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Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Everton have confirmed the signing of Jermaine Beckford on a four-year contract following his departure from Leeds United.

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Patrick James (Arsenal fan) says...

What an awful signing. Everton have bought a total loose cannon who isnt even proven at championship level. If Everton want to make Europe at all, let alone the champions league, they need much better quality than this guy. David David.... what an error

Posted 23:36 31st May 2010

John Costello (Leeds United fan) says...

I think it's a good choice of club for Beckford, Everton play the kind of football that he will thrive on, plenty of balls into the box which is where he is at his most dangerous. He isn't a particularly good technical player but he does have a regular knack of finding space in the box and sticking it away by any means possible. Everyone who knows football knows this is a rare and valuable quality, at any level. There have been many players before him who weren't brilliant but were just goalscorers (think Gerd Muller, Fillippo Inzaghi, i'm not saying he's in their league but he's this type of player). Any Leeds fans who don't hope he's successful are so bitter it's ridiculous, he did a great job for Leeds and we would never have got promoted without him. Just because he doesn't charge around fouling people like Alan Smith doesn't mean he's not important to the team or not doing his job, which was to score goals. Mark Viduka got the same 'boo' treatment at Leeds from a section of fans who don't appreciate the value of players like this. I do agree though that Beckford has a selfish streak and is more interested in what is best for him rather than the club, and it will interesting to see how David Moyes deals with this at a club where that kind of attitude would not normally be acceptable

Posted 22:55 31st May 2010

Marty G (Arsenal fan) says...

Beck won't make it in the EPL too big headed. I will be surprised if he make double digits for goals

Posted 22:28 31st May 2010

Matt Foster (Leeds United fan) says...

All the best Becks, hope you have a wonderful season in the prem and score a hat full of Goals. Love to see you in an England Shirt one day hopefully now playing in the top league you will get the exposure for that to happen. Thanks for the Goals and your pesonality Becks good luck...MOT

Posted 22:22 31st May 2010

Kieran Thornborrow (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wow Jermaine Beckford in the PL. He can score goals but is he experienced enought for the PL I think he should of tryed life in the Championship for 1-2 Years then joined top-flight football but there is alot of potential in the young lad and i wouldnt be suprised to see hm in the England shirt in a few years. But best of luck to Everton and Beckford next season.

Posted 22:17 31st May 2010

Richard Gray (Leeds United fan) says...

To Dan Mckaay Your post is completely pointless, all Leeds posts on here wish Becks well and as far as Leeds being a small club, dont make me larf. Good luck Everton with Becks, im sure you`ll both do fine. MOT

Posted 21:55 31st May 2010

Adrian Tooker (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck jermaine at everton, thanx for all those great goals at leeds , i think david moyes will play him more than people think and i think he will perform well in the PL , i think we will find him hard to replace, good luck again you deserve this chance MOT.

Posted 21:54 31st May 2010

Tom Evans (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Beckford, but beleive me you wont be able to have lazy games in the Premiership, but best of luck and thanks for all 83 goals. M.O.T

Posted 21:49 31st May 2010

Steve Aldersey says...

Good luck Mr Moyes!! He was a Carlisle player and I for one was pleased to see the back of him. One word describes Beckford and that's 'lazy'. I'm sure most Leeds fans if they were honest they'd agree. I saw nothing from his performances this season to say he's working any harder for the team. Yes he's scored important goals but now he must step up to the mark and become a team player and start earning his wage. Don't forget Leeds gained promotion on merit and as an excellent team outfit. They're better off without Mr Beckford.

Posted 21:35 31st May 2010

Kieron Lufc (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Jermaine i think i can talk for every leeds fan when i say you gave us hope and even better memories i hope you excel at everton and thanks alot for everything.

Posted 21:21 31st May 2010

Garry Harding (Manchester City fan) says...

Ooh this one must get the pulses racing hey Toffee's fans, A world class signing...ha ha Just about sums up your ambitions...!!!!

