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Owen linked with Red Devils

Owen linked with Red Devils

Manchester United are reportedly interested in out-of-contract Newcastle striker Michael Owen.

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Robert Boydell (Manchester United fan) says...

I find myself caught in two minds with this one, on one hand I think this is a very shrewd move by the big scot, but on the other hand I am a little angry that we should be buying someone like Kun Aguero. I do think Rooney and Owen could create a good partnership, although I think it's a shame to use Wayne as a holding man again for Owen to run off. I wanted to see more of Rooney in the box being a pest this coming season, Owen's signing might cast some doubt over that.

Posted 16:12 3rd July 2009

Dave Kershaw says...

I think this could be an inspired move by Fergie. I think Owen would have flopped at Hull or a weaker side that would have expected Owen to play 40+ games a season and would be reliant on him scoring consistently. The sheer number of fixtures would have certainly caused him another injury to his paper hamstring! However, at Manchester he could almost adopt the Larrson role where he would be used sparingly. A player might lose a yard of pace but you never lose the goalscoring instinct. At United, Owen will be given great service and opportunities to score, unlike at Newcastle where they could barely string 5 passes together. Considering Owen is moving on a free, I would think that this is a gamble that United can easily afford to make. I hope Owen has a blinding season and strikes up a good relationship with Rooney, and ideally finds himself in the England squad for the World Cup. England really need a world class goalscorer.

Posted 14:24 3rd July 2009

Patrick Murphy says...

Owen to United? What a disgrace. The man could not even get on at Newcastle, is injury ridden and well past his prime. We already have four players coming to the end of their careers at United - Van Der Sar, Neville, Scholes and Giggs and now we want to sign another one? I am a United supporter and I want to know why Fergie is not using some of 80,000,000 at his disposal to make a decent signing. If this is the extent of our summer signings we WILL NOT be able to compete next season. We should have treated Tevez with some respect and made him a decent offer at the start of the season just gone. Valencia and Owen? Pathetic. Fergie - Sort It Out.

Posted 12:42 3rd July 2009

David Brophy says...

People seem to forget, there is no transfter fee. We aren't paying money for him other than, from what I hear, pay as you play fees. Look at the guys record and how can you say he can't be a good player. But even if he does flop, oh well, we've not lost much. Nice move I'd say.

Posted 11:20 3rd July 2009

Graeme Sutcliffe (Manchester United fan) says...

Are you lot joking?? Owen couldnt even get in the Newcastle side in front of Obafemi Martins towards the end of last season. I dont care what his goalscoring record was when he used to be able to run...his pace is gone and so is he. Massive step in the wrong direction if we sign him. He is awful

Posted 07:28 3rd July 2009

Joe Mount (Newcastle United fan) says...

I couldn't think of a better team for Michael. Of course I feel a little gutted that he's going on a free after the money Souness spent on him but he';s a very good striker and he deserves a better team around him. Owen and Rooney as a partnership is excellent for the international team, especially with a world class coach in Sir Alex. Also, with the champions league rules of teams having more domestic players, he'sa much better choice over the likes of aguero who would cost man utd around 50 million. Great News!

Posted 07:24 3rd July 2009

Mike Woodyatt (Liverpool fan) says...

I think its a step back for the Mancs, he is passed his best, but then he is free, would be ok as a back up player but would he be happy with that? I would have him over Berba any day tho

Posted 07:18 3rd July 2009

Tj Baig (Manchester United fan) says...

Micheal Owen is a good player he a legend veryone say he not good anymore but Manchester united can make him the goalscorer he used to be.

Posted 07:18 3rd July 2009

Nkazi Sokhulu (Arsenal fan) says...

With all due respect to Michael Owen, you Man U fans are deluded. Only a while ago, you were all part of the chorus who laughed at Newcastle and their players, Own included. But now that Ferguson wants hoim, you all turn around and say it "would be a master stroke by the great man"? You cats can't make up your mind, if Owen is whack, he is whack period! He's not suddenly a legend just because Ferguson is thinking about bringing him on... If Pool, Chelsea or Arsenal were thinking about buying him, you'd all be in stitches!

