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Roy stays out of Masch talks

Roy stays out of Masch talks

Roy Hodgson does not want to 'create headlines' over Javier Mascherano's future after confirming Liverpool are in talks with Barca.

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Ryan Ludick (Liverpool fan) says...

The offer Barca made is a joke!!!! Mascherano has been my fav Reds player since joining the club, and it''s sad that he wants to go, but no player is bigger than the club!! Surely he must respect the fact that Liverpool has the right to hold out for the correct offer, and if that offer does not come a true pro and see out the remaining 2 years and then leave....but give his all to the club that saved him from the splinters in the West Ham bench!!!! It was clear for all to see that Liverpool are way off the pace already after we got a old fashioned hiding last night, and we need world class players to compete with the top 5. If we sell top players at discount prices we might as well close the shop right now and save the millions of fans around the world months and months of frustration. Lastly, I am getting a tad worried that Hodgson feels that he needs to have a good look at the players we currently have before spending money in the transfer market.''s simple, we have a handfull of players that can compete with the best in the premier league......and a boat load that need to be shipped out....we send AA back to Italy on loan....but we keep Lucas?????? Please let''s sort out the selling of the club ASAP........and get this club back to where we belong!!!!

Posted 09:02 24th August 2010

Andy D (Liverpool fan) says...

Let him Rott in the reserves! Disgusting behaviour towards the club that saved his career.

Posted 09:02 24th August 2010

Brian Bloomfield says...

This footballers attitude is tipical of the way the profession has gone. Contracts mean nothing. If he will not play as per his contract then stop paying him and sue!!

Posted 08:50 24th August 2010

Austin Space (Liverpool fan) says...

Amazing!! Poor thing, he''s distracted and isn''t in the right frame of mind to do his job; i.e., play football. I bet there would be an almighty fuss if the club became distracted and couldn''t pay him his wages. I hope we don''t buckle under the media hype and allow this prima donna to leave on the cheap - Barcelona seem to think they can have any player they want without paying the going rate. Arsenal were strong and prevented Fabregas leaving on the cheap - we have to show the same resolution.

Posted 07:55 24th August 2010

Aditya Dharane (Liverpool fan) says...

With Aquilani loaned out to Juventus and Mascherano heading to Barca, how are you going to strengthen Liverpool squad, Roy?

Posted 07:47 24th August 2010

Akeel The hun (Liverpool fan) says...

I hope Roy is strong enough to deal with this little cry baby, Mash should be made to play in the reserves or not at all. He seems to have a very short memory does mash. His head has been turned? Well I couldn''t give a damn if his head was turned, he has a contractual obligation and needs to fulfil it or rot in the reserves for two years. We don''t want anyone pulling on the famous red shirt of LFC who doesn''t want to, in my opinion I hope barca offer the right money so the sooner he can sling his hook...

Posted 07:46 24th August 2010

Martin Stothard (Liverpool fan) says...

Sell him now, I hope he''s happy warming the bench at Barcelona just to keep his wife happy in the shops and heat of Spain.

Posted 07:27 24th August 2010

Tony H (Liverpool fan) says...

Whats all the fuss, if they don''t come up with the asking price they can''t have the goods its as simple as that. If we were to offer them £16mil for Messie I''m sure they wouldn''t sell. If you want him cough up or go away and stop disrupting our camp, I hope one day when we are cash rich we can return the favour.

Posted 06:22 24th August 2010

Shane Hull (Liverpool fan) says...

I''m a big Masch fan, I thought he was outstanding against Arsenal last week despite all what was going on. I also understand his family situation, and he would go to Barca with this fan''s blessing... but what is football coming to when a footballer isn''t in the right frame of mind to play?! In one week they get paid more than the average person does in a year. What do we fans pay our hard-earned money for? We line these players'' pockets only for them to not be bothered. If the average Joe Bloggs doesn''t turn in for work, they don''t get paid. Footballers should be treated the same. Also if I was him, I''d take Barcelona''s opening £16million bid as an insult and a lack of appreciation of his ability. They''ve just sold Yaya Toure for £24million, yet they''ll only offer 2/3s of that for Mascherano, who is the better player in my opinion. I''d go as far to say that as a solid holding midfielder, there''s nobody better in the world. Essien is the only comparable, yet his style differs in that he has more attacking intent and weighs in with more goals. I wouldn''t sell Masch for less than £25million, and even that''s less than the £30million I think would be justified. I''ll be glad when this is sorted out one way or another. So that we either have extra funds in the transfer kitty, or have a player committed to the shirt until at least January. Rather than a fully-fit world-class midfielder who is unavailable for selection. It seems contracts aren''t worth the paper they''re written on these days.

Posted 02:38 24th August 2010

Andy Jones says...

every time our manager speaks to the "media" i like him more and more.

Posted 02:30 24th August 2010

Moe Yusuf (Liverpool fan) says...

