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Villa pair disciplined

Villa pair disciplined

Aston Villa have confirmed James Collins and Richard Dunne have been disciplined following a row with staff.

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Jack Slater (Aston Villa fan) says...

Jack Martens - Thanks mate and yes it's awful!

Posted 14:47 18th March 2011

Cal Ellis (Aston Villa fan) says...

I think that deep down Jack Martens you know that Houllier is no egg and its not Houllier that is the problem, its the big headed egotistical idiots that had it easy under MON that are the problem. Dunne has been a moaning idiot along with collins all season. Neither have room to say anything as they have both been rubbish this season. Id definately sell Dunne in the summer anyway!

Posted 10:07 18th March 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

HOULLIER must go ! I've never heard a such a dressing room in such disarray , people wanting to leave,players fighting with staff, discontented fans with fallen crowd figures, out of form strikers,the list is endless and all this achieved in 1 year by the French man! The most consistent thing ive seen at Villa this season is the hotdogs, their bad every week !

Posted 08:54 18th March 2011

David Jones (Aston Villa fan) says...

Dunne to Leeds for remainder of season.

Posted 06:34 18th March 2011

Lee Steadman (Aston Villa fan) says... stick to following Burton Because your clueless...Houllier next year will become great then i'd like to see ya pipe ya nose in then! that is all

Posted 00:45 18th March 2011

Thomas Owen (Arsenal fan) says...

Silly comment there Jack. He is a proven manager and has signed some gifted players during his time. The club is still in backlash from the exit of O'niell. This season isn't important for villa. Next season is, see what happens over the summer and I feel Aston villa can kickstart there season well and qualify for the europa league and have a good cup run.

Posted 21:09 17th March 2011

Jack Martens (Burton Albion fan) says...

Always some kind of excitement at Villa under Houllier..... Shame he has no idea what he's doing with the team. I feel sorry for the Villa fans having this clown in charge!!

Posted 19:16 17th March 2011

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