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Arsene Wenger might not see out his contract at Arsenal, says Jeff Stelling

Arsene Wenger might not see out his contract at Arsenal, says Jeff Stelling

The agony that Arsene Wenger was going through after Arsenal's Capital One Cup defeat to Bradford was clear to see in his tortured post-match interview - and I have to admit, I felt for him.

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Forrest Johnson (Arsenal fan) says...

Why do people think Pep Guardiola is such a great manager? He certainly had success at Barcelona, but look at his squad., it is essentially Spain + Messi and I think any halfway decent manager would have been able to have that kind of success in that situation. If you want to look at possible candidates based on achievement and situation (a sort of achievements per capita if you will) then I'd say Juergen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund would be the ideal man for the job. Two consecutive Bundesliga titles, won against the money and might of Bayern Munich. They just won the toughest group in this year's Champions League. Guardiola does bring prestige and clout and rumour has it Arsenal is his preferred destination but do Arsenal really have the financial resources to A) bring Guardiola to Arsenal and B) be able to pay the calibre of player that Guardiola is used to managing? Klopp has more experience at delivering success on a budget and I think he would be the better choice for Arsenal.

Posted 21:11 13th December 2012

Joe Dean (Chelsea fan) says...

Bout time. End the long suffering of the fans. Its just emperors new clothes every week with this man, he seems to have been building a team for his entire 16 years but that team has never come. Even the team that went unbeaten won nothing for that endeavor and in the end any team can defend all season so no great feat. For the sake of the club and the fans he should go now.

Posted 21:08 13th December 2012

Rich Roberts (Arsenal fan) says...

My choice for Wengers replacement would be Guarolda. We would offer security and patience to build something special. His style is similar in terms of attacking style and I genuinly believe he wants a bit of a challenge not an already established winner. Second choices would be Moyes, Martinez, Bili or dare I say Roberto De Matteo.

Posted 21:06 13th December 2012

John Trevor (Arsenal fan) says...

couldnt agree more, Bradford showed on tuesday that its not about the players in the team, its about confidence, morale and team spirit. Something we are lacking at the moment due to a poor run of results, i have been an arsenal fan for 16 years and have experienced lots of dips in form, learn from chelsea that sacking the manager is not the solution. However wenger should look over his team and think are they worthy of competing with the best? Without spending for the sake of spending, lookout in the market for players that have always proven to be top quality and if theyre worth it maybe pay that bit extra!

Posted 21:01 13th December 2012

Jay Byford (West Ham United fan) says...

There is no point in even entertaining the notion that Gaurdiola or Mourinho could end up there. Arsenal are not even close to being a big enough club for them. Could you see either of them taking the reigns at Liverpool. That is essentually what they are, the new Liverpool. A team that were ONCE great and are now just dining out on what they used to achieve. As soon as the Arsenal fan's admit this then Wenger's job will be safe once more. They'll see what he as achieved at this little better than average club and realise that there is nobody out there better than him that would take the hotseat.

Posted 20:57 13th December 2012

Karl Hamilton (Juventus fan) says...

I believe David Moyes if you can pry him away from Everton or Joachim Low (Germany) are good replacements for Weger

Posted 20:56 13th December 2012

Jose Flores (Arsenal fan) says...

Yes you Arsenal fans. Careful of what you want. The coach is not the problem, but management. Istead of asking for Arsene's head why not ask for better players and to keek the good ones in the team. A change of coach may make things worse

Posted 20:51 13th December 2012

Nigel Hall (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Have to agree. Wenger has been an incredible manager for arsenal and would be difficult to replace. He has a crop of young players coming through and the team will come together soon. However he seems to have some players who never deliver who get played week in week out and has a blind spot for this. Maybe he just needs to pick players in their positions, Podolski or Giroud as the 9 and Walcott as the 10, and give the players the responsibility not carry it all himself.

Posted 20:49 13th December 2012

Ak Gunner (Arsenal fan) says...