Just goes to show eh, who runs football now. Players dictate what goes on a football club nowadays, and as much as I would like to see Mascho for fill his contract and duties to LFC...I would rather have someone who wants to play for a club, and not just LFC any club. If he (Mascho) was an Englishman this matter would never have risen, but hey, football is run by greedy owners, greedy agents and selfish players...who would be nothing without the clubs who bought them and made them into top stars (player). So, I say let him leave if Barca can afford him. They trade that with Arsenal and they have stood their ground (no Sale) and LFC should do the same £30m buy it or leave it deal.

Posted 02:06 24th August 2010

Mal Cunningham (Liverpool fan) says...

The whole Mascherano situation has been a very complex one for Hodgson and I think that, under the circumstances, he has conducted himself admirably in the media and acted very professional about it all generally, since he took over in the summer... He was already resigned to the fact that Javier was likely to leave, but he still made the player feel valued and vowed to include him in the team/squad until a deal could be officially agreed for him to leave... Most managers wouldn''t of had that kind of patience in such a situation and would of frozen Mascherano out! However, Mascherano wants to leave purely for family reasons and has stated that he has no gripe with the club itself... I''m not one of these bitter fans that have been mouthing off about him wanting to go and I empathise with his situation... He''s an outstanding player and I''m grateful for the service he''s given to the club since he joined us from West Ham. Barcelona need to acknowledge that they will be acquiring a world class player and should respect that by paying exactly what the club is asking for him (25-30m). They went out and paid Valencia 35-40m for David Villa... And they didn''t hesitate then did they? Whats happened to the money they got for Yaya Toure?? Lol... Offering 16m was totally disrepectful, considering we paid close to 18m for him and he''s improved as a player since then and gone on to become the captain of Argentina... Hopefully the club will continue to stand firm and get the fee that they are rightfully holding out for... YWNA ;-)

Posted 01:03 24th August 2010

Tom Snowden (Liverpool fan) says...

To be truthful Mascherano over the time his been at Liverpool his always been moaning about something his unhappy with don''t get me wrong his a Great player but 16million his worth more than that. I''m happy with the signing of Poulsen in my view he will be Great for the squad and possible a better replacement for Mascherano when his finally gone.

Posted 00:54 24th August 2010

Kevin Fisher (Liverpool fan) says...

let him go if he wants it that bad .... he has been after this move since last season it is better to have a happy javer than a unhappy one .... so if a deal can be done then let it go through at the right price of course

Posted 00:53 24th August 2010

Stephen Cummins (Liverpool fan) says...

He is contracted to Liverpool at the moment and they are paying his wages so he does as he''s told if he''s needed to play. He should be honoured to put the shirt on every game. Clubs are far too soft with their employees, "NO PLAY,NO PAY". Hope Liverpool hold out for the fee they want and make Masch wait.

Posted 00:51 24th August 2010

Dave New (Liverpool fan) says...

To hell with Mascherano. He is on a contract with Liverpool. If he doesn''t want to play then don''t pay him any wages. He is in breach of contract, I am sick and tired of players thinking they are bigger than the club. I for one will be glad to see the back of him - it''ll be a lot less yellow cards and a few less red ones each season. However any transfer must be on LFC''s terms and we must not be dictated to by players or other teams. If he''s not happy with that then I''d let him rot in the stands without pay until he comes to his senses.

Posted 00:42 24th August 2010

Peter Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Let the ungrateful so and so rot in the reserves!! Doesn''t deserve to wear a Liverpool shirt and should remember he was rotting in the West Ham reserves before Liverpool took a risk and rescued his career. I would make him sit in the reserves for the remainder of his contract and to hell with his transfer fee. A stand by a big club would be a change instead of letting players hold clubs to ransom after signing contracts.

Posted 00:07 24th August 2010

Renny Whitehead (Liverpool fan) says...

Don''t let it faze you Roy and certainly don''t give in to the new bully on the block that is Barcelona, a previously very admirable club!!! Mascherano is under contract so if he doesn''t want to play let him fester at home and don''t pay him another penny in wages until he learns to grow up and get some respect. He''s quickly becoming a player unfit to wear the red of Liverpool.

Posted 00:00 24th August 2010

Peter Griffith (Liverpool fan) says...

Ofcourse Roy is going to get annoyed at being asked the same stupid question over and over. He has no control over Javier neither does the man himself. If you want an opinion on the matter speak to Mrs Mascherano (the one who wears the pants) or even his agent as it seems the Masch we see on the pitch is not the masch in real life (I think he would call it not having Cojones! :) )

Posted 23:50 23rd August 2010

Marshy Scouser (Liverpool fan) says...

Shame Roy didn''t explain why he sat there for 70 minutes watching his side flounder, and do absolutely nothing. Hodgson has been found out very quickly. How he could watch Liverpool FC being embarrassed and not react is appalling.

Posted 23:44 23rd August 2010

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