...

An absolutely ludicrous decision - City have nine keepers on their books, four of which are currently available. Premier League rules state that a club is only eligible to make an emergency loan move if it have less than two keepers available. Why are City above the law? Why have these rules if you aren't going to stick with them?

Posted 01:08 28th April 2010

Johnny Hickey (Aston Villa fan) says...

I think it's a disgrace that Man. City have been allowed to do this. At the end of the day, City have 3 goalkeepers in their first team squad as well as one keeper (Hart) off on loan. Maybe this is because I'm a Villa fan but at the same time, they still have Nielsen as well as a young goalkeeper, Giraldo who is available ? Plus they've another young keeper on loan too ? Doesn't make sense to me

Posted 00:59 28th April 2010

Sam Draisey (Aston Villa fan) says...

It's not right that Man City should be allowed to sign an emergency goalkeeper. They shouldn't have let their second goalkeeper go out on loan if they didn't trust their other goalkeepers to cover when Given got injured.

Posted 00:48 28th April 2010

Wayne Pool (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i think its a joke when they already have an international goalkeeper and nine keepers on thier books why should man city be allowed to sign fulop

Posted 22:20 27th April 2010

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