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Reds confirm record Carroll deal

Reds confirm record Carroll deal

Liverpool have confirmed that Newcastle have accepted a club-record fee for striker Andy Carroll.

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Anders Christian (Chelsea fan) says...

The figures for Torres and Carroll are absurd, it's no wonder we have so many foreign players in the Premier League with the inflated costs of buying from rival clubs.

Posted 18:01 31st January 2011

Sean Naisbitt (Newcastle United fan) says...

£35/40 Million!! Snap their hands off. The only thing thats sticks in the throat is that the Lad is in the local chronicle saying he does nt want to leave, now he is banging in transfer requests. Loyalty is a word lost on the modern day footballler, especially in this case with all his off field problems. Newcastle still stood by him. Question is now, who he replaces him at this late hour?? Is Ashley going to re invest the funds or stick them in his pocket. The timing of this transfer will not allow these questions to be answered. Funny old thing!! Anyone else think he will be fit for Liverpools next game?

Posted 18:00 31st January 2011

Peter Sherriff (Aston Villa fan) says...

And people thought that Darren Bent was expensive!!!!

Posted 18:00 31st January 2011

David Celebicanin (Chelsea fan) says...

Thank god! Liverpool have found a replacement for Torres which means Fernando should be at Chelsea in the next 5 hours! Fernando Torres Chelsea's number 9! .. Well if we sing him haha!

Posted 18:00 31st January 2011

Adam Bruce (Newcastle United fan) says...

He wont receive the idol status anywere else like he wud in an around tyneside, from his own people.... Could of and proabably would of been another player to hold in the same regard as shearer, macdonald, milburn and the likes... I definatly know one thing for certain about football now. The game is still here, but the love is gone. Massivley dissapointed, utterly disgusted.

Posted 18:00 31st January 2011

Michael Stobbs (Newcastle United fan) says...

Not sure if i'm happy or not , 30 million plus for a young raw forward is alot of money but who will score the goals for the toon now and if we get relegated , how much does that cost newcastle in the long run , plus what is the chance of ashley actually spending any of the money on decent new players , lets hope ashley finds a buyer for the club in the summer , someone who cares for the club would be a start !!!!

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Chima Tasieobi (Manchester United fan) says...

Suarez for £22.8m and Caroll for £30m can't understand how that works

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Adam Willers (Manchester United fan) says...

Torres and Carrol upfront will be a great strike force

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Evans Mallya (Liverpool fan) says...

What a signing,Torres can go in peace.Carool can posses a ball n has power as well as pace,gud in air.we will play llyk a team ith Suarez in front.On top of that is an english player in young age.Cant wait for chelsea on sunday

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Darryl Wadley (Liverpool fan) says...

At this rate Torres (if he is to move) may regret going to Chelsea, Andy Carroll has outscored Fernando in goals to games played ratio 11 in 19 compared to 9 in 23, so those saying that Carroll has limited premier league experience are right, but Andy has only just turned 22 and if he continues to develop (which I'm sure he will), then he could well form the best attacking force at LFC since the days of Fowler, Rush & Owen.

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Sian Khai (Arsenal fan) says...

Gunner but i'm really happy for liverpool cause this is the team that i don't hate. they deserve to be in top four just like us, united, chelsea and them. big fours.

Posted 17:59 31st January 2011

Fayez Raidan (Liverpool fan) says...

I cant believe it! 30+ million for carol??! Torres to chelsea? Heart breaking times!

Posted 17:58 31st January 2011

Marty Reed (Liverpool fan) says...

buzzing that is what we have been missing a big strong target man who is strong and good in the air

Posted 17:58 31st January 2011

Ian Fleming (Barcelona fan) says...

Carrols a liability, his career will end up like so many players who have wasted their talent, it will only be a matter off time before his off field problems and party lifestyle catch up with him. Newcastle should bite liverpools hand off, i will be suprised if hes still in the side by the time his contract runs out

Posted 17:57 31st January 2011

David Patterson (Newcastle United fan) says...

I cant believe Liverpool have spent 35 million plus add ons for Carroll. Hes a good player but he isnt worth 15 million so for 35 Newcastle have had Liverpool's eyes out. Lets remember Carroll is out for 3 months with a thigh problem aswell so Liverpool have spent 35 million on a crocked player. Now all Liverpool have to do is replace their entire midfield and defence then they might get into Europe again. Even with Carroll and Saurez they are still light years behind United and the rest of the top four. As for replacing Torress with Carroll, Liverpool fans dont get your hopes up he isnt even in the same league as Torres and I fully expect him to flop.

Posted 17:57 31st January 2011

Marc Lacey (Liverpool fan) says...

£35m is overpriced but at his age and with the potential he has could be a great signing ,the next alan shearer maybe

Posted 17:57 31st January 2011

Ricky Oliver (Manchester United fan) says...

£35m for Andy Carroll - no brainer. Newcastle have definitely done very well out of this deal. I accept he is a decent player but £35m is bizarre. The crazy world of football continues to rumble on!

Posted 17:56 31st January 2011

Phil James (Newcastle United fan) says...

If Newcastle had really wanted to hang onto Andy Carroll they could have kept him. Ashley and his running dog pardew can quite simply go forth and multiply. Newcastle have no ambition, they are a second rate club not worthy of their supporters. We now know the real reason why Chris Hughton was sacked and why a useless, spineless git like pardew was taken on.

Posted 17:56 31st January 2011

Frank Charles (Liverpool fan) says...

Andy Carroll is NOT worth £35mil and is definately NOT Liverpool quality!! Regardless of the fact that we are not what we were this represents a new low. Replacing Fernando Torres with Carroll is just insanity! The guy has had played alright for half of one premier league season and that is it! May i remind you of Andrew Johnson who had one decent season with Crystal Palace, was raved about and then has done nothing since! Newcastle are just bumping up the price because they know how much we are getting for Torres, and apparently we are desperate! Ridiculous! Charlie Adam not worth the figure on his head either! LFC has lost the plot!

Posted 17:56 31st January 2011

James Craske says...

This is a brilliant signing for lpool. With Suarez and Carroll they now have strikers who will work really hard for them instead of Torres who is lazy and waits for the ball to come to him. I personally think 30million is a bit much for someone without much top league experience. I hope he doesn't turn about to be like Aquilani or Babel who Liverpool paid ridiculous amounts of money for considering how little they have given to the club.

Posted 17:55 31st January 2011

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