Absolutely Right... Just a small note to my fellow gooners, do you think if we replace Wenger with Pep, things are going to change just like that. Think well, the management has to provide funds, let it be pep or wenger. Lets all stick with wenger till the end of the season and then lets decide at that instance if the club needs wenger or not. Have patience in Wenger... Gunners for life..

Posted 20:19 13th December 2012

Terje Slaatto (Arsenal fan) says...

In my opinion, Wenger should leave his post as manager of the club. He clearly can't get the most out of his players, and he's stuck with a way of thinking that doesent work with the current squad. How come we have to play posession football with players like Walcott, Gervinho and Giroud, when neither of them have the ability to get a decent first touch, thus ruining the chance of having any form of efficient attacking play. Gervinho is a shame to the footballing world, he can do one thing, and that is to run quite fast. Walcott is growing into a decent player, but he can get so much better if we would just stop giving him the ball with his back towards the goal. And for the love of god, someone make him challenge the defenders a bit more! Stop pressuring the opposition so high in the field, we never win the ball there anyways. Fall back, win the ball in our own field, use the creative players we have in midfield, and play people like Walcott in space, and you have less chance to concede goals on the counter, and a better chance of getting the most out of our own players! I would like to see Moyes as our new manager, if we have to change. But i believe everything could be solved by having someone like Dein come in and get Wenger back on the track he used to ride.

Posted 20:03 13th December 2012

Richie O'sullivan (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Jeff, great article as usual. The thing you mentioned about his team being to blame in the cup due to the lineup that he chose. On the other hand, you would have to take that team into account and think that perhaps there are much bigger problems at the club? You touched on how Wenger has been accused of not being motivational enough, but in the past he always had Arsenal up for the fight. With the quality they have they should be fighting much higher up the table, and should certainly be beating Bradford with ease, no disrespect intended towards Bradford. For me it points either to a lack of man management or possible in-fighting within the club. I think Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud and Theo Walcott have all come out and said that they want the central striker role. When the likes of Walcott and Podolski see the likes of Giroud constantly preferred in that role and often failing to deliver, it must kill their motivation when they are then not given the chance. Especially considering that Gervinho was given that chance ahead of Podolski, and established german international, and Walcott. Then you have deadwood such as Chamakh who certainly can't be happy at the club. Overall I think there is a big job to do at Arsenal, and you would wonder whether Wenger has it in him to take it on one more time.

Posted 19:50 13th December 2012

Mike Knight (Arsenal fan) says...

I for one wouldn't want Mourinho to take charge. He is undoubtedly a great manager, but I think Arsenal have a certain way of doing things, and (bar Cazorla's outrageous dive) set a certain standard in the PL. I would primarily like Pep to have a go, and prove his critics wrong. But if that's a long shot, then a David Moyes wouldn't be out of place. (Assuming Man U havn't already got dibs on him) I do feel that Arsenal need some new ideas to move forward. Wenger seems stagnated, and I think he can leave now with the club and the fans thanks.

Posted 19:49 13th December 2012

Lee Faccini (Arsenal fan) says...

Good on you Jeff for not jumping on the media bandwagon and actually looking beyond the obvious. Wenger is one of the best in the business and I honestly don't think another manager could do what he does. He faces the almost impossible task of displacing the richest clubs in the history of the sport who can buy almost anyone they want to ensure victory. The strongest squad wins the Premiership 9 times out of 10 and superstar players make the difference in the important games so why is anyone actually surprised Arsenal can't win a trophy when you're going up against that? And lets not pretend the Captial Cup is really going to make any difference to the endless stream of negative comments, just insert the word significant inbetween 'a trophy' and there's the next criticism lined up for you. Everyone should Wenger and Arsenal a break as they are achieving as much is actually possible in the current state of football.

Posted 19:39 13th December 2012

Joshua Reddipogu (Barcelona fan) says...

