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Mancini confirms Dzeko deal

Mancini confirms Dzeko deal

Roberto Mancini has confirmed Man City have agreed a fee with Wolfsburg for striker Edin Dzeko.

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Mike Brown (Manchester City fan) says...

Another top notch player added to the squad. Great team, top manager, great set up. Just a matter of time now

Posted 12:39 4th January 2011

Michael Bott (Liverpool fan) says...

@Warren Browne I think they do it so no other clubs can buy them.

Posted 12:35 4th January 2011

Daniel King (Manchester City fan) says...

I think you'll find out we been after him for 2 years since shinwatra was in charge!

Posted 12:34 4th January 2011

Stuart S (Manchester City fan) says...

I am sure city are more than capable of identifying and securing transfer targets. Warren needs to worry on where his own team are heading with a manager who is only capable of getting his team fired up twice a season and we know who that is against!!!!!!!!

Posted 12:31 4th January 2011

Manc Blue (Manchester City fan) says...

Warren Browne "Everton fan"... Get your facts right, Dzeko personally wrote to Manchester City asking to consider signing him and what an honour it would be. Its been on the cards for 2 years now. Chelsea mentioned him about 3 months ago.

Posted 12:27 4th January 2011

Declan O connor (Manchester City fan) says...

With Santa Cruz, Adebayour and Jo most likely on their way Dzeko is an important buy. His goalscoring stats are fantastic and his finishing is excellent. Hes a natural goalscorer and can use his head aswell as both feet. Many clubs around Europe wanted him and now weve got em. Cmon City!!!!

Posted 12:24 4th January 2011

Ricky Mcc (Manchester United fan) says...

"I think that Dzeko is a good player. All the teams in Europe want him and everyone says he is a good player." Says it all really...Source out your own talent City

Posted 12:22 4th January 2011

Joshua Mpila (Manchester United fan) says...

But warren the thing is Chelsea can't grow talent. Lampard: West Ham John Terry: West Ham Drogba:Marsille Joe Cole:West Ham (although he left)

Posted 12:18 4th January 2011

Neil Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

A truly shocking state of affairs. They have an unbalanced team, no creativity in CM, and can't get the best out of the squad that they have so they continue to buy until they find success.... Hughes and Erikson spent a lot of money but they bought good players who had an impact on the squad, i don't think Mancini has a clue....With the Exception of Adam Johnson and James Milner i think his signings have been poor

Posted 12:16 4th January 2011

Jay F (Manchester City fan) says...

Warren Browne, what are you on about? City have been trying for 18 months to get Dzeko. It doesn't matter who else wants him. City tried to buy Davis Luiz of Benfica last season but failed, Chelsea are rumoured to have lodged a bid last week, who's following who. As an Everton fan you are obviously still bitter about Lescott, you got more than he was worth so why worry about what City are doing?

Posted 12:15 4th January 2011

John Grimm (Arsenal fan) says...

See your point Warren but Chelsea have been doing the same to Arsenal for years.

Posted 12:12 4th January 2011

Danny M (Manchester City fan) says...

Am i detecting a hint of jealousy from other fans who's team are skint? Warren B we don't need to find talent...we produce it.

Posted 12:10 4th January 2011

Afmk Sfmkl (Everton fan) says...

What about wait untl the personal conditions have been agreed.

Posted 12:06 4th January 2011

Jonathan Curtis (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

How good is this Dzeko... I mean what exactly has he done? I'd imagine a fee in the region of £30M has been spent on him and yet they have proven players in the prem such as Adebayor sitting on the bench... Citeh have more money than sense.

Posted 12:04 4th January 2011

Don Corleon (Bari fan) says...

Do they really need him? Okay he looks alright in the Bundasliga but world class, seriously? Whose place is he gonna take and then we'll get another saga "I just want to play" - then don't go to Citeh!!

Posted 12:04 4th January 2011

Jordan O'keeffe (Manchester United fan) says...

haha Man City are such a joke! Dzeko getting paid £50,000 at Wolfsberg moves to City and they are paying him £170,000 haha !! He is not worth that amount of money he's a good player but not worth that amount a week! With FIFA's new rule for euorpean clubs making as much as they spend as a club how can they expect to be able to play in europe!! Man City BIGJOKECLUB!

Posted 12:01 4th January 2011

Gary mcfc Williamson says...

Up the blue it when other fans spit there dummy out on our rise 2 glory

Posted 12:00 4th January 2011

Peter Muzika (Arsenal fan) says...

Man City dont deserve respect if they win something. Long-term this is not the right way to spend more and more money with profit in red.

Posted 11:59 4th January 2011

Samo Naprijed (Chelsea fan) says...

Let's go Dzecks ! ! !

Posted 11:45 4th January 2011

Finn C says...

Another mercenary

Posted 11:42 4th January 2011

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