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Fergie - Rooney wants out

Fergie - Rooney wants out

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Wayne Rooney has intimated to him that he wants to leave Manchester United.

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Daniel Halliwell (Doncaster Rovers fan) says...

Doncaster Rovers have approached Sir Alex Ferguson for a straight swop of Billy Sharp for Wayne Rooney!!! Do you think he''''ll go? Respond to this!

Posted 15:22 19th October 2010

Chris Laughton (Arsenal fan) says...

Come on Arsene! You''''ve been saving for years - BUY HIM

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Danny Deguzman (Chelsea fan) says...

I cant see many clubs offering big cash for him if he goes, all they have to do is wait 18 months and get him for free. United will find another forward so it wont be a big lost for them, the only thing the fans need to worry about is if they do get a fee for him where does it go, the same place ronaldo''''s £80 million went or do they buy.

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Neil Shearer (Manchester United fan) says...

Football is bereft of any standards any longer. Rooney at the moment epitomises all that is wrong with the sport, along with the Asset stripping Glazers. Rooney will be replaced, life goes on, Everton replaced him, Utd will replace him. It is also arguable whether he is setting into a Gazza type decline. Ferguson is dogmatic and possible too stubborn, but one thing is for sure it is his way or the highway and he provides leadership and direction, firmly, which he always has. The message is yet again that it is all about Manchester Utd and the group of players and no one is ever going to change that under his reign. I aplied him for that. Rooney - you are making the biggest mistake of your life.

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Duane Roystone (Manchester United fan) says...

I''''d like to see a swap deal for Benzema plus cash, although I don''''t believe he''''d be any more loyal in fairness. I''''m absolutely gutted, although losing the best player in the world (Ronaldo) was a bigger blow to us in my opinion. The fact is, we''''ve now let three of the best attacking players in the world leave without adequate replacements coming in. Big headache for Fergie (and me as a lifelong fan!)

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Let Down (Manchester United fan) says...

A sad day for all concerned. All the best Wayne thanks for the memories. As for a lack of ambition that has been touted in the press lets just see Mr. Rooneys ambition, I hear great things are going on with the rebuilding of great old clubs like Notts Forest and newer ones like FC United of Manchester lets see if his ambition matches theirs, maybe he can help in their promotion push to get to the big time?? But wait maybe Wayne is a little confused (wouldn''''t be hard) lack of ambition probably means lack of money! lets see what tiny little contract he ends up with, maybe he will join David in the States or pop across the street to the blue side of Manchester(once a blue always a blue after all)Either way he''''ll be even richer(maybe won''''t win as many games but be richer).I would just like to know why, if this has been the case since August, why he insists on saying he is at the best club in the world? but theirs no accounting for taste. A true hero and model professional???? Explain yourself Wayne

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Jezza Red (Manchester United fan) says...

Oh dear Wayne you silly boy. You could have been a legend now you''''ll be another one who''''s career ended to early because you left Old T. Sir Alex will be proven right again

Posted 15:21 19th October 2010

Scott Wilson (Celtic fan) says...

It''''s now official, and not mere media speculation. It''''s going to be very interesting to see where he ends up. As for United, it''''s looking very bleak for their recent future.

Posted 15:20 19th October 2010

Chris Heales (Bristol City fan) says...

Ive hard he wants to join Bristol City & play again with David James. Rooney & Maynard upfront next season.

Posted 15:20 19th October 2010

Donnie Plant (Arsenal fan) says...

Rooney needs a fresh start away from manchester and what better place then the Arsenal! He would be welcomed with open arms!

Posted 15:20 19th October 2010

Nathan Walls (Manchester United fan) says...

Cant believe this news, if he has fell out with fergie he is definately out of there! Devasted to say but Manchester United are a club goin in a backward spiral, This is all the glazers fault, without them we would we would still have tevez, possibly ronaldo, and rooney certainly wouldnt be going anywhere, i fought liverpools situation was a joke, this has gone way beyond that to be fair!

Posted 15:19 19th October 2010

John Davies (Stoke City fan) says...

Love to see Rooney at Liverpool!!! They need a striker.....

Posted 15:19 19th October 2010

Vince D (Liverpool fan) says...

there is no doubt in my mind that rooney will be at liverpool in january. John Henry has spent 100 million on a japanese baseballer, if the player is worth it, he will spend.

Posted 15:19 19th October 2010

Rob Miller (Liverpool fan) says...

lets all wait for typical manc comments about how bad he is and not fit to wear the shirt if im wrong i''''ll give a months wages to charity,there gonna end up in same situation as the once mighty liverpool

Posted 15:19 19th October 2010

Jay Goodall (Manchester United fan) says...

quite gutted that rooney wants too leave but no player is bigger than the club!! if his hearts not in the club then its time for him to move on!! if so called reports are true that we still got the monety from ronaldo''''s sale then accept 50-60 millions then go build a great team wiv the likes off rodwell,bale,young,agbonlahor and benzema!!

Posted 15:19 19th October 2010

Paul Cooney (Manchester United fan) says...

What can we say, Rooney has given us all a great days and owes nothing to Sir Alex or Old Trafford- Best of Luck and hope to see you at the 60s night again soon. Paul in Dublin .

Posted 15:18 19th October 2010

Edward Zammit (Manchester United fan) says...

Who does Wayne think he is?? United, and particularly ferguson, has done everything for him - made him the player he is, helped him wen he was in trouble, both on nd off the pitch and even went into contract negotiations at his call cos he apparently wanted to stay wid united for life!! fans at tomo''''s game should give rooney the worst nite of his life, thats wot he deserves and i hope he gets as many hate letters as possible. the lack of respect hes shown to united is incredible, hes immature and i hope he realises that this is the worst decision of his life - United will carry on wid loyal players - WELL NEVER DIE!!!

Posted 15:18 19th October 2010

Sam Cosgrove (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney is a perfect example of todays footballer. Too much money, always wanting more more more and no moral fibre whatsoever. I notice that Fergie seems already resigned to him leaving. No fighting talk from SAF? That is because he cares but is so sickened by Rooney that he''''d rather he went. Sell Rooney to Man City, watch how it galvanises United and watch Rooneys chance to become a legend at one of the worlds greatest football clubs go swirling down the pan.

Posted 15:18 19th October 2010

Toby Atkinson (Liverpool fan) says...

One man doesn''''t make a team, but take rooney out of united''''s side and along with tevez and ronaldo in recent years it looks a long way of champions of england never mind europe. Rooney hasn''''t played any where near his best or enough this season and you have only won 3 out of 8 games!

Posted 15:17 19th October 2010

Hinesh Babooa (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Quick Harry time to pounce!! Grab him at a bargain price!! LOL COYS!!!

Posted 15:17 19th October 2010

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