Posted 07:15 3rd July 2009

Matthew Healey (Liverpool fan) says...

I think it would be good for Owen to get back into a top 4 club, it might get his carear back on track again

Posted 07:11 3rd July 2009

Karl Cleary (Liverpool fan) says...

Great news, at least it will give Liverpool a bigger incentive if needed to beat the Mancs. He be gone for a few months once he gets a knock and what will the Mancs do then. Pool for the Championship.

Posted 07:08 3rd July 2009

Nicolas Cocolas (Manchester United fan) says...

Owen. Really! If Own is the best we can come up with, should we perhaps give Sheringham a call, or maybe Andy Cole. Is this what we have resorted to a Selling Club !!. Employing people that are simply past. He may score a goal or two but will the rest of Europe stand up and take notice. They might muster up a yawn and a giggle. If this materializes he better follow it up with Aguero who is in his prime. Come on Sir Alex what are you waiting for.

Posted 07:06 3rd July 2009

Alan Tse (Manchester United fan) says...

This is really a good news. He is free to transfer, not high paid footballer, he still possess skills in scoring. Perfect choice as third striker in Man U. I am looking forward to see him score goals, over and over again.

Posted 06:59 3rd July 2009

Peter Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

Owen will never go to Utd. He is a liverpool fan through and through and he knows that if he every played for them he would lose all the respect that the liverpool fans have for him. We will never buy him back but it is the un written rule that if you play for liverpool or Utd you can never play for the other side(utd being the dark side)

Posted 06:53 3rd July 2009

Frank Walmsley (man city fan) says...

Michael Owen to Manchester United would be a bad move. Michael Owen was a good player but he has not managed to put in a full season without spending time out with injury for the past 5 years. Would you want to pay a player that's not on the field for most of the season? We had the same thing with Robbie "Ooh, my bad back" Fowler. I think, if he manages to stay fit, he would be a good player for the teams that are interested in him like Stoke and Hull. He could make their season ...if he avoids injury. A bit of a gamble.

Posted 06:52 3rd July 2009

Geo-val Dyke (Arsenal fan) says...

Good strategy. As an Arsnal fan and a football lover, this is one move too many and this sums up Sir Alex Ferguson's foresight and who he is. Premiership contestants should watch out for another big surprise from Sir Alex. I won't mind changing my tent. There is no better time for this strategy/experiment than now that Owen is a free agent. Everythhing from this deal is gain, gain and gain. Bravoo United.

Posted 06:51 3rd July 2009

Jean-marie Olivier (Manchester United fan) says...

SAF will use him as a sub alongside Kiko. Rooney and Berbatov will be the 2 forwards in the starting XI. I think Owen will be a good move mainly as he's free and more, can score goals.

Posted 06:08 3rd July 2009

Gareth Williams (Manchester United fan) says...

I think this would be an excellent signing for Utd. If Owen can have a proper pre-season, get himself fitter than he has been at Newcastle (which shouldn't be too difficult as Newcastle were prone to injuries as former manager Graeme Souness said a few years ago) then we have a real player on our hands. A proven goalscorer in the Premier League and Champions League available on a free, has to be worth a punt in my opinion

Posted 05:58 3rd July 2009

Warren Taylor (Liverpool fan) says...

I bet if Owen was spanish Rafa would sign him, this is good news for Owen to be going to a top club, bad news for Liverpool If liverpool don't want Owen then I hope united do sign him it would be good for him and England with rooney and owen playing side by side they could become unstoppable.

Posted 05:00 3rd July 2009

Azman Hj jaini (Manchester United fan) says...

You have got to be kidding me?!..Why Michael Owen??..Has Sir Alex ran out of options??

Posted 04:45 3rd July 2009

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