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Mancini confirms Dzeko deal

Mancini confirms Dzeko deal

Roberto Mancini has confirmed Man City have agreed a fee with Wolfsburg for striker Edin Dzeko.

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Ismael Nazar (Manchester United fan) says...

City fans talking about United spending now? We spend what we earn. A lot of our big transfers come after trophies. 01 - Veron (Premier League), 02 - Ferdinand (okay no trophy there), 04 - Rooney (FA Cup), 06 - Evra and Vidic (no trophy, but bargains), 06 - Carrick (League Cup), 07-Tevez, Hargreaves, Anderson and Nani (Won the PL, got to semi's of CL), 08 - Berbatov - (PL and CL), 09 - Antonio Valencia (Ronaldo money). City have spent 3 and a half years trying to buy this league and will probably finish 3rd this season, another £200m and it's yours. Fantastic achievement lads. I hope Dzeko sees it himself that it's a horrible club, with a horrible model and rejects you, look at what you've done to Jo, Adebayor and Santa Cruz. Look at the treatment of Craig Bellamy and Stephen Ireland, I find your club a disgrace. You might not be in debt, but credit to the Glazers how they haven't intervened in the day-to-day running of Manchester United - hence why we will always be one step ahead. Man City - ONE MAN TEAM, Manchester United - A REAL TEAM, A REAL CLUB. Look out for Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley - we don't NEED £30m men like you do!

Posted 15:10 4th January 2011

David Ishola (Manchester United fan) says...

@Steve jackson, Manchester United may have spent millions over the years but we never had a sugar daddy come in and throw millions at building and trying to buy success as our success came from us generating our own money through making more money that any other club in the world and despite our debts we still continue to bring in more money than anyone else. Just look at Roman Abramovich now and how he is clearly growing tired at Chelsea and you will see how things will turn out for Manchester City as well when their owners eventually grow tired there. The thing with all of these sugar daddys is they eventually want a new toy to play with and move on after a few years so maybe Manchester City should be grateful whilst they have this money because in a few years it will most likely all be over and they won't get anywhere near United any other way.

Posted 15:05 4th January 2011

Paul Huston (Manchester United fan) says...

City fans saying United and Liverpool used there financial muscle to buy titles during there heyday need to take the rose tinted glasses off. United built a team on homegrown players and added quality players around them to balance the team and make it better, any huge money players 13 million plus players were generally first team starters every week and these players were few and far between Ferdinand, Rooney, Yorke, Stam, Keane (was expensive in his day) not one of these players did we pay over the odds for and leave them to rot in the ressies. Same with the Liverpool team of the 80s. I love a challange as a United fan so in that case its good to see a new team emerge as a contender, makes things more interesting, but I much prefared when Arsenal were our main rivals as they were a rival I could respect for the way they played the came and kept there house in order. I could only bedgrudgingly applaud when they won the title. City will get there title eventually but like Chelsea not 1 club or fan in the football loving world will respect you for it. Plus Mr Abramovic seems to me to be losing interest slightly with Chelsea these days maybe theres a lesson there

Posted 15:04 4th January 2011

Mark Yiu (Manchester United fan) says...

I have to agree that Dzeko is a quality player but a quality player doesnt always fit in an average side, plus Dzeko will probably be on the bench anyway. With Mancini persistently playing De Jong, Barry and Toure and defensive mid there not going to get anywhere. No way will Tevez be dropped and on the wings its down to Milner, Johnson, Silva all to fight for a place. Aside from Hart, Tevez and Silva the other players are nothing more than average. Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Jo, SWP, Lescott,Bridge all laughing stock and wouldnt even get in the united team. Until City win something big as in Premier League or Champions League they'll never gain respect like United, Arsenal and even Liverpool in the 90s. UTID

Posted 14:38 4th January 2011

Dave Brad (Manchester City fan) says...

Funny how many bitter reds there are on this site (Man City big joke club, Mancini is a joke) and even the bitter reds from Liverpool are getting in on the act (I don't think Mancini has a clue). Last time I looked we were second in the league, in the knockouts of europa and 16 points ahead of Liverpool - have I missed something along the way fellas? We've now just signed one of the best strikers in Europe to boot. Obviously you don't like to share out the spoils of the league and cups with anyone other than yourselves but I'm afraid you may have to get used to it from now on.