Jeff, I really enjoyed reading your article. Regarding your comments about Jose Mourinho this is what I think. I don't personally like Mourinho because he is a not a very pleasant person but on the other hand he is an excellent coach who has been proven all over the world. He wants to win everything and is not afraid to challenge the board or even the owner. So I would definitely prefer him to Wenger. If he was at Arsenal there is no way they would be without a trophy for so long. Wenger is so big headed and it's willing to listen to other people's opinions. But only changing Wenger won't fix all issues. We need to change the policy on wage structure and buy more quality players. I think van Persie was the last top quality player we had!

Posted 19:32 13th December 2012

Tina Hutchins (Arsenal fan) says...

Agree with you Jeff, I just can't believe it is all Wenger surely the board has to take some blame. I understand how much Wenger has done for the club but maybe its time to move on, could he take a role upstairs. Would like to see someone like David Moyes given a chance look what he has done for Everton on no money. I we are not careful Wilshere will be following out of the exit next.

Posted 19:32 13th December 2012

Sean Armstrong (Arsenal fan) says...

I have been an Arsenal fan since i was born, it never once crossed my mind that Wenger should walk, hes brilliant one of the best managers ever! But now it hurts me to say this but i feel he will walk, i think he even knows he can not take them any further than he already has, i feel he will for the benefit of the club because he loves Arsenal Football Club and he will walk if it means they will become better in doing so but finding a replacement, well to be honest there is none.

Posted 19:28 13th December 2012

Nigel Newton (Arsenal fan) says...

Nice article Jeff, Yes Arsenal are having a torrid time at the moment, confidence is at an all time low, we are sliding down the table and Arsenne is totally to blame in the fans eyes. Well wise up, he is suffering more than all and if we push him into a corner and loose him then we will be in the smelly stuff.Forget Mourinho and Pep, we don't want them. We have one of the best managers on the scene. Let's get behind him and stop the petty squabbling before he walks. Without him we would be truly second rate. Bad patch or not we are still respected and held in high esteem by all European clubs.As Arsenal supporters we can hold our heads high and be proud. So we haven't won trophies for many years but that is the norm for most clubs. Keep the faith. Anybody who wants Arsennes head on a plate wants the demise of Arsenal. Be warned.

Posted 19:26 13th December 2012

Colin Bruce (Arsenal fan) says...

It is not just the manager it seems the the decline started when David Dein was ousted . From then on in the club has won nothing and lost its best players , had Dein still been at the club i doubt this would be happening. the calibre of players being signed are not always good enough, i.e. Chamahk, Gervino , Squillacci , Arshavin and Ramsey is not progressing enough to warrent his place.All these players on a good wage and a drain on club and team. If Wenger cannot see the problems and what is happening then who Knows but i fear the board are more worried about financial ressults than premiere league results and maybe if we finish out of the top four and trophyless again maybe it will do some good and provide a reaction after all we have to pay top prices for average perfamnces at the moment. The answer is to allow Mr. Usmanov onto the board after all he attends more games than Mr Kroenke, as i said the whole club structure needs addressing and sooner rather than later.

Posted 19:19 13th December 2012

Jason Walker (Arsenal fan) says...

I too am disappointed to see Arsene Wenger going through this but the reality is we are going backwards and if he leaves the club in the same position it was in when he arrived then the trophies he won will be forgotten. It isn't just the money we don't spend, but his attitude. He refuses to accept the blame and has only one game plan - which everyone sussed out five years ago. He is a legend and in order to try and preserve that status he needs to walk - now.

Posted 18:51 13th December 2012

Santanu Suresh (Arsenal fan) says...

I do not want Arsene to step down on such a sad note after all he's done so much for our club. He does look unhappy by his body language and that has permeated within the squad. the players lack belief and the motivation. Vermaelen doesn't seem to be enjoying his role as captain. A few years ago, he played with a lot of heart and passion. Now i am not saying he doesn't love the club or doesn't play well but he doesn't seem to be the player he was 3 years ago. I believe the situation will change and get better. Arsene should stay and sign good, proven premier league players to help Arsenal achieve success .. COYG

Posted 18:50 13th December 2012

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