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Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Everton have confirmed the signing of Jermaine Beckford on a four-year contract following his departure from Leeds United.

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Matt H (Everton fan) says...

Ok, us Toffees all know how injuries can screw up the season, we only just recovered but coped very well in all due respect - maybe even a blessing in disguise having players like Rodwell & Gosling getting thrown in the deep end & comming out good. My point being - how can it be a bad thing signing Becks for nothing? Another player to throw on during the game and adding 'depth' to the squad! You can never turn away a freebie like that! Moyes is an expert in the buying & selling department & i 100% trust his judgement! Maybe in a few seasons time D.M will sell him on to Man City for £20 million plus for him to be utterly useless...hmm, ring any bells!? Cheers Leeds - hope all goes well for you next season.

Posted 03:59 7th June 2010

Karl Smith (Everton fan) says...

Well it's all good reports from the Leeds fans about Beckford, so that'll do for me, yes it is a big step he has taken but lots of players have done it and been successful and he was on a free which is good especially for a proven goal scorer like him. Good luck to him and good luck to Leeds, we need teams like them in Prem league, huge historic club and full of passion with a massive following as i've seen many times before with them.

Posted 11:11 5th June 2010

Andy Austin (Leeds United fan) says...

Beckford is quality, Moyes is quality, perfect mix, Good luck Jermaine, your in great hands and you can play for England.

Posted 23:00 3rd June 2010

Lew Rodrigues (Leeds United fan) says...

Thanks for the goals Becks,you have served Leeds well over the years and I was privileged to see you score your last goal for Leeds at ER which took thye club to the Championship.Good luck at Everton and hopefully we will see you in an England shirt.

Posted 21:28 1st June 2010

Claire Roberts (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck JB, thanks for the goals! I think going from League 1 to the Prem is too big a jump for him and another season with Leeds would have been the smarter option but wish him all the best. Brill scoring record for us but won't get away with having anonymous games for Everton like he sometimes did at Leeds. I'd have him back if it doesn't work out with Everton! MOT.

Posted 16:17 1st June 2010

Twiggy Boy (Leeds United fan) says...

I am sure I can speak for the vast majority of Leeds fans, Becks you have given us some great memories especially the one at Old Trafford and again at Elland Road on the final day. We wish you all the best sunshine. Good luck to Everton too, hope he does your team proud and gets you where you deserve to be, in the Champions League and above Liverpool, its been too long. MOT

Posted 15:57 1st June 2010

Jon Sidebotham (Manchester United fan) says...

I think he will be similar to Bobby Zamora when he left the lower leagues for a premiership team, he will be quiet and not bag many goals and will be an average player. But I hope he does play well and good luck to him

Posted 12:29 1st June 2010

Jason Haines (Portsmouth fan) says...

Good move for Everton. Reminds me of the sorts of buys Redknapp used to make for us. Think under the right guidence moyes can turn him into a player that can play with rooney for england if he can header and finish compared to crouch's only ability heading (even tho i rate crouch highly!!) sort of player pompey cud of used to get back up next year!!

Posted 11:30 1st June 2010

Ben Smith (Everton fan) says...

To all the people saying what a bad signing this is. How many times have I read comments from people saying David Moyes has made a bad signing. Let's look at Jagielka, Fellaini, Baines and Saha all of which made poor starts to their Everton career and look at them now!! At the end of the day we paid nothing for Beckford so if he flops then so what! David Moyes has the ability to bring out the best in players and in a transfer market where all prices are over-inflated this is a great signing. Good luck Beckford and I look forward to seeing you at Goodison.

Posted 10:52 1st June 2010

Mike Carr (Everton fan) says...

Note to Gary Harding. Not every club can afford to create a ridiculous shopping list as soon as the transfer window opens.. creating rumours about players they want in order to un-settle them. Moyes can def spot talent, we got several quality players from that 25 mil you blown on lescott! As for big ambitions.. City spent well over 100 mil last summer, winning 0 trophies and didn't even qualify for champions league football!

Posted 10:36 1st June 2010

Pez Mo (Liverpool fan) says...

as usual david moyes gets another quality signning in good luck at everton and under moyes guidance you should play for england in the near future

Posted 10:20 1st June 2010

Nick Rothery (Leeds United fan) says...

The very best of luck to you Jermaine! I think you may be used extensively as a sub at Everton and I think you may have benefited from another year at Leeds, but I sincerely hope it works out for you and thank you for some fantastic memories, especially that goal against them in Red! See you in the Premiership!

Posted 09:51 1st June 2010

Martin Bates (Leeds United fan) says...

Good Luck Becks , without his goals we would still be in league 1. Cannot blame him for wanting to play at the highest level. Heard an interview with Grayson who thinks that at some point Beckford may be back for leeds. We will see Thanks for the goals Becks

Posted 09:49 1st June 2010

Mal Turner says...

Jermaine, thanks for the memory, thanks for the goals and good luck for the future with the Toffee's.....see you in the PL soon.

Posted 08:51 1st June 2010

Mark Henry (Leeds United fan) says...

Would just like to put on record that Jermaine Beckford has given me one of the best seasons at ER Knocking that team from the wrong side of the pennines out of the FA cup scoring twice in the cup down at Tottiham and scoring the winning goal on the last day of the season to get us back up to the CCC. I know you will have a great time down there and i have even put a bet on at the bookies that you will be playing for England at Euro 2012. Good luck MOT.

Posted 08:50 1st June 2010

Jake Jackson (Newcastle United fan) says...

To everyone who says Beckford is not tried and tested in the EPL. What about that tried and tested EPL player that Fergie signed, whats his name???, oh yes, Berbatov, how much, £30 mill, now theres a proven striker!!!! Enough said. Good Luck Jermaine.

Posted 08:40 1st June 2010

Buggy Chatha says...

Good Luck to Beckford , he helped Leeds get promoted. Wish he could have stayed one more season & helped us with promotion.

Posted 08:13 1st June 2010

James Mepham (Arsenal fan) says...

I'm Just excited to see if he'll be a flop or not? He could turn out to be strangley prolific and alot of people would be chewing there arms off at the comments they've left. That being said the Prems a big step up from the fizzzy pop leagues!

Posted 05:08 1st June 2010

Graham Bywater (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck to him. he got the goal that gave Leeds promotion and in the last few games show some effort and comitment when coming off the bench as an impact player. Now though his performence will be analysed every game by the pundits and fans. In the PL he needs to have a better first touch. If it had been better he probably would have had 40+ goals. At first he will probably come of the bench for Everton. I think Leeds fans are mainly sorry to see him go as he could have done a job for us in the Championship. I don't think it was as much as Beckford wanting to go as that his agent was pushing it(looking at the money aspect for his own pension fund) . Especially how it it suddenly all came out in January. Anyway, at Leeds we all wish Beckford well and will follow him with interest.

Posted 05:08 1st June 2010

Paul Cowin (Reading fan) says...

from what I saw of him he is lazy and does not track back, like Drogba for instance. I don't think he will do very well, big step up from League one to the Prem. I don't think he has that much prove me wrong Becks

Posted 00:18 1st June 2010

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