Posted 14:34 4th January 2011

Jason Goodwin (Manchester City fan) says...

Cracking bit of business. We've been after him as long as I can remember. Him and Tevez could be potent together. Also I'm sick of other fans commenting on City! Worry about your own clubs!!!

Posted 14:24 4th January 2011

Len Thomas (Manchester City fan) says...

@Neil Davies....what are you on about ? Hughes made awful overpriced signings. It's his fault that everyone that thinks City are wasting their money. Lescott, Bridge, Santa Cruz, Adebayor, SWP and Robinho all bought under Hughes reign and all have been pretty poor or overpriced. Compared to some of Mancini's signings of Silva, Yaya Toure, Adam Johnson who have actually shown they are worth their price tag. The Jury is still out on Boateng and Kolarov, but I'm sure they'll come good and are still young with plenty to learn.

Posted 14:23 4th January 2011

Luke Chase-thompson (Manchester United fan) says...

im a man u fan, and this is my personal opinion i can personally admit city have the strongest squad in the league its superior 2 every1 elses and they should be winning every game comfortably. i agree that chelsea also bought the title years ago but not 2 the extent that man city are, they have a squad of players who have done well in the premiership e.g. santa cruz, adebayor, wright-phillips etc, how can thewy pay 50 mil for lescott and milner combined like thats when u no football has gone down the pan when 2 average english players r woth abbout 10-15 sold for 50 just beacuse they can its a i do understand that man u have bought players over the years but do, but look at who they bought for the last 15 years or so they have pretty much dominated and always been at the top but basically uniteds team each year very rarely changes each year and if it does it's a replacement and who can question fergies youth system, 30 mil at berbatov a couple of seasons ago and havent thrown any money about last few years, also . its a disgrace that u can waste talented players maybe there not good enough to win the league for them but its a joke that other premiership teams could have these players playing week i week out and they dont even play foootball anymore. also aswell when ur captain is a judas and complains all the time u can tell he doesnt have the heart for city no-one there does, how could they? all the stand for is money and thats the only reason the are there look at their team. also they dont stand for anything good in football e.g. being professional, working as a team, having good team spirit and a good leader/ or captain none of which is there. tbh how can the fans like the players or team apart from tevez they show them nothing. end of the day i still think man u will win the league this year allthough citys dominant squad really should click into gear

Posted 14:05 4th January 2011

Dave L (Manchester City fan) says...

@Neil Davies unbalanced team??? Poor signings??? Tevez is one you missed off your list YaYa Toure another the fact is that your team is living in it's own past thinking this league owes you something you, truly are a one man team, take Gerrard out (and if you carry on like this he will leave anyway) and it has been shown that you struggle. To the rest of you green eyed monsters you had better get used to this!!!

Posted 14:04 4th January 2011

Bruce Bucknall (Manchester City fan) says...

If people take a look at the amount of players City have produced in recent years who have gone on to play for the first team. I doubt theres any other club who can match that record! Its a bit rich people moaning especially arsenal fans when all their youth team players are french, atleast we have produced home grown talent....Blue moon rising....get over it!

Posted 14:04 4th January 2011

King Kenny (Liverpool fan) says...

@ Steve Jackson - Teams like Liverpool 70s 80s, Man Utd 90s until now, Everton and Arsenal they have earned there success through hard work and ablity and have only spent what they have made - Chelsea and Man City having won nothing in there history come and splash hundreds of millions on players and increase players wages they havent earnt nothing they are there owners play thing, look at the managers chelsea have gone through none of them deserving the sack, Thats why people dont respect them as sides.

Posted 14:04 4th January 2011

Martin Soar (Manchester City fan) says...

