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Villa eye Wigan duo

Villa eye Wigan duo

Aston Villa are looking to land Wigan duo Maynor Figueroa and Hugo Rodallega, understands.

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T K (Newcastle United fan) says...

Anthony - give over. 10m for those two is more than fair - I'd personally only rate Rodallega at 4-6 and 3-4, so my opinion is that you're getting top dollar for them. If reinvested sensibly, 10m might be enough to keep you safe, where right now it looks likely that you'll go down if nothing changes (especially if West Ham strengthen as they appear likely to). Losing Nzog at this stage, though eventually it's inevitable, would be a far greater concern for your chances of survival.

Posted 11:28 12th January 2011

Callum Taylor (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

£4 Million?.. is that a joke.. he is worth nearly £10 Million! and Hugo is easily worth over £10 Million, he can split the defence.. and Villa can easily end up relegated, so just wait till the end of the season before any decisions are made, and if Martinez sells them he seriously needs to go as you don't sell your best players when you want to go forward!

Posted 11:28 12th January 2011

Ian Hobbs (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

I can't see Wigan selling thses 2 players who are arguably 2 aof their best players! Why would they sell them now and for in my opinion at under value prices? Maybe they will sell if they have other players lined up but if the players they have lined up are not used to the Prem then it is going to take time to settle and Wigan don't have any time for players to settle.

Posted 11:20 12th January 2011

Dwain Pipe (Stoke City fan) says...

Stoke City could really do with all 3.

Posted 10:39 12th January 2011

Matthew Mittoo (Aston Villa fan) says...

I dont rate these to from wigan!! I think we push hard and sign a better forward then Rodallega, our defense also needs a look at!!

Posted 09:49 12th January 2011

Anthony Jenkinson (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

Firstly i belive Aston Villa are under valuing 2 of our best players on the pitch i belive that Rodellega is worth over 10 million and figuroa at least 8 million. Secondly if wigan do decide to go ahead and sell these 2 players i think it will inebitebly mean that wigan will get relegated from the premier leugue this season, hopefully we can keep onto our best player n'zogbia to stand any hope of staying up if these 2 players are sold to our relegation rivals.

Posted 09:35 12th January 2011

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