Posted 21:15 31st May 2010

Andy Mackin ( leeds & dundalk fan ) (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Jermaine thanks for the goals. The best of luck in the Prem. Seeing that my Dad is a massive toffie fan i hope you score plenty of goals for them and i whis you every sucess, and as a club Everton was the right choice for you its a great club.

Posted 21:06 31st May 2010

Graeme Brownhill (Everton fan) says...

Once again Davey Moyes has done it again. Good to see the Leeds fans wishing Jermaine well. It is strange to see The Blues signing a quality player for free. It is up to Jermaine now to get his head down and do what he does best. He clearly has all the attributes to do well in the Premier League and we can sit back and reap the rewards. Who do we bring in now? Pienaar looks a certainty to leave which is a shame as he has had another quality season. Lets hope he sees sense and signs another contract to slot in to what is fast becoming the best midfield in the country. Arteta, Cahill, Rodwell, Felliani, Pienaar to name just 5 add Heitinga, Bilyaletdinov, Gosling, Osman plus a lot of promising academy players. If we can keep them all fit what a season in prospect. You only have to look at what we did against the top 4 last season. Roll on August we are on the march. IMWT (In Moyes We Trust)

Posted 20:46 31st May 2010

Michael Lee (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Jermaine, it`s going to be hard replacing him and it will cost but we will move on back to the Prem. MOT !!!!

Posted 20:25 31st May 2010

Stewart Heasman (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck to Beckford, he has gone to a good stable club and showed sense at not going to newcastle, who are unstable but may have paid more money. When he joined Leeds he wasn't good enough, but did what all good pros should do, improve. If he shows the same application he will make it. I think given a fair shot and 30 games he will score 15 goals plus, he goes as a Leeds legend now, and showed maturity in the last game which we didn't know he had. Good luck to him and the toffees next year. He may end up an Everton legend. Come on Leeds.... can wait till next season. MOT

Posted 20:05 31st May 2010

Conor Hempenstall (Leeds United fan) says...

Well done Becks and good luck at Everton,a great club with a great manager, you've earned your chance in the premier league and you proved you can play with the big boys already last season against man u and spurs, thanks for the memories !!

Posted 19:58 31st May 2010

John Carney (Bradford City fan) says...

Only one loser with Beckford going and thats Leeds, see you in the first division 2011/2012 season....

Posted 19:55 31st May 2010

Emily Smith (Leeds United fan) says...

Whoever said Beckford is disruptive and has a bad boy reputation - wrong!! Beckford is well known for a being a friendly, laid back guy. Sometimes too laid back - he doesn't work very hard but at League One level, he's never had to. He could have scored double his goal tally for us if he worked harder but you can't not his record as a Leeds player. Best of luck to him at Everton - it's not often we get to say a friendly goodbye to one of our players as they usually betray us, or leave under a cloud of malcontent. Beckford will work harder in the Premiership because he will be forced to. He won't score loads of goals, but he'll be respectable and that's good enough for a free, no risk investment. Plus, on a 4 year deal, Everton could recoup a million on him in two years if it doesn't work out. Good deal for Everton and the player. Good luck, Beckyboy.

Posted 19:53 31st May 2010

Ian Johnston (Hartlepool United fan) says...

I thought Moyes had more sense! Beckford is not Premiership quality. By Christmas he will be out on loan to a lower league club. Funny how no other club really wanted him when it came to the crunch! Bet Beckford cant believe his luck!

Posted 19:42 31st May 2010

Kevin Lawson (Leeds United fan) says...

Beckford has been great for Leeds but lets not forget Leeds has been great for Beckford, Now Everton fans will see the good side of Becks and also the bad side of him!! However David Moyes is the right manager to get the best out of him and I genuinely hope he does well and helps Everton to finish in the top 4.

Posted 19:38 31st May 2010

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