Neil Davies - So you are the only person in Europe who thinks David Silva was a "poor" signing. Yaya Toure? Load of rubbish! And watch out for Balotelli, he will make you eat your words as well. You really should worry about your own team, who need offside goals to get a win and can't do anything without Gerrard! You other whingeing saddos, if we are such a joke, why do you feel the need to comment on it instead of just ignoring us? Reckon up how much United and Chelsea have spent over the years (Roonet/Vidic/Ferdinand etc. etc.) and tell me they haven't bought success!

Posted 14:01 4th January 2011

Dave Ogden (Manchester City fan) says...

there seems to be a lot of jealous people out there City are doing no different to what other clubs have done alright they have spent a lot of money in a short time but they needed to Out of the top say 10 dearest signings in the the country how many have been to the dark side

Posted 14:00 4th January 2011

Matthew Bond (Manchester City fan) says...

Neil Davies, what an earth are you talking about? Mancini hasn't made any good signings??? have you watched us in the last 3 months since they have started to settle? David Silva has been absolutely exquisite and has imo been our best player this season.... I wouild say him Fabergas and Nasri are the best creative midfielders in the league. Yaya Toure has gnow got used to the league and has a been nothing short of brilliant these past few months.... he's a box to box powerhouse. Those 2 signings alone are very good reasons as to why we are joint top of th league right now. It's quite funny how you highlight Milner though as although i admire his work rate... he's the one signing that has flattered to decieve and we overpaid for him. Silva and Yaya would walk into any mifiled in the Prem and that's a fact. As for Dzeko... we have been afer him since Sven was in charge.... we lack a target man... Adabayor can't seem to stay central and we need someone that can head the ball which he can.... also 66 goals in 111 games ain't too bad... a welcome missing piece to the puzzle. This place reeks of jealousy

Posted 13:58 4th January 2011

Mike Roberts (Manchester City fan) says...

Hey Warren and co, just a reminder when Chelsea had money and we didn't they bought talent from City, Shaun Wright-Philips! They recently lured Daniel Sturridge also from our academy. We bought Lescott from Everton, ex of Wolves I recall and you had plenty of new money to use positively but presumably havent done. By the way United paid £30 million for Ferdinand as far back as 2002 and have spent heavily since!! Seems that to break into the top four under the current rules big money is needed but more than that it is to prepare for the change of rules. In that regard Mancini is refining the squad and those players that are not quite good enough, lose their enthusiasm for us or simply lose form will go such as Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz, Wayne Bridge etc etc. So we are spending, loaning out and selling players now, this is the way it is and as a result we are clearly helping to even things up throughout the Premiership.

Posted 13:50 4th January 2011

Kevin Connolly (Manchester City fan) says...

Neil Davies (liverpool fan) i nearly spat my tea out with laughter when i read your post. Hughes and Ericsons signings were mostly unbelieveably BAD, Mancini's signings have been excellent. I know because i see them play every week. BTW David Silva is the best creative midfielder in the prem and that is without a doubt!! he was mancini's signing. Stop gettin your opinions from the press and watch the games. you might even grow to like us ;)

Posted 13:36 4th January 2011

Shaylan Mistry says...

City Fans - Glory! What Glory???? You can spend another £200 million on unproven players and still wont win anything. No problem to us united Fans.... We cant wait till next year when we change the sign to say "37 years and counting". You have more money than sense! Santa Cruz, Adebayour... All wasted!

Posted 13:29 4th January 2011

Ross Cunningham (Newcastle United fan) says...

i used to love Man city, but now they have become the team that just buys or trys to buy every world class player. Also they listen to who other teams want to buy and they go and buy them.

Posted 13:05 4th January 2011

Steve Jackson says...

Strange how over the last decade Man United and Chelsea have spent millions..........nothing said!!, suddenly Man City become a threat and everybody wants to curb the spending!!! Did Chelsea not win the title on the back of a massive spend ???

Posted 12:58 4th January 2011

Thescouser Milks (Liverpool fan) says...

It's too sad to see only one club can afford to sign this fantastic player. He's strong, skillful and excellent finisher. With players like Johnson, Silva, Barry, Tevez and Co. around him I can only say he's going to rock in EPL! I wish him all the best! D¿eko brate, sretno i pamet u glavu =)

Posted 12:53 4th January 2011

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