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Fergie - Rooney wants out

Fergie - Rooney wants out

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Wayne Rooney has intimated to him that he wants to leave Manchester United.

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Leon Mccullough (Chelsea fan) says...

Why leave Manchester United for Manchester city if he''''s looking a fresh start he''''ll have to fight for a spot in city. It would be better to move away from Manchester rebuild ur self Rooney and do what u feel is best for u and ur family

Posted 16:17 19th October 2010

Marc Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

I did not think there was any truth in the matter. But if Wayne Rooney would like to leave Manchester United, the club should let him go. It makes no sense trying to convince a player who would like to leave to stay. The team will still be successful.

Posted 16:16 19th October 2010

Chris Argles (Liverpool fan) says...

Even as a diehard LFC supporter I think its a shame to see footballers disrespecting teams like Man Yoo that have given Rooney so much and developed him into one of the best players in the world. Let him go and chase more money wherever he can find it, no-one is bigger than the club. Fed up of owners driving our historic teams into the ground. Wont be coming to LFC tho not after playing for our two biggest rivals!

Posted 16:16 19th October 2010

Alan Hattersley (Manchester United fan) says...

My only concern is where will the money go? Hopefully on Sneider, Defour and benzema. I doubt it though.

Posted 16:13 19th October 2010

Nick Baker (Manchester United fan) says...

What''''s the fuss? I don''''t remember us being all indignant when he did this at Everton. It''''s another circus revolving around a player whose profile is bigger than his actual talent. We''''ve lost Ruud, Becks, Stam, and others in the same way and survived, and in some cases been stronger for it. Great players come and go, United will always remain. If he goes to City then it proves what we''''ve all suspected but never said. Remember the "once a blue, always a blue" stunt? Just another mercenary, thanks for the one great season and the couple of good ones. You and Tevez will make a handsome couple.

Posted 16:12 19th October 2010

Brian Healy (Arsenal fan) says...

People are saying that Rooney is a disgrace because hes leaving after all the support the club and fans have given him while he was having problems with his personal life and thats just sure Rooney is greatful but id say Rooney has also sat down and looked at the bigger picture.Rooney has realised that Utd are a sinking ship with no money and average players so hes looking after himself and getting out of there!!he has always tried his best when playing and owes the club nothing.he is doing what only self respecting professional would do.he wants to win trophies and hes not going to do that at Utd.Utd fans should cop on and realise they are no longer the top dogs in england and the dream is over for them.

Posted 16:12 19th October 2010

Phil Slamon (Manchester City fan) says...

All i''''m going to say on the matter is, " Welcome to City !"

Posted 15:30 19th October 2010

Jesus Christ (Manchester United fan) says...

let him go...what a joke after all the support the fans and Sir Alex has given him regarding his private life, he is no United player and even George Best acted with more grace

Posted 15:30 19th October 2010

David Leasley (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

Yes, we have had the rumours, Now we have had the shock and virtually heard it from the horses mouth. The next shock is gonna be the announcement of a player exchange plus cash deal with liverpool and torres. Don''''t rule it out.

Posted 15:30 19th October 2010

David Nelson (Manchester United fan) says...

What''''s to say Liverpool aren''''t still going to be the next Leeds Stuart? Wayne Rooney the next Paul Gasgoine?

Posted 15:30 19th October 2010

Muhib Kidwai (Arsenal fan) says...

rooney wants to leave...but where will he go man city is the only choice...real madrid have refuse to buy rooney.. barca have villa..inter have eto...millan have zaltan ...chelsea have drogba...arsenal have rvp and liverpool his rival he has no choice but to stay in man utd... rooney will stay in man ud 100%...and he needs play futbal and forget about off field life

Posted 15:29 19th October 2010

Thomas Blewett (Liverpool fan) says...

Well, Well, Well!! I am a Liverpool supporter and am absolutely shocked by the news Wayne Rooney is set to leave Old Trafford. This just goes to show what the footballing world is coming to. Here we have a case of a player thinking the world revolves around his feet, an ungrateful player which typifies modern day football. Whilst shocked, i am not surprised at all. Never forget the "Once a blue, always a blue" nonsense and then walkign out on his boyhood club. There are only 2 ways for Wayne to go from here, either across the ocean to Spain or across the City to the other half of Manchester! I fear the latter one is the more obvious due to finance. This has got to be about money and nothing else and the very least he should do is come out and explain his decision to all the fans that contribute to his ridiculous wage week in week out! After watching my own team slowly fall apart, i can honestly say the one thing we have going for us is that Stevie G is a true Red, a true footballer and an example to the rest of the big ego modern day footballer. No money could make him walk because his heart is a Liverpool heart. As much as i hate Man Utd, the fans deserve more respect from him then this....Wake up Rooney...smell the coffee...i am afraid the club is much much bigger then you! So, i say sell the wantaway to the highest bidder and watch his career slowly fall apart! That is the good thing about true british football clubs like LFC and MUFC, as one moves on, many more are waiting in the wings desperate to fill the void you leave. I say "bye" and good riddance!!

Posted 15:29 19th October 2010

Nick Stevens (Everton fan) says...

It¿s a bit rich Man United fans getting all indignant about Rooney. I don¿t recall Man U fans making a fuss when he did the same to Everton to join you.. Rooney leaving and the circus that surrounds him was the best thing to happen to our club. You won¿t miss him. Once a blue always a¿¿¿¿..errrrr pale blue?

Posted 15:29 19th October 2010

Andrew Johnson (Burnley fan) says...

Feel sorry for you united fans us burnley fans no how you feel both rooney and owen coyle are judas''''s they both said they wanted to stay and they both have gone back on their word. No player or manager''''s are bigger than ur club . think fergie should buy torres for rooney''''s replacement .

Posted 15:29 19th October 2010

Les Croft (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

It wouldnt have anything to loss of sponsership money?

Posted 15:28 19th October 2010

Andrew Potter (Liverpool fan) says...

Had to listen to all you United fan''''s laying into Liverpool for so long now. You always feel the need to comment on LFC matters. Couldn''''t help myself here, and must say i can''''t wait for your ageing empire to crumble. YNWA

Posted 15:23 19th October 2010

Hayley Tomlinson says...

Please dont let him come to Manchester City!!! I think your well rid United, he thinks hes bigger than the club and he isnt playing well at all

Posted 15:23 19th October 2010

Oliver Hurst (Leeds United fan) says...

Someone once said ''''Wayne Rooney is Paul Gasgoine waiting to happen'''' I believe this is the begining of a downward spirial for a once fantastic player

Posted 15:23 19th October 2010

James M (Crystal Palace fan) says...

I think Rooney will regret moving. No one will look after him, adore and idolise him as much as he was a Manchester United.

Posted 15:22 19th October 2010

Grant Rumble (Liverpool fan) says...

At least he is doing the right thing by indicating at an early stage that he wants to leave, giving the club the chance to sell him and not walk out on a free transfer. Will be an amazing deal if Roy Hodgson could sign him!

Posted 15:22 19th October 2010

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