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Owen linked with Red Devils

Owen linked with Red Devils

Manchester United are reportedly interested in out-of-contract Newcastle striker Michael Owen.

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Chethana Attanayake says...

I would love to see Owen at ManU rather than Hull City or Stoke City. He will nicely line up with likes of Rooney and Berba.

Posted 04:38 3rd July 2009

Charlie Parker (Liverpool fan) says...

As a Liverpool fan I was an Owen supporter in his early days with Liverpool but after he left for Real Madrid in the manner he did, leaving Liverpool with nothing in compensation, I lost all respect for him. His best days are behind him now and I don't think he ever reached his potential because of all of the injuries. If he does sign with United I wish him well and I hope he will enjoy his time sitting on the subs bench.

Posted 04:37 3rd July 2009

Chris Hirdau (Manchester United fan) says...

I am sure Owen cannot fill the boots of Tevez.He doesn't run like a headless chicken without any results.Michael Owen scores! As a United fan I would be very happy to get him. Michael Owen needs a great team (that is Man U) and Man U needs a guy that scores..and that is Owen!

Posted 03:19 3rd July 2009

Andy Gyle (Liverpool fan) says...

I hope this story is true lol he is past his best and losing ronaldo then losing out in benzema and signing owen will have merseyside laughing lol but sadly i dont think its true story becuz fergie got rid of saha due to his injury probs so why sign another injury prone striker

Posted 02:50 3rd July 2009

Charlie Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

To say Michael owen would be a good signing wuld be to acknowledge that he is good enough to replace TEVEZ or RONALDO as a goal think like that is definatly just idiotic...As a Manu fan i trully think weve made the worst signings of any premiership team so far...Valencia whu unless Alex F has a fast action way of making him 10 times better b4 the season starts is no better than Nani therfore making him not good enough to replace ronaldo (dnt 4get him and ronaldo are the same age)...and to think owen is a prospect after losing out to BENZEMA....i just hope SIR ALEX knows wat his thinking (something he didnt seem to knw at the champions league final)!!! HARSH REALITY OF IT

Posted 02:14 3rd July 2009

Gareth Gaukroger (Manchester United fan) says...

Getting Owen for free is a top signing.. Remember he had good players around him when he was scoring goals for fun.. yes slightly injury prone but around good players he will do the business! A Gamble worth taking i say! Also bringing in Aguero would top it off for Utd.

Posted 01:57 3rd July 2009

John Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

I thought Ferguson said he weren't going to buy anyone above 27? Owen, in my opinion, would be a terrific signing though.

Posted 01:37 3rd July 2009

Stephen Carter (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Owen has few great years left in him but he needs to be around stable players and coaching staff, at UTD he'd get this but as a Red's fan i think Rafa should be looking at taken the wee man back.. Owen and Torres up front with Stevie G lurking in behind! Free transfer too, RAFA OPEN YOUR EYES

Posted 01:26 3rd July 2009

Stephen Wager (Manchester United fan) says...

This is great news for United fans. Owen is a premiership legend, with an eye for the goal which is one thing footballers dont lose. With the opportunities united create for their front men, Owen could be the new van nislerooy, fox in the box! All this for FREE - great strategy once again by Fergie - Rafa owen will be back to haunt you!

Posted 22:47 2nd July 2009

Dale Hawkes (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Man Utd need to be very carefull with who they are thinking of signing they really need to strengthen the squad but should not setle for second best or has beens, if this had been 3 maybe 4 years ago then it might of been worth while but i dont think this would work now. Sorry Owen...

Posted 22:31 2nd July 2009

John Bamber (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Owen signing on a free transfer, could be a masterstroke from Fergie. He may have injury problems but Owen is a top class striker and Old trafford would be the perfect stage for him to prove to people how good he still is.

Posted 22:30 2nd July 2009

Matthew Hewitt (Manchester United fan) says...

This Could Possibly Turn Out To Be A Masterstroke By The Great Man... A Player Who Undoubtedly Has Been Dogged By Injury For Numerous Years Now... However Should He Get A Long Run In The Team He Could Get Up On 20 Goals...

Posted 22:26 2nd July 2009

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